30+ Best Tumblr Portfolio Themes 2024

Tumblr is one of the best platforms you can use to create a portfolio website. It not only provides you with free hosting, but you can also choose from hundreds of beautiful themes to customize the design. Just like the beautiful Tumblr portfolio themes in this collection.

There are hundreds and probably thousands of free and premium themes available for Tumblr websites. Finding the best and the most professional design can be challenging. But, you can easily spot a great theme design by looking for these features (alongside our tips for making a portfolio website with Tumblr.

  • A Minimalist Design: A portfolio theme should feature a minimalist and a creative post layout that effectively highlights your portfolio items.
  • Image Galleries: If you’re a photographer, illustrator, or a designer, look for a theme with an image gallery for showcasing different albums of photos.
  • An About Me Profile: You should also look for a Tumblr theme that comes with a properly designed “About Me” widget that allows you to show an introduction on the website.
  • A Link and Tags Menu: A theme with a menu for links and tags will allow you to showcase links to your other websites, blogs, and social profiles.
  • Social Feeds: Most Tumblr themes support social feed widgets for showcasing the latest posts from your Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter.

Rawnaq – Clean & Minimal Portfolio Tumblr Theme

tumblr portfolio theme

Rawnaq is a clean and minimalist Tumblr portfolio theme that comes with an on-trend design. The theme is fully customizable. You can change its colors, backgrounds, titles, buttons, and much more to your preference. It also includes support for Disqus comments and Google Analytics.

Air – Minimal & Simple Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Air is another minimalist Tumblr portfolio theme that features a grid-based post layout. The design features a fixed sidebar where you can include a description about yourself, links to social media pages, and widgets. The theme is fully responsive and supports infinite scrolling.

Ubly – Responsive Fullscreen Grid Tumblr Theme


Ubly is a modern fullscreen Tumblr theme that’s perfect for making a portfolio for designers and creatives. It comes with lots of customization options, including the ability to change backgrounds, colors, fonts, and more. You can also add Instagram and Twitter feed widgets to the sidebar as well.

Emotion – Clean Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Emotion is a fully customizable and clean Tumblr portfolio theme that allows you to choose between 2 or 3-column post layouts to showcase your portfolio. It supports Instagram and Twitter feed widgets, infinite scrolling, Disqus and Facebook comments, and much more.

Purple Princess – Free Portfolio Tumblr Theme

If you’re looking for a cute, pretty-looking Tumblr portfolio template, consider Purple Princess, a free theme offering you a functional, and flexible design, infinite scrolling, social media buttons, and a plethora of awesome features for you to enjoy. It’s an impressive and effective theme that will surely draw visitors’ attention. One of the best free Tumblr portfolio themes out there!

Lets Go Pink – Free Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Les Go Pink is a clean and simple Tumblr portfolio theme you can use to make a simple portfolio website for a designer or an artist. The theme has been fully optimized for mobile devices and it comes with an effective design. You can use the theme for free of charge.

Resume – A Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Resume is an elegant Tumblr portfolio theme made for creative professionals. It features a detailed website design that allows you to showcase all the information about your services, skills, and include your portfolio on the same page. The theme also includes sections for an about me profile, client testimonials, and client logos as well.

Mood – Minimalist Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Mood is a creative Tumblr portfolio theme that features a rounded post layout that allows you to showcase your portfolio items, photos, and illustrations in style. The theme comes with lots of useful widgets, including Instagram and Dribble feed widgets as well as color and typography customization options.

Gradient – Tumblr Portfolio Theme For Designers


This colorful Tumblr theme is made specifically for designers and illustrators. The theme features a fullscreen slider on the homepage for showcasing your best work and comes with a masonry-style grid layout for showcasing a gallery of photos. It also has a slide-out sidebar where you can include widgets as well.

Neatfolio – Creative Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Neatfolio is a great Tumblr theme both creatives and professionals can use as a design portfolio or a resume website. The theme features a large sidebar where you can include a profile about yourself and a includes a grid style gallery for showcasing your best work.

Pop Gallery – Visual Portfolio Tumblr Theme


If you’re a designer or an artist who would like to both showcase your work and sell your art, this Tumblr theme will come in handy. It allows you to either setup a beautiful portfolio or a shop to sell your handcrafted items. The theme includes creative thumbnails for showing new, sold, and reserved items as well.

Agencia – Agency Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Agencia is a professional Tumblr portfolio theme that comes with a design made for creating a portfolio website for an agency or a small business. It features a professional design with an effective about section, a grid-style image gallery, a featured post slider, sections for showcasing your services, and much more.

Vidy – Video Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Vidy is a powerful Tumblr theme made for creating a portfolio website for videographers and YouTubers. While the theme is fully compatible with all types of posts, it’s specially optimized for video posts and embeds. It has a stylish layout featuring a beautiful header section followed by category sections for showcasing all kinds of videos with previews.

