20+ Single & One Column Tumblr Themes

In this post, we’re featuring a collection of the best one column Tumblr themes you can use to make a beautiful blog on the popular microblogging social network.

Tumblr is a platform that can be used for many things. But its most popular aspect is the ability to make a great blog. Tumblr is not only free to use but it also lets you customize your design and layout however you like to personalize your Tumblr blog.

All great Tumblr blogs have one thing in common: A professional theme with a unique design. It’s the best way to make your Tumblr blog stand out from the crowd. And if you’re making a personal or a business blog, be sure to go with a classic single column layout to effectively highlight your blog posts and content.

We handpicked some of the best free and premium Tumblr themes with one column layouts to help you save time and get a head start on your Tumblr website setup process. Have a look and see if you can find a theme in this list that fits your preference.

Calm – Minimal One Column Tumblr Theme


Calm is a beautifully minimalist Tumblr theme with a one column layout that’s made for giving the most attention to your blog content. The theme doesn’t have sidebars. Instead, it has a fullscreen overlay menu for including your links and tags. Its colors and fonts are easily customizable as well.

Fashion Chic – One Column Tumblr Blogging Theme


Fashion Chic is a stylish Tumblr blogging theme designed for fashion and beauty bloggers. However, you can easily customize the colors and the design to make other types of blogs. The theme comes with a single column post layout with a sidebar and a featured section for highlighting your top categories.

Delicious – Tumblr Blogging Theme


If you’re planning on setting up a food blog on Tumblr this theme will come in handy. Delicious is a responsive Tumblr blogging theme that comes with a single column post layout. It also includes a featured posts slider, featured content areas, support for social widgets, and integration with MailChimp.

Interlace – Single Column Tumblr Theme


Interlace is a simple and a minimalist Tumblr theme that you can use to make a blog or a portfolio website. It has a sidebar where you can add logos, descriptions, tags, and Instagram widgets. In addition, the theme also features a drop-down menu for tags and supports infinite scrolling.

Candis – Clean Blogging Tumblr Theme


Candis is a clean Tumblr blogging theme that’s most suitable for writers for setting up a personal blog. It features a very basic design without lots of fancy colors, giving more space and attention to its blog posts. The theme supports infinite scrolling, Google Analytics, and AdSense.

Elemental – Free One Column Tumblr Theme


Elemental is a premium quality Tumblr theme with a one column design that’s actually free to use. It lets you choose from either one column or grid style post layouts, select the sidebar position, customize colors, use custom header images, add social widgets, and much more.

Zeph – Free Responsive Tumblr Theme


Zeph is a free Tumblr blogging theme with a minimalist and dark color theme. Of course, you can easily customize its colors however you like. The theme features unique post designs for all post types and lets you add your own image backgrounds. It also supports Twitter widgets.

Putih – Minimal Tumblr Theme


This Tumblr theme comes with a clean and a minimalist layout that’s most suitable for making a blog. The theme supports two styles, a minimalist post layout with a slide-out menu and a one column layout with a fixed sidebar. It also fully supports all post types and lets you customize the design however you like.

Pathra – One Column Tumblr Theme


Pathra is a one column Tumblr blogging theme that features a minimalist design. The theme features a header section for including your social network links, an author bio section, includes a slide-down menu for adding your links and tags.

Hogwood – Content Focused Theme


Hogwood is a one column theme with a fixed sidebar. The theme has been designed to put more focus on your content. Which makes it perfect for making a blog or a portfolio. The theme also lets you adjust the content width and the transparency of the sidebar.

Quila – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Quila is a simple blogging theme you can use to create a professional looking blog on Tumblr. The theme supports all post types, includes 5 social widgets, a slide-out sidebar, infinite scrolling, Disqus comments, and more.

Flora – Elegant Tumblr Blogging Theme


Flora is a beautifully minimal Tumblr blogging theme that can be used to make a professional blog or a magazine styles website. The theme comes with a featured post slider, an author profile section, a sidebar with support for social widgets, and more.

Blank – Gray-style Tumblr Theme


Blank Tumblr theme includes a unique design and comes with a one column post layout. The theme features a unique layout for each post type featuring an outline style design. This theme is ideal for bloggers who love minimalism.

Spire – Free Single Column Tumblr Theme


Spire is a modern Tumblr theme with a one column design that’s perfect for making a personal or a professional blog. The theme features a clean design with a customizable background. It also supports Disqus comments and Google Analytics.

Quite Big – Minimalist Blogging Theme


Quite Big is a minimalist Tumblr blogging theme you can use to make a professional looking blog for free. It comes with a wide post layout that effectively highlights your content and improves readability. The theme supports all types of posts, links, panorama photos, custom colors, Disqus comments, and more.

CHERRY – Tumblr Theme For Large Posts & Photos


Cherry is a modern Tumblr blogging theme that allows you to showcase your posts and photos with large images using its one column layout. The theme includes a slide-out sidebar, featured category section, support for social widgets, and more.

Travel Pro – Tumblr Blogging Theme


If you’re looking for a theme to make a beautiful travel blog on Tumblr, this theme is for you. Travel Pro Tumblr theme features a fullscreen post layout with a slider, a tag menu, an about me section, and lots of customization options.

Mountain – Modern Personal Tumblr Theme


Mountain is a modern Tumblr theme made specifically for personal bloggers. The theme comes with an elegant design with unique post designs featuring hover effects and a homepage slider.

Hendrix – Modern & Responsive Tumblr Theme


Hendrix is a creative Tumblr theme you can use to setup either a blog or a portfolio on Tumblr. The theme includes featured posts sections, customizable backgrounds, a slide-out sidebar with support for widgets, and much more.

Nonus – Parallax Tumblr Theme


Nonusi s a minimal Tumblr theme featuring unique designs for all post types. This theme is perfect for making a personal blog or a journal. The theme lets you choose from either one column post layout or a masonry-style post layout as well.

Belfort – One Column Portfolio Theme


Belfort is a unique portfolio theme for Tumblr that you can use to setup a professional portfolio website to showcase your work. It features a split-screen design where you can feature your personal details and links on one side and the posts on the other side. The theme also comes with infinite scrolling and scrolling animations.

Hipster – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Hipster is a minimalist blogging theme that features a creative design. The theme features a fixed sidebar, a header section, sticky posts, Instagram feed widgets, and supports keyboard navigation.

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