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25+ Best Portrait Photoshop Actions 2020

Wanting sophisticated, professional portraits, but not too keen on shelling out thousands of dollars for a private photoshoot and then waiting weeks, or even months, for processing? You’ll find thousands of professionally designed, purpose-built Photoshop portrait actions to help you process your photos quickly and easily, with timeless and stunning results guaranteed.

Perhaps you’ve got the raw images already, but you need to edit them, and you’ve got no idea where to start. Lucky for you, the internet (as always) has the answer.

Whatever kind of effect you’re going for – vintage, artistic, moody, or colorful – someone out there has already built a filter that’s perfect for you. To help you narrow down your selection, here are some of the best portrait Photoshop actions for you to choose from.

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Scarlet Photoshop Action

The Scarlet action is an advanced color-process filter designed for natural and mixed light portraits with warm tones. It’ll give your photos a rich, atmospheric quality and is also great if you want to add fantasy-inspired elements. It includes a standard action as well as a darker version for flat or overexposed images.

Nighty Photoshop Action

For artistic and expressive portraits, the Nighty photoshop action includes nine creative toning options and will give your photos a dark, mysterious, and unique style. It’s particularly good for glamor and fashion portraits.

Frequency Separation Photoshop Action

In portrait photography, it’s important that skin has the desired appearance, and this action will help you achieve this. Frequency separation is a common and effective method of airbrushing the skin, allowing you to quickly and easily remove blemishes and perfect your subject’s complexion.

Duotone Photoshop Action

For a colorful, stylish approach to photo processing, try out the 50 different options included with this duotone photoshop action. It’s a safe and easy way to transform your images, featuring 1-click processing, a non-destructive workflow, and fully editable layers.

Aquarelle Photoshop Action

Another creative option, the Aquarelle, is one of the most artistic portrait Photoshop actions and will give your photos an eye-catching watercolor quality. You can play around with different effects and use layering techniques to create a truly unique watercolor portrait – without even picking up a paintbrush!

Black & White Photoshop Action

A portrait photography staple, black and white processing is an easy and effective way to create classic, memorable images. This action contains 31 unique greyscale styles for you to experiment with and is fully compatible with both PC and Mac.

Matte Photoshop Action

For a beautiful, polished, and highly professional finish, these matte-themed filters will enhance the colors of your portraits and perfect your photos in a natural and subtle way, to create stunning images that you’ll be proud to show off.

Drama Photoshop Action

It’s all in the name – this Photoshop action will add a touch of drama to your portraits by retouching and bringing each image to life. Created using precise calibration adjustments, it promises a truly professional result.

Sketch Art Photoshop Action

A gorgeous, creative way to reimagine your portrait photography is by turning them into stunning pencil sketches, using this high quality professional Photoshop action. Forget hours of slaving over a pencil and paper, and render a captivating “hand-drawn” portrait in a single click!

Insta Blog Photoshop Action

Insta-bloggers rejoice – one of the most popular portrait Photoshop actions, this set of specially handcrafted filters will add that sought-after retro-inspired style that influencers all over the world have fallen in love with. It’s sure to win you a heap of new followers.

Dark Photoshop Action

Dark, dramatic, and brooding, this action will transform your portraits into Gothic masterpieces. It’s also a great tool to use for nature and travel photography to add a mysterious or even sinister element (if that’s what you’re going for!).

Sparkle Photoshop Action

Add some sparkle to your photos – literally – with this magical Photoshop action. Simply brush over the desired area, and the tool will match the color and create sparkles instantly!

Peony Photoshop Action

The Peony action creates a rich, natural tone, giving your portraits a regal, fine-art quality. It adds volume and color depth, as well as a color shift tune-up to flowers and foliage, hence the name. If you ever wanted to know what you’d look like as a royal, here’s one way to find out.

Soft Focus Photoshop Action

One of the most romantic portrait Photoshop actions, this ethereal filter allows you to brush over the area that you’d like to remain in focus, and then blurs the untouched sections, giving your photo a mystical, dreamy element.

Chocolate Photoshop Action

Perfect for glamor, fashion, and artistic design portraits, the Chocolate action is a set of 10 filters that add a sophisticated, elegant quality to your photos. It produces high quality images that render well in both web and print media.

Bouquet Photoshop Action

The Bouquet Photoshop action is ideal for wedding portraits and comes in six romantic signature color styles, all natural looking and effective for enhancing your photos in an artistic and professional way.

Wanderlust Photoshop Action

A film-inspired set of filters, the Wanderlust action is perfect for travel and lifestyle portraits, adding deep shadows and natural color elements to enhance the mood and overall aesthetic of your images. It includes three different styles – dark and moody, lite, and standard.

Supernova Photoshop Action

One of the most out-there portrait Photoshop actions, the Supernova style is out of this world! Featuring a magical galactical effect, this is a great option for fantasy or science fiction-inspired portraits and is sure to make an impact.

Glamour Photoshop Action

As the name suggests, this elegant, vintage-inspired Photoshop action is ideal for glamor and fashion photography, adding a sophisticated and almost magical effect to your close-ups. It includes 15 individual styles for you to play around with.

Berlin Photoshop Action

And finally, the Berlin action is full of low-key, Euro-chic style, providing a moody, atmospheric quality. It works best with natural light photography and comes with four base filters, as well as four lite variations to match different lighting conditions.

Magazine Photoshop Portrait Action

Inspired by magazine editorials and film photography, this classic collection of 50 Photoshop portrait actions will add a chic sense of nostalgia to your photos, and features five different themes, including Kodachrome-esque colors, retro style elements, and high fashion hues. It’s compatible with both mobile and desktop versions of Photoshop, as well as Adobe Lightroom.

Cinnamon Photoshop Portrait Action

Perfect for both outdoor and studio photoshoots with natural lighting, the Cinnamon Photoshop portrait actions include six unique filters, each featuring mysterious, fantasy-inspired elements to add an enigmatic quality to your images. This option is particularly great for high fashion and fine art photography.

Natural Light Photoshop Portrait Action

As the name suggests, this versatile set of Photoshop portrait actions has been specifically designed to enhance natural light portrait photography and will add bright tones and a beautiful airy effect to your images for a warm and cozy result.

La Vie En Rose Photoshop Portrait Action

La Vie En Rose is a series of gorgeous, Paris-inspired Photoshop actions that will add bright, low contrast, rosy tones to all kinds of portrait photography. This option will give your images a warm pink glow and a unique airy look that can be achieved in a single click, with a high quality result that can be easily adjusted to your preferences.

Japan Mood Photoshop Portrait Action

To add moody, Japanese themed tones to your portraits, consider this beautiful set of Photoshop actions designed to create a matte pastel look. Each of the 50 individual filters includes skin tone protection and adjustable slider settings for a high quality and natural-looking result.

And these are some of the best portrait Photoshop actions out there, all so simple and easy to use that you’ll be transforming your portraits within minutes of finishing this article. Don’t believe us? Give it a go, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!