20 Best Travel Tumblr Themes

Tumblr is a great platform for starting a travel blog. It’s free and gives you unlimited hosting to upload lots of photos and videos. If you’re thinking about starting a new travel blog, we handpicked some of the best travel Tumblr themes just for you.

Tumblr and blogging go well together, especially if you’re a travel blogger. Because you can easily update your blog on-the-go using the Tumblr mobile app. You can also set up multiple secondary blogs to properly organize your travel journals as well.

The most important part of setting up a travel blog is finding a great theme that highlights your content. Here are a few tips you can follow to find the best theme for your travel blog.

Main Features Of A Great Travel Theme

  • Content-Focused Design: As a travel blogger, you’ll be sharing lots of visual content. Make sure your blog theme shows large image previews and highlights your content through its post layout.
  • Instagram Feed Widgets: You can also share your latest updates from Instagram with your blog audience using an Instagram feed widget.
  • About Me Profile: See if your Tumblr theme has an about me widget or a section for introducing yourself and describing your story.
  • A Responsive Menu: Look for a responsive menu to properly organize the links to your categories, tags, and pages.
  • Comments System: Every post you share on your travel blog should spark a conversation. Most premium Tumblr themes support integration with the Disqus comments system.

Start browsing the travel Tumblr themes collection to find a unique design for your blog.

Travel Pro – Tumblr Travel Blog Theme


Travel Pro is a Tumblr theme made specifically for travel bloggers and photographers. The theme comes with a professional design that gives more space to show off your beautiful photos and videos. It also includes a fullscreen image slider and a responsive overlay menu.

Wayfarer – Tumblr Theme For Travellers


Wayfarer is a Tumblr theme that also features a design most suitable for travel bloggers. It comes with plenty of useful features such as postcards to highlight the locations you’ve visited, a featured post slider, Instagram feed widgets, and much more.

Transit – Travel Tumblr Theme


Transit is a simple yet effective Tumblr theme you can use to setup a travel blog to share your notes, photos, and even use it as a daily travel journal. This theme is easily customizable and comes with custom sidebar widgets and infinite scrolling.

Viewfinder – Tumblr Theme For Photographers


This Tumblr theme comes with an elegant and clean design that allows you to showcase your travel photos and videos without any distractions. The theme features a nice header section to showcase links to your social profiles and has a grid style post layout.

Exposure – Content-Focused Tumblr Theme


Exposure is a Tumblr theme that’s ideal for setting up a portfolio for photographers or making a photo blog for your travel photos. The theme includes a fullscreen image slider on the homepage, an about me section, and a masonry-style grid post layout for showing off your best content.

Vintage – Free Visual Tumblr Theme


This beautiful and visual Tumblr theme comes to you for free of charge. It features a professional design with a featured post slider, an image gallery, a unique Instagram feed widget, and a footer section to include social media links.

Eurus – Tumblr Photography Theme


Eurus is a minimalist Tumblr theme that comes with photo cards for highlighting your featured tags and categories. It also supports Disqus comments and Instagram feed widgets.

Rainbow – Gradient Grid Tumblr Theme


A colorful and beautiful Tumblr theme for setting up an attractive travel blog on Tumblr. This theme comes with a beautiful background image slider and a grid-style post layout that showcase your content using images thumbnails. The theme also supports 14 widgets and integration with MailChimp.

Paradis – A Minimalistic Grid Theme


Paradis is a minimalist Tumblr theme that comes with a header section for highlighting your journey, a strategically placed menu for tags, and a grid-style post layout with image previews.

Pathra – Creative Tumblr Travel Theme


Pathra Tumblr travel theme comes with a clean design featuring a beautiful header section, an about me profile section, and large single-column post layout that gives more attention to your photos.

Thorn – Responsive Grid Theme


Thorn theme comes with a masonry-style grid post layout and a creative header section, making it ideal for setting up a travel or photography blog. The theme also featuring a slide-out sidebar where you can include social feed widgets.

Premier – Responsive Travel Tumblr Theme


This theme also features a clean and minimalist design. If you’re a blogger who use lots of photos to share your best travel moments, this theme is the one for you. It also comes with a fixed scrolling menu and a header section for adding a description.

Persona – Free Travel Tumblr Theme


A beautiful free Tumblr theme that can be used to make a creative travel blog or a photography portfolio. This theme features a header section with a background image slideshow and a masonry-style grid post layout for showing off your photos.

Leen – Free Visual Tumblr Blog Theme


Leen is a highly visual Tumblr blogging theme that features a customizable background, a sidebar for social feed widgets, and an animated slide-out menu for links and tags. It’s perfect for a travel blog or a photo blog.

Karla – Stunning Tumblr Blog Theme


This professionally designed Tumblr blogging theme comes with a creative design that allows you to include a featured post slider as well as a featured posts section on the homepage. It also includes support for infinite scrolling and Disqus comments.

Ice Cream – Responsive and Chic Grid Tumblr Theme


An elegant and minimalist Tumblr theme featuring a grid-based post layout and a header section. This theme includes a customizable background, social feed widgets, and supports both Facebook comments and Disqus comments.

Camelia – Responsive Blogging Tumblr Theme


Camellia is a blogging theme that features a clean layout and a post slider on the homepage. It also has a featured tags section where you can showcase your top categories. The theme supports integration with MailChimp and Disqus comments as well.

Meroniza – A Responsive & Elegant Tumblr Theme


Meroniza is a creative Tumblr theme that features a unique design. It comes with a customizable background, a featured posts section, and a sidebar with an about me widget, social feed widgets, and much more.

Shelver – Responsive Blog Tumblr Theme


Shelver is a clean and modern Tumblr blogging theme that features a large header section with a featured posts slider, a featured tags section, and a unique post designs that highlight images. The theme also comes with an email subscribe widget and support for Disqus comments.

Hipster – Tumblr Blogging Theme


Hipster is a creative Tumblr blogging theme that features a fixed sidebar that scrolls down with the page. It also features an about me section, a header image, sticky posts, and a beautiful post layout.

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