Indy – Free Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Indy is a fully responsive Tumblr portfolio theme that comes with a modern design. It features a grid-based layout for showcasing your images, posts, and videos in one place while also showing a brief introduction about yourself. It also includes a slide-out menu and a customizable background.

Knock – Minimalist Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Knock is a clean Tumblr portfolio theme made for professionals who appreciate minimalism. The theme comes with a modern and responsive grid-based post layout with support for all post types, posts filtering, preloader, Google fonts, Analytics, Disqus comments, and much more.

Casimir – Bold Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Casimir is a sectioned Tumblr portfolio theme that comes with a dark and attractive color design. The theme features different sections for including information about yourself, a portfolio section, clients, and contact info. It also features a slide-out fullscreen menu and support for MailChimp subscriber widgets.

Berlin – Free Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Berlin is a minimalist Tumblr portfolio theme featuring a clean design. The theme comes with a grid-based post layout for showcasing your designs, images, and more. It’s perfect for making a website for a designer or a photographer.

Honeycomb – Hexagonal Tumblr Theme


Honeycomb is another unique portfolio theme featuring a hexagonal post layout. You can use this theme to make a portfolio website for an artist, illustrator, or a designer. The theme also includes an image filter and supports 22 custom colors.

Visto – Multi-Column Tumblr Theme


Visto is a colorful Tumblr theme featuring a beautiful design that comes with a vibrant design that’s ideal for designers and artists. The theme features header section where you can introduce yourself and comes with an easily filterable gallery-style post layout.

Harem – Responsive Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Harem is a fully-responsive Tumblr theme featuring a minimalist design. It includes a header section for adding a short bio about your work, feature links to social media profiles, and a masonry-style grid layout for posts and your portfolio items.

Carter – Free Minimal Tumblr Theme


Carter is an elegant Tumblr theme featuring a minimalist design. The theme allows you to easily showcase your portfolio in a masonry-style grid post layout. It also has a sidebar for including an about me section, a photo, links, tags, and much more.

Athenril – Free Tumblr Portfolio Theme

This theme comes with a clean design made only with space for showcasing your images and photos. The theme header section where you can include a logo and an introduction. It also features a grid layout gallery section. It’s most suitable for photographers and minimalist designers.

Mimesi – Tumblr Portfolio Theme For Creatives


Mimesi is a beautiful Tumblr portfolio theme that comes with a creative design. It features a colorful and fun design that allows you to show the creative side of yourself. And you can showcase portfolio items effective with its unique post layout design. The theme also includes a drop-down menu as well.

Supple – A Portfolio Theme for Tumblr


This creative and quirky Tumblr portfolio theme is perfect for artists and designers for showing off their illustrations and artworks. The theme features a header section with a professionally crafted menu, a grid-based post layout, and much more.

Archon – Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Archon is a clean Tumblr portfolio theme that comes with a slide-out sidebar menu. It features a grid-style post design with beautiful hover effects. And a footer section for including links to all your social media profiles.

UMO Folio – Onepage Tumblr Portfolio Theme

umo folio-cute-tumblr-theme

UMO Folio is another colorful portfolio theme that also works as a resume website. The theme features a creative one-page design that includes plenty of sections for including a client testimonials section, a contact form, an image gallery, and more.

5 Tips for Using Tumblr to Make a Portfolio Website

In addition, you can use some of Tumblr’s built-in features to make your portfolio more effective.

1. Get a Professional Theme

The quite obvious yet most important tip is to use a professional Tumblr theme instead of using the same free themes used by thousands of other people.


Your portfolio is part of your identity so make it look unique and beautiful. Invest a few bucks in a high-quality theme design and grab a premium Tumblr theme designed by a professional.

2. Use a minimal Layout


When picking out a theme also make sure it has a minimal content design. A clean portfolio gallery surrounded by lots of white space will put the spotlight on what matters the most—the content of the website. And that’s the most important part of designing a portfolio website.

3. Use Tags Appropriately

Tumblr users tend to use tags quite excessively. But, when making a portfolio website, you should refrain from using too many tags.

Treat tags like categories and only use two or three tags that are relevant to the subject of your portfolio item. This will make sure your portfolio look professional and also help categorize your content for easier browsing.

4. Add About and Contact Pages


An about me page is a must-have for every Tumblr portfolio and so does a contact page. Some Tumblr themes even come with additional page designs made specifically for creating these important pages. Use them to make your portfolio website more effective. Also, add a widget to link to your social media channels as well.

5. Get a Custom Domain Name

Even though it’s optional, you should consider getting a custom domain name for your portfolio website, preferably one that establishes your personal brand. This will take your portfolio to the next level and show your potential clients that you’re serious about your career and skills as a professional.

To help you save the trouble, we handpicked some of the best themes you can use to build a professional portfolio on Tumblr. Have a look.

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