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20+ Best Movie Trailer Templates for Premiere Pro (Bold & Cinematic) 2020

When you’re producing a film, one of the most important aspects that can easily be overlooked is having an amazing trailer to promote your masterpiece and make sure that you’ll have an excited audience that can’t wait to see your movie.

Luckily for you, there’s a wide range of purpose-built movie trailer templates for Premiere Pro out there that will make the job of creating a bold cinematic trailer for your film a whole lot easier.

We’ve rounded up a selection of twenty of the best Premiere Pro movie trailer templates from a range of free and premium sources across the internet, all of which can be mixed, matched, customized and edited to perfectly fit your film. Let’s take a look!

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Action Thriller Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Our first movie trailer template for Premiere Pro is this action-themed clip featuring one minute and 26 seconds of thriller style footage, perfect for any cinematic or amateur film project that requires a professional-looking blockbuster-inspired trailer.

Sci Fi Thriller Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Next up, we have a science fiction inspired movie trailer template that offers one minute and eighteen seconds of fully customizable scenes for Premiere Pro. This trailer clip is a great option if you’re working on a horror or thriller themed film, and will add a dark, grungy element to your project.

Action Movie Trailer Premiere Pro Template

If you’re searching for the perfect action movie trailer template for Premiere Pro, our next option is a great choice – it includes a minute and a half of adventure-themed footage that will add excitement and drama to your film from the very beginning.

Cinematic Damage Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Here we have a 44-second template that offers a glitchy VHS style aesthetic and is the perfect addition to your old school action film or vintage presentation. It includes 34 media placeholders and 27 text fields, each with drag and drop functionality for instant customization. This full HD template is compatible with Premiere Pro versions CC 2018 and above.

Glitch Movie Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Simple, versatile, and effective, the Glitch movie trailer template for Adobe Premiere Pro features a classic distortion effect and aberrations that give an authentic grunge quality to any film project. It comes with two individual sequences for you to customize as required.

Galaxy Walk Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Here we have the Galaxy Walk movie trailer template, a space-themed, high definition sequence that’s ideal for any kind of film project that requires a high level of energy, and comes with eight text placeholders and a detailed PDF help file. It can be fully customized using Adobe Premiere Pro versions CC 2019 and above.

Warhammer Cinematic Trailer Premiere Pro Template

The Warhammer template is a cinematic trailer sequence for Adobe Premiere Pro that offers a dark, action style opening scene of the quality you’d expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster or state of the art video game. It’s ideal for any kind of action film project.

Action Cinematic Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Another trailer template that’s perfect for an action inspired film or presentation, the Action Cinematic trailer for Premiere Pro, is a dynamic and impactful sequence that offers a versatile modular structure for easy editing, without the need for any plugins. It comes with nine text placeholders and a full HD resolution.

Blockbuster Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Create eye-catching video blockbuster trailers with this cinematic style movie trailer template for Premiere Pro, featuring 34 seconds of fully editable, high-resolution scenes. This template also comes equipped with a detailed tutorial and 24/7 support available.

Grunge Movie Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Suitable for a range of different film styles and genres, the Grunge movie Trailer offers a dark and gritty series of opening scenes that can add an element of suspense to your project. It includes 15 media placeholders and 15 text fields and is compatible with Premiere Pro versions CC 2017 and above.

The Solar Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Featuring a modular series of scenes that can easily be added, removed or extended for inclusion in any action or science fiction themed film, the Solar cinematic movie trailer offers a full HD resolution and compatibility with Premiere Pro version CC 2019 and higher, plus 17 text placeholders and no need for plugins to customize.

Adrenaline Action Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Next in our lineup of the best movie trailer templates for Premiere Pro, we have the Adrenaline template – a pair of two action-themed sequences that are perfect for use as a dynamic film trailer and include 10 media placeholders for photos and video, plus 11 text holders.

Ghost in the Woods Horror Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Putting together a horror film and searching for the perfect movie trailer template to open your masterpiece? The ‘Ghost in the Woods’ trailer is ideal for any kind of horror movie project, and features spooky elements such as a foggy haunted forest and abandoned house that are sure to add a hint of suspense to the beginning of your film.

Paradigm Triangles Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Offering a unique parallax effect that’s perfect for a science fiction film or other futuristic visual project, the Paradigm Triangles movie trailer template for Premiere Pro includes a minute and fifteen seconds of engaging and versatile imagery that can easily be customized to suit your film.

The Destiny Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Next up is the Destiny cinematic trailer, which is ideal for any action-themed film project that aims to emulate the style of the most popular Hollywood blockbusters. It includes one minute and 41 seconds of modern and dramatic clips that you can cut and adapt to your own needs.

Retro Epic Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Looking for an authentic space-themed retro trailer template to use for your next epic film project? This high quality and super professional looking opening sequence is a great choice, and it’s super easy to edit thanks to the text placeholders and detailed help file.

Wild Ocean Trailer Premiere Pro Template

The last of our premium movie trailer templates from Envato Elements is the Wild Ocean cinematic intro sequence, a stunning and easily customizable thirty-second clip that simply requires you to add music and text, before rendering to create an amazing and versatile trailer for your own film project.

Free Travel Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Our first free movie trailer template for Premiere Pro is this travel-themed sequence of slides from Motion Array that makes a brilliant trailer or promotional clip for a travel-based video diary or film. It comes with a range of media, text, and logo placeholders, plus flying particles and highlight effects for a voluminous picture.

Free High Impact Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Next up is another free download from Motion Array that features a high energy vibe with powerful graphics and clean, impactful typography. It’s a great choice for an action movie trailer and comes with seven titles and 18 placeholder timelines for you to customize.

Free Cinematic Trailer Premiere Pro Template

Featuring a blockbuster-style opening sequence and dynamic graphic elements such as 3D text animations and powerful lens flare effects, our final movie trailer template is the perfect way to add a touch of Hollywood epic to your film! Download this free option from Aedownload pro.

And now you’re all equipped to create the perfect bold and cinematic movie trailer for your next film project, regardless of your style, aesthetic, or budget – so what are you waiting for?