30+ Best Sketch iOS App Templates 2021

Designing a user interface kit for an app-based design project can be daunting, and it can be difficult to know where to start. So why not make things easier and use a professionally designed Sketch iOS app template that’s available for you to download and customize straight away?

These fabulous Sketch app templates will allow you to create a stunning, unique set of iOS mobile device screens in a fraction of the time it would take you to plan and create a UI kit from scratch, and they’re all expertly created using extensive layering and customization options, meaning you’ll still have full creative control over the end result. What’s not to love?

Read on for some of the best Sketch iOS templates for your next app-based design project.

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Settings Sketch iOS App Template

This super-versatile collection of Sketch iOS templates features a range of 13 popular mobile screens for the latest versions of the iPhone and is perfect for customizing the settings section of your new app. It offers a minimal and modern design with scalable vector graphics and free fonts.

Lynda Dating Sketch iOS App Template

If you’re putting together a dating app, then this elegant user interface wireframe kit for Sketch will make your life a whole lot easier! It comes with a huge selection of 44 screen templates for you to customize and also includes more than 100 components that you can mix and match.

Icon Sketch iOS App Template

Here we have a collection of both multipurpose and specialized icons for iOS that are perfect for adding into your latest app design! It offers unlimited sizing options, and best of all you only need to edit a single icon in order to preview and generate the entire set.

Helen Sketch iOS App Template

The next in our selection of the best sketch app templates is Helen, a beautifully crafted user interface kit that’s been specifically designed for creating a portfolio style app across iOS devices, and includes more than 40 screens with dark and light modes and a luxurious, modern design.

News and Blog Sketch iOS App Template

Staying up to date with blogs and news sites while on the go is a great idea, so why not build an app for just that, using this handy Sketch wireframe kit for iOS? It features a wide range of screen layouts with scalable vector elements, free fonts, and a unique and stylish look.

Blogger Sketch App Template

The next of our Sketch app templates for iOS is a UI kit designed specifically for bloggers. It includes a set of four high quality templates with 520 icons, two free fonts, and a range of vector graphics. It fits all iPhones, and all of the graphic elements are fully layered, scalable, and customizable.

Walkthroughs Sketch App Template

This collection of walkthrough screen templates features a minimal and modern design with fresh, clean color themes and scalable, layered vector graphics for easy customization. It includes iOS 13 compatibility as well as full product update support.

Survey Sketch App Template

Our next Sketch iOS template is a set of survey app screens ideal for any kind of quiz or questionnaire, featuring a stylish and modern design with full customization options, resizable vector graphics, and free fonts. It’s also compatible with Photoshop and Adobe XD.

Slideshow Sketch App Template

Perfect for a portfolio or gallery style app, this beautiful Sketch template is compatible with Android as well as iOS, and includes a range of premium icons as well as four unique screen layouts for a visually appealing and easy to use slideshow app.

Caria Sketch App Template

The Caria Sketch template has been purpose built for e-Commerce apps, incorporating modern design trends and pixel perfect graphic elements into a set of 30 high quality iOS screens that are suitable for both small and large businesses. The layers, vector shapes, fonts, and colors are all customizable.

Lynx Sketch App Template

Perfect for online shopping apps but also highly versatile and able to be customized to suit a range of other purposes, the Lynx template is a clean, playful collection of 51 UI screens featuring a minimal, flat design and 100% vector layers. It includes both light and dark versions, and can also be used for Android apps.

Finansia Sketch App Template

The Finansia Sketch template is a UI kit containing 36 highly customizable artboard templates that have been specifically designed with a personal budgeting app in mind. It includes a range of options for each screen and a modern design with gradient color variations, and all elements are 100% scalable and vectored.

Medical Sketch App Template

A professional dashboard UI kit featuring medically themed layouts and designs, this Sketch template is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. It includes 38 pre-built layouts, and over 50 widgets with different features and options, all of which have been designed using the latest design trends and standards.

Profiles Sketch App Template

This set of 4 high quality iOS premium templates is a perfect option for any profile-based app and can be customized and adapted for a wide range of uses. It features high quality graphics and over 500 icons and is compatible with all iPhones.

Fenom Sketch App Template

The Fenom template is a modern UI kit that’s been designed for both small and large businesses to use in designing creative online shopping and e-Commerce apps and features 10 artboards and a range of fonts, stock photos, vector icons, and graphic components.

