30+ Minimalist Tumblr Themes

Less is more! Sometimes, you can say a lot with a few words. Same goes for your Tumblr blog design. Use these minimalist Tumblr themes to show off professionalism.

Believe it or not, Tumblr is growing faster than ever. From January 2018 to April 2018, Tumblr has grown from 391.9 million blog accounts to 409 million accounts. That’s an incredible growth rate for a blogging platform.

With this high growth rate also comes the problem of competition. Most of the blogs are still using the same themes, making them all look similar. So, how can you make a Tumblr blog that looks amazing and different from the rest? A minimalist Tumblr theme can really help you to do just that.

Not many people know that they can actually buy premium Tumblr themes from third-party marketplaces. These themes not only comes with high-quality designs but also offers lots of customization options for personalizing the design. In this post, we’re featuring some of those rarely used free and premium themes with minimalist designs.

Stella – Classic Minimal Tumblr Theme

Check out Stella, a minimal and trendy Tumblr theme that can be put to use for creating a gorgeous food, fitness, beauty, or lifestyle blog. Packed with a smorgasbord of amazing features, it’s a product that will pay for itself many times over. It contains a stylish blog area, widgets for social media, MailChimp integration, and virtually everything you’d expect in a professional website.

Vidy – Simple Responive Video Tumblr Theme

If you’re looking for a simple, sweet, clutter-free Tumblr theme to display your video content, take a leap of faith in Calm, an absolutely stunning, easy on the eyes theme that you’ll be hard-pressed to pass up. It’s Google analytics-ready, SEO compatible, and features a beautiful, serene design that can be fully customized to your liking.

Emotion – Clean Blog & Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Emotion is the perfect portfolio Tumblr theme for showcasing the portfolio of a designer, agency, or an fashion brand. It includes a customizable grid post layout, which you can choose between 2 or 3 columns. It also comes with infinite scrolling, a fullscreen overlay menu, Instagram feed widgets, Disqus or Facebook comment integration, and more.

Casy – Clean & Minimal Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Casy is a minimalist Tumblr theme you can use to make portfolio websites for creative designers, artists, as well as agencies. It comes with a clean masonry grid-based design that lets you showcase your portfolio images with large previews. The theme can be easily customized to change colors, backgrounds, add Instagram feed widgets, and more.

Knock – Minimalist Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Knock Tumblr portfolio theme comes with a unique and clean design that includes creative effects, such as showing the title of the posts when hovering your mouse cursor over an image. It also includes an animated title section, a preloader, off-canvas menu, and many other amazing features to make a professional portfolio website.

Saint – Minimal Grid-Based Tumblr Theme


Saint is a minimal Tumblr theme you can use to make either a portfolio website or a blog. It features a masonry-style grid post layout that supports all post types and includes support for Instagram and Twitter feed widgets, Disqus comments, and Google Analytics integration. The theme can also be customized with different colors and backgrounds as well.

Berlin – Free Minimal Tumblr Theme

Berlin is a free Tumblr theme featuring a modern and minimalist design. It includes a beautiful column post layout where you can showcase your portfolio images or blog posts. The theme has been fully optimized for mobile devices.

Calm – Minimalist Tumblr Theme


Calm is a clean and elegant Tumblr theme that you can use to create Tumblr blogs and portfolios. The theme features its own unique designs for each different post type and it has a fullscreen overlay navigation menu where you can add tags and links. Calm theme is fully customizable, you can change its colors, backgrounds, borders, and more.

Silver – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Silver is a stylish Tumblr blogging theme that you can also use to make portfolio websites. The theme featuring a minimalist design with a layered slider on the homepage along with 4 featured content sections. It also comes with a sidebar for adding widgets, an about section, ability to create ad widgets, and more.

Mood – Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Mood is a professional portfolio theme for Tumblr that allows you to choose from either rounded or square post designs. The theme has a clean layout that clearly highlights your posts and comes with a slide-out sidebar for adding a description, tag menu, social feeds, and other widgets.

Memories – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Memories is a minimalist blogging theme. It comes with a masonry-based post layout that also makes it perfect for creating a portfolio website. The theme lets you choose layouts from with or without the sidebar. It supports integration with Disqus and Facebook comments systems, Flickr, Twitter, and social feed widgets, and infinite scrolling.

Delicious – Minimalist Tumblr Theme


Delicious Tumblr theme comes with a clean layout and a post slider on the homepage. It’s perfect for making a food, fashion, or travel related blog. The theme has a featured posts section, a MailChimp subscribe box, a sidebar with lots of unique widgets, and multiple levels of navigation.

