PostBoard – A Dynamic Grid Based WordPress Theme

How many of you didn’t know Pinterest? Or, how many of you use Pinterest every day and can’t live without it?

Meet PostBoard, our latest dynamic grid based (or shortly, Pinterest-like) WordPress theme. If you like Pinterest, you’re going to love PostBoard.

It’s been a while since we released Pinable, our first Pinterest-like theme. If you’re looking to upgrade your previous Pinterest-themed blogs/websites, or you have dreamed to have one, then PostBoard is ready for you.

PostBoard Preview

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PostBoard Features

#1. Responsive

The dynamic grid in this theme is responsive-ready. Please try the demo on your mobile device to see the responsive layout of this theme.

#2. SEO Friendly & Markup

PostBoard is built with markup which is good for search engine!

#3. Custom Header and Custom Menu

PostBoard came with two different header and secondary menu. Check this out:

#4. Multiple Archive Layouts

How many columns do you like? Four, three, two, one, or maybe you’d like to have custom width for certain post? PostBoard provide them all. Check out these demo links:

#5. Infinite Scroll

Pinterest-like grid theme won’t be complete without Infinite Scroll. So we provide it within this theme. Just try to scroll down the demo until you don’t have anything to scroll.

Don’t like Infinite Scroll? It’s easy. Just turn it off, and use the classic posts navigation.

#6. Rating

PostBoard includes integrated rating counter. Your readers can easily vote or like whichever post they found interesting.

Read it. Love it. Click it.

#7. Archive Ordering

Along with Rating features, PostBoard also equipped with built-in Archive Ordering feature (Sort By). You can sort your posts by Likes (rating), Comments count, Random or default Latest/Recent posts. Go and try it yourself on the demo.

#8. Post Formats

PostBoard support 8 Post Formats:

  • Standard
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Image
  • Aside
  • Quote
  • Link

Check it out on the demo!


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