Weeny Sketch App Template

This super colorful, fun Sketch app template includes 50 iPhone screen layouts across seven different categories, making it appropriate for a wide range of applications and business types. It features pixel perfect graphics, vector shapes, free fonts, and full product update support.

Login Sketch App Template

Perfect for any app login screen, this Sketch iOS template comes with 5 different designs for a modern and easy to use login screen, and is useful for any app that requires a user login. Designed for conversion, it’s easy to edit and features organized layers for a great design experience.

Codama Sketch App Template

The Codama template is one of the most versatile Sketch app templates and has been designed with profile-based and e-Commerce apps in mind, but it is so easy to customize that you can apply it to just about any kind of purpose. All screens and elements are fully adjustable, including shapes, colors, and effects.

Travel Sketch App Template

Brilliant for travel themed apps, this option features 6 high-quality premium templates that can be scaled to fit any iPhone, each of which includes pixel-perfect graphics, scalable vector elements, and 520 icons to help you customize to your app’s specific needs.

Calendars Sketch App Template

The next of our Sketch iOS templates is a set of beautifully designed calendar screens featuring minimal and modern layouts, scalable vectors, and free fonts, allowing full customization with Sketch as well as Photoshop, Adobe XD and Figma. The effective and simplistic use of color gives the design a cohesive and professional finish.

Wyvern Sketch App Template

Consisting of more than 55 ready to use app screens, the Wyvern Sketch app template is highly versatile and can be customized to suit a range of app types, from eCommerce to communication and networking platforms. It includes clean, minimalist layouts across eight different categories.

Bacao Sketch App Template

The Bacao Sketch iOS template is a unique and visually appealing option that’s been purposefully designed for reading and news applications. It includes 3 iOS screen layouts, full-color customization, vector-based components, and well-organized layers to make editing a breeze.

Travel & Booking Sketch App Template

This option is perfect for travel and reservation apps, such as accommodation and restaurant booking services. It features a range of tidy, minimal, and intuitive layouts with stylish design aspects – all of which can be fully customized, from the vector graphics to the colors and fonts.

Zodiac Astrology Sketch App Template

For something a bit different, this zodiac themed Sketch template is ideal for any astrology app and features galactical design elements with eye-catching colors and a clean, easy to follow layout. It’s also fully layered and scalable, allowing for easy customization to adapt each screen for different uses.

To-Do Sketch iOS App Template

This high layered Sketch iOS template is designed specifically for creating a to-do list app, and includes a wide range of fully customizable layouts, each featuring a timeless design, high-quality vector graphics, clean typography and both a dark and light theme for you to choose from.

Driver Booking Sketch iOS App Template

The next of our featured Sketch app templates is for a professional-looking taxi driver booking app, and contains 32 ready-made screen layouts for you to customize and use for your own iOS app. Each screen design features pixel-perfect graphics and is fully editable, and comes with a style guide, typography and interchangeable color schemes.

Explorer Sketch iOS App Template

The Explorer Sketch iOS template has been handcrafted with ease of use and a clean, aesthetically pleasing design aesthetic. It includes six unique screen layouts, fully scalable and customizable vector graphics, and will perfectly fit all iPhone models.

Accounts Sketch iOS App Template

If you’re looking to create an iOS app for accounts or finance purposes, this accounts themed Sketch app template is a winner. It offers four pixel-perfect screens and 520 vector icons you can use to help you customize. All elements can be edited, and it’s compatible with every type of iPhone.

Onboarding Sketch iOS App Template

One of the most versatile Sketch iOS templates we’ve found is this onboarding template, which offers six unique premium screen layouts for you to customize and adapt to your own app. They’re fully editable, and the layered vector graphics and the high resolution will give it a super professional finish.

Split Sketch App Template

The last of our Sketch iOS templates is a highly versatile option, featuring ultra-modern black and white designs and a high-quality retina display resolution. All elements can be customized, but the elegant simplicity of each of the original screens means you most likely won’t be needing (or wanting) to change much!

And there you have it – the best Sketch iOS templates, all ready to download and able to be fully customized to your heart’s – or client’s – content! We think you’ll agree that there’s no point wasting hours on creating an app UI kit from scratch when these stunning templates will allow you to generate a professional and high quality result in a fraction of the time. Happy Sketching!