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25+ Best Premiere Pro Title Templates 2020

Editing a video or film project is fun, challenging, and, most of all, time consuming – so what if we told you that you could save yourself hours in creating a fantastic opening title sequence by using a premade, professionally designed Premiere Pro title template that’s ready for download instantly?

Read on for a list of some of the best Premiere Pro title templates available.

From cartoons and short films, greetings, and marketing materials, there’s a great option for every kind of video, and they’ve all been carefully crafted to ensure a high quality, smooth result.

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Impact Premiere Pro Title Template

The best Premiere Pro title templates are designed to make an impact, so we’ll start out with the Impact template! A dramatic, galactical collision that’s perfect for a space or science fiction film, this option features an epic explosion of stars against a dark background to create your title.

Techno Premiere Pro Title Template

Ideal for a futuristic techno theme, the three dimensional Techno Premiere Pro title template provides multiple color options and a range of camera animations for an ultra modern introduction and provides a 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 10 second video length.

Autumn Premiere Pro Title Template

Featuring warm golden tones and soft, romantic animations, the Autumn Premiere Pro title template is great for any fall, Thanksgiving, or nature-themed films and contains a 43-second high definition video with 9 text placeholders and full customization options using Premiere Pro CC2019 and newer.

Wedding Premiere Pro Title Template

For the perfect wedding video title, look no further – the amazing Wedding Day Premiere Pro title template offers a range of stunning, romantic options, perfect for a wedding day montage, ceremony footage, dynamic slideshow or moving wedding album!

Christmas Premiere Pro Title Template

Featuring a wide variety of trendy titles and opening sequences for Christmas, New Year, winter and holiday themed videos, this 29 second template offers a special magical vibe through the use of shimmering stars and snow, luminous calligraphy and shining ornaments, to help you remember your amazing holiday.

Cinematic Premiere Pro Title Template

If you’re searching for a classic, cinematic title to rival those you’d see at the beginning of a Hollywood blockbuster at the cinema, consider this set of templates that have been professionally designed to emulate a real movie opening, featuring light leaks and stunning camera work.

Grunge Premiere Pro Title Template

This grunge effect template provides a great opening title aesthetic for urban, gritty films, and includes 20 unique animated typography titles. For a funky vintage style with an edge, each of these titles allows you to adjust the color and font, as well as the duration and includes a video tutorial for ease of use.

Epic Premiere Pro Title Template

As the name suggests, the Epic Premiere Pro title template provides a truly epic opening for your film. Elegant and clean, it’s ideal for a range of different purposes, from corporate and promotional videos to cinematic projects, and features a bunch of different text animations and typography options for you to choose from.

Snowy Premiere Pro Title Template

This is one of the best Premiere Pro title templates for a winter or snow themed video, and is also very fitting for a Christmas or New Year project! Fun, quirky and festive, it includes a range of text animations, transitions and snow effects including wind, snowfall, and individual snowflakes.

Minimalist Premiere Pro Title Template

Functional, professional, and purpose built as a .mgort file for use within Premiere Pro, the Minimalist title templates package includes three sets of unique lower third graphics that are perfect for a newscast, television presentation, or captioned video, and are fully and easily customizable.

Lightwave Premiere Pro Title Template

Dramatic and out of this world, the Lightwave Premiere Pro title template offers a stunning light flow effect to reveal your title or logo. The text, lens flare, and light streak colors can be adjusted to suit your color scheme, and you can add glowing particles for an extra bit of magic.

Candy Premiere Pro Title Template

From children’s shows to YouTube channels to adult swim style films, the Candy title templates are ideal for any kind of cartoon or comic video. It includes 50 animated titles, eight animated backgrounds, and fully customizable color options to help your creativity run wild.

Cinematic Style Premiere Pro Title Template

Next, we have a cinema-inspired series of high-resolution Premiere Pro title templates, featuring a range of grunge themed, paint style titles and introductions for an indie movie, or personal slideshow. It’s an authentic and creative way to add an artsy vibe to your next presentation.

Pop Premiere Pro Title Template

Next, we have a series of 25 fun, colorful Premiere Pro title templates, featuring a clean and modern layout, customizable text and colors, and adjustable resolution settings for optimal quality no matter where you’ll be displaying your finished project. It also includes an easy to understand video tutorial, to have you editing in a matter of minutes.

Minimal Premiere Pro Title Template

This collection of 30 minimal title templates features fully editable parameters, easy color control and seamless customization, making it super versatile – it can be used for virtually any video or presentation project. It also comes with a free web font, and is compatible with both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Memphis Premiere Pro Title Template

Funky, creative, and unlike any other Premiere Pro title templates we’ve seen, this highly customizable and versatile set of title animations is a winner for a huge range of different film, from kids’ cartoons to unique marketing campaigns and educational resources.

Corporate Premiere Pro Title Template

Elegant, simple, and modern, this set of corporate themed title templates are a highly professional and effective way to open your business or professional video. Featuring lower thirds graphics, eye-catching color schemes, and a minimalistic style, it’s a safe yet engaging option.

Fire Premiere Pro Title Template

Add a dramatic fire effect to your opening title sequence with the Fire Premiere Pro title template, which includes customizable colors, an ultra high definition resolution of 3840 x 2160, and a range of epic text animations that are sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Rotating Circular Premiere Pro Title Template

Quick, clean, and simple but always an impressive way to introduce a video, this rotating circular title template allows for easy customization, and provides two different resolution options for alternative render times. It’s also incredibly simple to edit and use!

Shatter Premiere Pro Title Template

This 12 second opening title template gives you the option to shatter your text in a dramatic and realistic way, for an instant impact on your viewers! You can change the fonts easily, and a full support tutorial is included, so you’ll be up and running with this stunning title template in no time.

Mountain Premiere Pro Title Template

Great for a nature, travel, or geography themed project, the Mountain Premiere Pro title template offers a 10 second opening sequence featuring jagged mountain peaks, dark, moody clouds, and bright rays of sunshine beaming down, as autumn leaves float past on the breeze.

Modern Premiere Pro Title Template

Suitable for any modern or contemporary video needs, the Modern Premiere Pro title template includes 17 unique titles, sleek animations, and a range of interchangeable color schemes for you to experiment with, making it incredibly easy to adjust for your own brand.

Glitch Premiere Pro Title Template

The Glitch collection of Premiere Pro title templates is a versatile and professional series of animated titles with eye-catching glitch effects, perfect for a sci-fi or technology-themed video, as well as corporate presentations. The 1-minute clip includes 12 different title templates for you to choose from.

Corporate Style Premiere Pro Title Template

If you’re working on a business presentation and are searching for a creative yet professional way to incorporate your title text, consider this set of corporate themed Adobe Premiere Pro title templates. It includes 20 transparent text plates with smooth animations and a modern, elegant look, perfect for a minimal yet engaging presentation.

Smooth Particle Premiere Pro Title Template

The last of our featured Premiere Pro title templates is a stunning smooth particle effect, with a clean, bright, and simple design that’s both professional and creative. Customization is incredibly easy, and the package includes interchangeable fonts and a transparent background option.

These amazing Premiere Pro title templates all offer a professional and engaging way for you to open your next film or video project. From festive themes to epic cinematic effects, there’s an option for any kind of opening sequence you can think of – and they’re all at your fingertips, ready to use!