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36+ Best WordPress Themes for Beginners 2019

Whether you’re new to WordPress or you’re just looking for a theme that’s easy to use, this collection of the best WordPress themes for beginners will provide you with plenty of options.

Becoming familiar with WordPress and learning how to publish content online can take time. Then there’s installing the right plugins and choosing the best design for your new website to think about. A good place to start finding your feet is with our collection of tips for choosing your first WordPress theme!

Although WordPress does make it relatively easy to upload a theme and change the appearance of your website, some WordPress themes are easier to use than others. Due to this, we’ve created a collection of the best WordPress themes for beginners.

To qualify for a place in this collection, a theme but be either very easy to use or is supported by a good set of online documentation. Some of the best WordPress themes for beginners have simple designs and layouts that are easy to recreate on your own website. Other themes here might feature more complex configurations but have easy-to-use tools that automate the setup process.

If you’ve ever bought a WordPress theme in the past and been overwhelmed by its options and settings or you’re new to WordPress and need a quick way to get started, this collection contains many themes that are perfect for WordPress beginners.