20+ Cute Tumblr Themes

Prepare to be showered with cuteness! This collection includes the most adorable, cute Tumblr themes you (probably) haven’t seen before.

Tumblr is a platform filled with more than 417 million different types of blogs and websites. It’s not easy to create a Tumblr website that stands out when you have so much competition. The solution to this problem is to find a unique Tumblr theme with an attractive and a cute design.

We’ve put together this list of free and premium Tumblr themes to help you find the right theme for your blog. Whether you’re looking for a Tumblr theme with a cute, adorable, colorful, or a feminine design, this collection has them all.

Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme

pop gallery-cute-tumblr-theme

Pop Gallery is a cute and beautiful Tumblr theme you can use to design a creative portfolio or a gallery website. The theme features a minimal and a unique design for posts that will help you stand out from the crowd. It also supports infinite scrolling to offer a better user experience.

Fashion Chic Tumblr Theme


This adorable Tumblr theme is made specifically for fashion-loving people. It features a cute but very professional design that almost makes your website look like a self-hosted WordPress website. The theme is ideal for fashion bloggers, designers, and photographers as well. It also features unique designs for different post types, custom logos, and a sidebar with support for social widgets.

Gradient Tumblr Theme


Gradient is a colorful Tumblr theme that you can use to make a beautiful and a unique Tumblr blog. The theme includes a masonry-style grid layout for showcasing your posts and has a large header section with a slider for featured posts. It also has a slide-out sidebar menu with Instagram and Twitter feed widgets.

Silver Tumblr Theme


Silver is a casual yet beautiful Tumblr theme that’s made for bloggers and creative designers. The theme features a modern and a minimalist design that includes 4 different content areas for showcasing your pages and posts. It comes with unique designs and layouts for posts and a sidebar for adding details about yourself along with social widgets.

Mood Tumblr Theme


Mood is a minimalist Tumblr theme you can use to create a cute and adorable portfolio website or a shop. The theme comes with a unique post design featuring circular or square layout. It also lets you customize colors, fonts, tags, and much more to personalize and make the design your own.

Wedding Tumblr Theme


If you’re looking for an affordable way to put together a simple wedding website, Tumblr is the way to go. Simply grab this theme and setup your website within a few minutes. This cute Tumblr theme features all the sections you need to create the perfect wedding website, including sections for detailing the venue, RSVP, and more.

Illustfolio 3 Tumblr Theme


Illustfolio is a creative Tumblr theme you can use to build a portfolio website to showcase your work. You can also use it to create blogs as well. The theme includes a large header where you can feature an image and it also supports infinite scrolling. It’s completely free to use.

Mignon Tumblr Theme


Mignon is an adorable and a colorful Tumblr theme you can use to create a cute blog. It includes its own unique post designs and lots of options for customizing its colors, choose between multiple column layouts, a stylish slide-up menu, and much more.

Bougenville – Beauty Tumblr Theme


Bougenville is a beautiful Tumblr theme made for casual bloggers and fashion bloggers. The theme features an attractive design with a static header section where you can welcome your visitors. It also comes with 14 widgets for customizing your sidebar and has a scrolling menu that stays fixed on top of the page.

Camelia – Blogging Tumblr Theme


Camelia is another blogging theme for Tumblr that comes with a professional design. The theme includes a slider that allows you to showcase your recent posts and a featured post section that you can customize based on tags. It also comes with an author profile section and support for social feed widgets.

Visto – Multi-Column Tumblr Theme


Visto is a creative multi-column theme you can use to design a cute portfolio or a blog. The theme features a modern and an attractive design that includes a masonry grid post layout with support for all types of Tumblr posts and links. The theme is also fast and responsive.

Jasmine – Mozaik Tumblr Theme


Jasmine is a feminine Tumblr theme that’s ideal for designing a blogging theme for fashion, travel, and food bloggers. The theme features a grid-based post layout with support for more than 14 different widgets, including a stylish Instagram widget for showcasing your Instagram feed photos.

Milky Tumblr Theme


Milky is an unusually different Tumblr theme that has a design unlike any other theme we’ve seen before. This theme has a layout that makes your website look like a milk carton. You can include a short description about the blog and browse posts within the milk carton layout. Weird, but cute.

Dramatic Tumblr Theme


This theme is anything but dramatic. It has a beautiful design full of colors with color-coded tags and a grid-based post layout. This theme is great for setting up portfolios, blogs, personal websites, shops, and more. You can install this theme free of charge.

Rainbow – Grid Tumblr Theme


Rainbow is a colorful Tumblr theme featuring a grid-based post layout. The theme can be used to build a portfolio website, photography website, and even a blog. It also comes with a slider for featuring your most recent posts and includes a slide-out sidebar for adding your widgets.

Cinnamon – Casual Grid Tumblr Theme


This beautiful Tumblr theme comes with a clean layout and a post design. It’s perfect for setting up a food, fashion, or a personal blog. The theme also includes a recent posts slider, MailChimp subscribe widget, share buttons, author profile, and much more.

Milo – A Blogging Theme for Tumblr


Milo is a blogging theme with a cute design. It comes in 2 different designs, both featuring adorable and colorful layouts. The theme also lets you choose from 7 different pre-built color schemes and customize the theme however you like.

Platro – Responsive Tumblr Theme


Platro is a responsive masonry style grid based Tumblr theme that’s ideal for making many different types of websites, including portfolios, blogs, and magazines. The theme features a colorful design with support for Disqus comments, infinite scrolling, social feed widgets, and more.

EGO – Responsive Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Ego is a cute and creative Tumblr theme you can use to make a portfolio website or a blog. Built with Bootstrap, the theme includes social feed widgets and the ability to display your latest content from Dribbble, Instagram, and Flickr accounts.

UMO Folio – One Page Portfolio Tumblr Theme

umo folio-cute-tumblr-theme

Umo Folio is a complete one-page Tumblr theme that comes in two different designs, allowing you to use it to make a personal portfolio or an agency website. The theme features many different sections for showcasing image galleries, services, skills, and more.

Frais Tumblr Theme


Not much to tell about this theme except that it’s beautiful. This Tumblr theme features a modern design featuring attractive gradient colors inspired by flat design websites. This theme is perfect for setting up a personal blog on Tumblr.

Sweetheart Tumblr Theme


Sweetheart is a classic Tumblr theme with a feminine design. It has a fixed sidebar to include a description and links to your social media channels and has adorable color block styled post designs.

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