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15+ Best Tumblr Themes With Sidebar

A sidebar is a must-have feature for every blog. It’s the best way to promote your social feeds, monetize your blog, and promote popular posts. For this collection, we handpicked some of the best Tumblr themes with sidebar to create an effective blog on the microblogging platform.

A website design has only limited space for showcasing all the information in one place. Especially when you have a blog, it’s difficult to grab the attention of your visitors to show ads and monetize your blog. The sidebar provided a simple solution to this problem by allowing bloggers to showcase a set of widgets and ads across the entire website without interfering with the user experience.

A great thing about using a premium theme to setup a Tumblr blog is that they usually come with unique and advanced widget designs for making your sidebar look more professional. For example, most themes include “about me” author widgets that allow you to feature a profile about yourself on the sidebar to let your audience know who’s behind the blog.

In this collection, we gathered some of the best Tumblr themes with sidebars for creating different types of blogs and websites. You can use these themes to make blogs, journals, portfolio websites, travel blogs, and much more. Have a look.

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15+ Black and White Tumblr Themes

If you’re a fan of minimalist blog designs, then you’re going fall in love with this collection of the black and white Tumblr themes that we’ve handpicked just for you.

Using minimal colors and leveraging lots of white space is a strategy many professional designers use to make beautiful websites that stand out from the crowd. Even if you’re creating a free website or a blog on Tumblr, you can use this same design technique to give a more professional look to your blog.

The best way to give that classic and minimalist look to your Tumblr blog is to go back to basics and use a theme with black and white colors. These themes will give that same elegant and premium look that you see on luxury websites and high-performing blogs.

We found some of the best black and white Tumblr themes you can use to achieve the perfect minimalist look with just a few clicks. These themes are guaranteed to give your Tumblr blog a classic look.

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20+ Best Dark Tumblr Themes

One of the best ways to highlight the content of a website design is to use a dark background. If you’re searching for a similar design to make an attractive Tumblr blog, this collection of the best dark Tumblr themes will come in handy.

Dark color designs are quite popular in many different types of websites, especially including luxury brand websites, portfolio websites, and entertainment-related blogs. As you may have noticed, Tumblr’s dashboard itself uses a dark color theme. Mainly because using a dark color background helps improve user experience and also makes text and other content pop.

Although, it takes some work to achieve the same level of a quality dark theme design. Simply changing the background color of your default Tumblr theme won’t work. The background and the other layers of the entire design need to blend well together to provide that same high-quality dark colored design.

Thankfully, there are plenty of dark color Tumblr themes you can use to make a professional website on the microblogging platform. We found some of the best dark Tumblr themes just for you. Have a look.

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20+ Best Tumblr Themes of 2018

If you’re planning on making a new Tumblr blog this year, this collection of the best Tumblr themes will help you find a professional design to make a website that stands out from the crowd.

Tumblr is a platform filled with all kinds of blogs and websites. In 2017, the platform had a little over 357 million blogs. As of April 2018, Tumblr has more than 425 million blog accounts. That’s how fast it’s growing.

Making a unique Tumblr blog is not as easy as it used to be. You can no longer get away with using free themes when making new blogs. To stand out from the crowd, you need to think more creatively and find uncommon themes to give a fresh look to your website.

This is where we come to help. We handpicked this collection of the best Tumblr themes for that exact purpose and to help you find the right theme design to make your Tumblr blog look unlike any other website on the platform.

This selection includes the best Tumblr portfolio themes, creative blogging themes, agency website themes, and much more. Keep scrolling down to browse all the themes.

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How to Disable Tumblr’s Default Mobile Theme

Since November 2016, mobile and tablet use exceeded desktop for the first time in the world. Some months before, Google announced that it would favor sites that were mobile-friendly in terms of ranking. So being mobile-friendly in 2017 is fundamental.

Let’s take a look at how you can optimise your Tumblr theme for mobile, making the most of the functionality of your theme by disabling the default mobile look-and-feel!

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How to Connect a Custom Tumblr Domain

It’s important to keep a consistent brand across every platform, and Tumblr isn’t an exception. You can make your Tumblr accessible through a custom Tumblr domain (e.g. blog.yourwebsite.com) by following these three simple steps!

By default, the website address for your blog will be yourusername.tumblr.com. However, you can connect a custom domain to your blog to make it look more professional. Either a full domain (like yourwebsite.com) or a subdomain (like blog.yourwebsite.com). Here’s how to do it!

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How to Add Comments to Tumblr in 5 Minutes

Having comments on a blog is a way to let readers participate in the conversation, and promote a community around the topic you are writing about. Today we’re looking at how to add comments to Tumblr on your blog in a few easy steps.

Tumblr doesn’t have an integrated commenting system, but you can use other options. Keep reading to learn how.

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How to Make A Tumblr Group Blog

With a group blog on Tumblr, you can manage a blog with multiple authors. It’s very easy to setup and can bring a whole new dynamic to your site. Let’s take a look at how to do it!

Group blogs have multiple members, and at least one admin. The author of the blog can add more Tumblr users to a secondary blog and also set the permission to be a member or an admin.

The difference between these roles is that an admin can invite new users and manage existing ones and can delete any post. A member can post and edit/remove their own posts. Also, admins are the ones that can view and reply to questions.

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