20+ Best Tumblr Themes for Photographers

Are you looking for a beautiful Tumblr theme to make an attractive photography blog or a portfolio? Then you came to the right place. In this collection, we’re featuring some of the best Tumblr themes for photographers.

Tumblr is one of the best platforms for hosting a photography blog. Mainly because it offers unlimited resources for free. Allowing you to upload high-resolution images without having to worry about storage space.

However, the platform only offers a limited number of themes for photography websites and blogs. So, it’s a bit difficult to find a Tumblr theme with a unique design. We’re here to solve that problem.

What to Look for in a Photography Tumblr Theme

  • Focus on images: Choose a theme that showcases the post in the homepage as a grid of thumbnails (if you are setting up a portfolio) or with large images (if instead, you are building a blog). This way visitors will have a overall view of your work.
  • Mobile ready: Most of the internet traffic today is done on mobile platforms, so make sure the theme is responsive and looks great on small screens.
  • Social Media Links: Don’t forget that having your social media links on your site will make visitors go through and follow you on Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn and other.
  • Widget Ready: Other online services such as Flickr and Instagram can be shown inside your blog using widgets however, not all themes have this available.
  • Share-ability: Share, reblog are very important to make your site grow in followers and popularity.
  • EXIF data: When shooting with DSLR cameras, the saved EXIF data can be accessed and displayed by your theme.

We’ve found a set of the best premium and free photography Tumblr themes you can use to give a unique look to your photography website. Have a look.

Photographica – Tumblr Portfolio Theme


For photographers who admire minimalism, this Tumblr theme is the perfect choice for showing off your best work. The theme features a simple grid-based post design that allows you to feature photos like a pro. It also includes widgets for Twitter and group blogs as well as a menu for featuring different tags.

Viewfinder – Tumblr Theme For Photographers


Viewfinder is a professional Tumblr theme that features a design that highlights images, making it the perfect theme for creating a photography blog. The theme comes packed with a lot of amazing features, including a header slideshow, a drop-down menu, and the ability to choose between two-column or single-column layouts.

Saturation – Tumblr Photo Blog Theme


This Tumblr photography theme doubles as a portfolio and a photo blog. It features a grid-based post layout that allows you to showcase your photos, posts, and links on the same page. The theme also supports infinite scrolling and includes a drop-down menu.

Gradient – Tumblr Portfolio Theme


Gradient is a colorful Tumblr portfolio theme that both photographers and designers can use to showcase their best work. The theme sports a full-page background slider and beautiful grid-based post layout. You can also easily customize the theme to change colors and fonts as well.

Vintage – Free Photography Tumblr Theme


Beautiful themes aren’t always expensive. You can use this gorgeous theme free of charge to create an amazing photography blog. It features a retro-themed design with a slideshow, infinite scrolling, and an about me widget for introducing yourself to your visitors.

Void – Free Tumblr Theme


Void is a minimalist portfolio Tumblr theme that highlights your photos. The theme features a grid-based post layout along with extensive customization options for changing colors, fonts, spacing, and image placements. The theme is fully optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Elite – Modern Grid Theme


Elite is a modern Tumblr theme with a dark color scheme. It’s ideal for creating a photography blog or a portfolio related to fashion photography. The theme comes with a slide-out sidebar for adding links, widgets, and a section for adding a short description about your work as well.

  • DEMO
  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Gridify – Fullscreen Grid Theme


This Tumblr theme is a photography theme that features a grid-based post layout with infinite scrolling function. The theme also includes a slide-out sidebar that can be adjusted to your preference and it supports social feeds and Disqus comments integration.

  • DEMO
  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Florence – Responsive Gallery Theme


Florence is a modern and elegant Tumblr theme with a gallery-style post layout for showcasing your photos and posts. It allows you to add your own background, change colors, adjust sidebar position, enable infinite scrolling, and do much more.

  • DEMO
  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Travel Pro Tumblr Theme


Travel Pro is a Tumblr theme designed specifically for travel bloggers and photographers. It comes with full-page single-column post layout for showing off your best photos. The theme also includes a fullscreen slider, a hamburger menu, and support for social widgets.

  • DEMO
  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Curly – Free Photography Theme


Curly is a beautiful fullscreen Tumblr theme made for photographers. The theme allows you to show off your photos with large previews. It supports 2-column, 3-column, and 4-column layouts and includes widgets for Instagram feed as well.

Honeycomb – Hexagonal Grid Theme


This unique theme features an uncommon hexagonal grid-based post layout. This theme will certainly make your photography blog stand out. The theme allows you to choose from 22 different colors and set your own background image.

Horizontalism Tumblr Theme


Horizontalism is a unique Tumblr theme that comes with a horizontal-scrolling design. Instead of scrolling down to see more posts, your visitors can navigate sideways to explore your website. The theme features large post previews for showing off images as well.

  • DEMO
  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Air – Minimal Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Air is a beautifully minimalist Tumblr theme that comes with a grid-based layout and a static sidebar. The theme includes a stylish menu for showcasing tags, supports social widgets, infinite scrolling, and it integrates well with the default Tumblr options and features.

Allure – Visual Tumblr Theme


This stunning Tumblr theme is perfect for professional photographers for creating a unique portfolio of work. The theme comes with a grid-based post layout with tall image previews, a slide-out sidebar, and lots of customization options. It also sports infinite scrolling as well.

Ubly – Responsive Fullscreen Grid Theme


Ubly features a fullscreen masonry-style grid layout that allows you to showcase images, posts, and links in a beautiful website design. This Tumblr theme also includes a slide-out sidebar where you can add a short description, add Instagram widgets, and social icons.

Emotion – Clean Tumblr Theme


Emotion is a clean and minimalist Tumblr theme with a two-column layout. You can also switch to a three-column layout as well. It features large post designs with tall image previews, which makes it ideal for photographers and photobloggers. The theme supports infinite scrolling and social feed widgets as well.

Mosaic – Responsive Tumblr Theme


This modern Tumblr theme comes with a grid-based post layout with various post sizes that gives a unique mosaic look to the website design. The theme is fully-responsive and it allows you to expand posts by different sizes using tags. The dark color scheme will also make your photos look more beautiful in this theme.

ImNotWordy – Gallery Theme


ImNotWordy is a premium-quality Tumblr theme that comes to you free of charge. This theme features a photo-only post layout, making it best for photographers and photobloggers. The theme is fully-responsive and includes more than 20 customization options for personalizing the design.

Illustfolio 4 – Portfolio Theme


Even though this Tumblr theme is made for illustrators for showcasing their best work, it can also be used to show off your photography portfolio as well. The theme features a simple grid-based layout with support for both single-column and multi-column layouts.

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of amazing themes available for creating different types of Tumblr blogs and websites. You just have to know where to look for the best Tumblr themes.