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25+ Best Adobe Premiere Pro Templates 2020

There are thousands of Adobe Premiere Pro templates available, designed by professional video editors and ready for you to download at the click of a button – and it’ll take a long time to search through them all to find the best ones, which is why we’ve done it for you!

The following is a list of the best Adobe Premiere Pro templates, from logo reveals and opening title sequences to slideshow effects and cinematic styles.

Whatever your aesthetic, and whatever kind of film or video project you’re working on, we can guarantee that there’s a template that will add an extra spark to your end result!

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Colorful Smoke Reveal Adobe Premiere Pro Template

The first in our list of the best Adobe Premiere Pro templates is a stunning colorful smoke reveal, a creative and eye-catching way to reveal a logo, title, or graphic that you want to make an impact on your audience! It features customizable colors and a magical smoke swirl effect.

Christmas Adobe Premiere Pro Template

One of the most festive Premiere Pro templates is this elegant Christmas themed option, featuring shimmering swirls, titles, and graphics that are ideal for holiday greetings, e-cards, and invitations. It includes nine text placeholders and a high definition 1920 x 1080 resolution for optimum quality.

Summer Fashion Adobe Premiere Pro Template

For a creative and dynamic approach, this is one of the most stylish and versatile Adobe Premiere templates available. It features a range of fun transitions and animations, 8 text placeholders, 19 video or image placeholders, and is compatible with Premiere Pro versions CC2018 and newer.

Lion Reveal Adobe Premiere Pro Template

This Adobe Premiere template is a stunning reveal animation that takes the shape of a lion made of fire! If the theme of your video or film project resonates with either fire or a lion, this could be a great way for you to introduce your logo or title.

Fashion Intro Adobe Premiere Pro Template

This 26 second, high-resolution Adobe Premiere Pro template has been designed specifically as a fashion video introduction, and is great for use with any presentation that requires a strong sense of style! It features 12 video or photo holders plus seven text holders, as well as color control and a video tutorial for easy editing.

Modern Parallax Opener Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Here we have Modern Parallax, a versatile and creative opening sequence featuring 51 seconds of high-resolution parallax effects to really make the beginning of your presentation grab your audience’s attention. It can be customized to fit any kind of purpose, and is particularly great as a TV show or film opener.

Typoflow Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Typoflow is an extensive collection of 318 high definition typography scenes that can be customized to fit virtually any type of video or film, from adverts and marketing materials to film credits and opening sequences. It features a one-click duration adjustment and unique intro-outro functionality.

Slideshow Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Perfect for creating a slideshow of precious memories, perhaps for a birthday or holiday, this package of slideshow Premiere Pro templates allows for easy customization – you can adjust the duration, timing, and colors instantly, and insert your own photos and text within seconds.

Action Thriller Movie Trailer Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Our next template is brilliant for an action or thriller movie trailer style film and features professional and realistic-looking effects, eye-catching typography, and dramatic colors to engage and astound your audience as if they were watching an actual Hollywood action movie.

History Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Featuring a cinematic black and white style and grainy, old film textures, this history themed template is a great option for adding an authentic vintage effect to your video and is perfect for historical films and documentaries.

Instastories Adobe Premiere Pro Template

For the perfect Instagram stories, look no further – this collection of insta-worthy Adobe Premiere templates allows you to create fresh, engaging content with adjustable colors and durations, interchangeable backgrounds, and in-out animations. It also includes drag and drop functionality for easy editing, as well as two different versions for each story.

Minimal Corporate Logo Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Ideal for adding a creative spin to your company logo or title when editing a marketing or promotional video, the Minimal Corporate Logo template includes a set of clean, professional logo reveal animations, with interchangeable colors and transitions for you to play around with.

Logo Identity Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Another template designed specifically for logo reveals, this option provides a slightly more realistic version of a logo transition and comes with an ultra high definition resolution sequence, which allows you to change the background, color grading, and logo instantly.

Halloween Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Ideal for an invitation, e-card or presentation with a spooky Halloween theme, this thirty second cartoon template includes eight text placeholders, and is incredibly easy to edit using Premiere Pro version CC2019 and higher, with no plugins required.

Diwali Wishes Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Another example of a festive Premiere Pro template, Diwali Wishes, is perfect for any film or video project with the Indian Festival of Lights as its focus! With two text placeholders, full high definition resolution, and support information included, you’ll be customizing your Diwali video in no time.

Fast Slideshop Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Another artistic and fast-paced option, this template is ideal for promotional videos, particularly in the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries. It features an amazing 4000 resolution, drag and drop graphics, and a descriptive video tutorial to have you up and running instantly.

Modern Transitions Adobe Premiere Pro Template

This template features an incredible 1500 transitions designed specifically for video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, and includes drag and drop functionality for easy and seamless customization. There are four speed variations, a range of sound effects, and an HTML preview gallery to make sure you’ve chosen the right transition!

Typography Adobe Premiere Pro Template

One of the most popular Adobe Premiere Pro templates, this option offers a selection of typography for you to choose from, making it highly versatile and suitable for just about any kind of film or video editing work. It includes a wide range of transitions, animations, and fonts for you to choose from.

Black Magic Adobe Premiere Pro Template

The Black Magic Adobe Premiere template will give your project a magical and realistic looking dust effect, with a range of colors and styles to choose from, including smoke, ink, dust, and sandstorm effects. It’s particularly effective for fantastical or creative films or industries.

Urban Life Adobe Premiere Pro Template

To make your video appear as if it’s come straight out of an action movie in a grungy, urban setting, use this dynamic and engaging template of artistic film-like transitions with a subtle retro vibe. It looks equally great when used as a slideshow.

Fashion Promo Adobe Premiere Pro Template

The Fashion Promo template is ideal as a base for marketing and advertorial videos and features crisp, clean graphic elements with stylish colors and smooth transitions to help you showcase your products and services in a slideshow or realistic film style.

Cartoon Adobe Premiere Pro Template

If you’re creating a cartoon or comic style video, this template of cartoon effects will save you an incredible amount of time in creating interesting graphics, animations, and other elements to make your project into a professional-looking masterpiece.

Sports Opener Adobe Premiere Pro Template

This funky Adobe Premiere Pro template is a perfect opener for any sports themed presentation, creating an urban, trendy feel. 36 seconds in length, it includes 17 video or photo holders, eight text holders, full HD resolution and 30 frames per second, as well as a video tutorial.

Medical & Healthy Adobe Premiere Pro Template

If you’re putting together a video or presentation with a medical or health industry theme, this is one of the best Adobe Premiere Pro templates you’ll find – it features 30 different effects, all of which are fully vector layered and include color controls, easy text editing, and compatibility with any language.

Tropical Hand Drawn Brush Logo Adobe Premiere Pro Template

Next in our lineup of the best Adobe Premiere Pro templates is this fun, fresh tropical logo reveal, offering hand-drawn brush elements that will add a lighthearted and artistic mood to your video. It features drag and drop functionality and color adjustment settings for easy editing and an instantly personalized result.

These incredible Premiere Pro templates have been painstakingly crafted by professional designers and video editors to help you create a professional and engaging film, slideshow or presentation, and are sure to give your next video project a unique and high-quality finish.