Horizontalism – Minimalist Portfolio Theme


Horizontalism is a minimalist Tumblr theme that features a grid-based post layout for crafting beautiful portfolio websites. The theme also includes a horizontal layout that lets users scroll posts horizontally. It also has a unique single post design and lets you add links to tags and your social profiles as well.

Syndex – Mood Board Theme


Syndex is a modern Tumblr theme that features a fullscreen design with an uncommon post layout. The theme comes with infinite scrolling, a slide-up tag menu, unique designs for different post types, and much more. This theme is ideal for a personal blog or a creative portfolio.

Ambient – Minimal Theme


Ambient is a basic Tumblr theme with a single-column post layout and a fixed sidebar. The theme also has a stylish tag menu and supports all popular social feed widgets. You can also easily change its colors and customize the design to your preference.

Putih – Minimal Tumblr Theme


Putih Tumblr theme comes in 2 different layouts, a one-column layout and another with a sidebar layout. Both layouts are perfect for making a personal or a magazine blog on Tumblr. The theme also comes with many useful widgets, such as a tag cloud, social feed widgets, author profile, and more.

Rockwell – Responsive Tumblr Theme


Rockwell is a highly minimalist Tumblr theme. It features a clean masonry-style grid layout that highlights blog content. The theme also has a sidebar with support for widgets. The sidebar actually blends in with the posts to offer a seamless browsing experience to visitors.

Hype – Minimal Grid Tumblr Theme


Hype is a professional blogging theme for Tumblr. The theme comes with a large slider, a featured content section, a sidebar with author profiles, social widgets, and an email subscribe box. This theme is ideal for making a fashion, food blog, or a portfolio.

Avenue – Clean Tumblr Grid Theme


Avenue Tumblr theme is perfect for creatives and personal bloggers. It features a clean grid-based layout that allows you to showcase your content like a pro. The theme also has a header section where you can add a logo or a profile pic and introduce yourself.

Blank – Gray-Style Tumblr Theme


Blank is a Tumblr theme made specifically for bloggers who love the minimalism of black and white designs. This theme features a classic design with unique post styles for each post type. It also includes 14 different widgets including a subscribe box, author profile, Instagram feed, and more.

Four – Minimal Tumblr Theme


Four is a modern Tumblr theme featuring a clean design. The theme features a single-column post layout that gives more attention to your posts and photos. It’s ideal for creating a personal blog, or a blog related to fashion, food, or beauty.

Cutout – Creative Tumblr Theme


Cutout Tumblr theme features a unique design. It supports all post types and allows you to easily customize the theme to change its colors and background. You can also integrate Google Analytics and Disqus comments with the theme as well.

Air – Minimal Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Air is a stylish portfolio theme for Tumblr. This theme comes with a modern grid post layout that supports all post types. You can use this theme to make a creative portfolio, a photo gallery website, or even a personal blog.

News – Responsive Magazine Theme


News is a powerful Tumblr theme design specifically for magazine blogs and news websites. You can make a high-quality news website and host it on Tumblr with the help of this theme. It features a minimal design with featured category sections, sidebar with support for widgets, and more.

Anna – Responsive Grid Theme


Anna is the perfect Tumblr theme you can use to create a beautiful travel blog. It has a fullscreen post layout featuring a post slider and a masonry-style post layout that highlights images. It also supports Disqus comments and Google Analytics.

Karla – Personal Blog Tumblr Theme


Karla is a minimal blogging theme that’s ideal for personal bloggers and creatives. It features a fullscreen post slider with featured posts area. And it also supports infinite scrolling, MailChimp, Instagram widgets, and more.

Archon – Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Archon is a clean and elegant portfolio theme you can use to showcase your creative portfolio and case studies on your Tumblr blog. It features a minimalist post layout in grid-style and lets you choose from 4 different hover effects for portfolio items.

Wallstocker – Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Wallstocker is a professional Tumblr theme that’s perfect for creating a portfolio or a gallery website. The theme features a grid-based post layout that’s more suitable for photo-based posts. It supports Disqus comments, Google Analytics, and social feed widgets.

Alumia – Free Minimal Tumblr Theme

If you’re looking for a power-packed Tumblr theme without spending a penny, consider Alumia, a clean and minimal option offering a beautiful design and range of customizable features for you to take advantage of. From photo hover styles and adjustable fonts to social media integration, it has everything you need to kick off your website.

Explore – Minimal Tumblr Blog Theme


Explore is a minimalist blogging theme for Tumblr. It’s perfect for writers and creatives for making a personal blog to share their ideas. The theme supports all post types and allows you to easily customize the design.

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