30+ Best InDesign Trifold Templates (For Brochures & More)

The classic trifold brochure is a brilliant marketing tool – one seemingly small piece of paper that suddenly unfolds to reveal a wealth of information about your products and services, with plenty of space for photos and graphics to grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested!

It’s also a super popular menu format, due to its sleek and easily customizable layout. But if you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge, creating a professional-looking trifold design from scratch can be a difficult task.

That’s where we come in – we’ve found the best professionally designed InDesign trifold templates for brochures, menus, and more, from free and premium sources that can be downloaded instantly! That’s right – you could have the perfect trifold template at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. Let’s get started!

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Photography Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

The first of our InDesign trifold templates is this beautiful business brochure that’s been designed for photographers to use as a promotional or marketing tool. It offers a clean, double-sided format with neatly organized smart layers and high-quality vector graphics, as well as two size options.

Interior InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have an InDesign trifold brochure template that’s perfect for an interior design firm to use as a promotional tool or services menu. It offers two color variations, a high quality 300 DPI resolution, a versatile CMYK color space, and paragraph styles for easy editing.

Fashion InDesign Trifold Template

Next in our lineup of the best InDesign trifold brochure templates is this super stylish option that’s been specifically designed for use by a fashion designer or retailer and offers a trendy, colorful design with classy typography and abstract graphic elements, as well as a fully layered and vector-based format.

Business Agency InDesign Trifold Template

Looking for a versatile and professional-looking business brochure template that’s suitable for a corporate agency and can be fully customized to suit your brand? Look no further than this super handy trifold design that features a universal layout and clean, modern design elements.

Retro InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have a retro-themed trifold brochure template for InDesign that offers a professionally designed layout featuring high-quality vector graphics and well-organized layers for ease of editing, plus a versatile A4 size format and print ready finish.

Business Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Next up, we have a super professional trifold brochure template that features an elegant, modern design suitable for any corporate purpose! It’s fully customizable and comes with both US Letter and A4 size options, well-layered graphics, paragraph styles, and built-in free fonts to make editing a breeze.

Watch Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Designed as a product brochure for luxury watches and other pieces of jewelry, this InDesign trifold brochure template offers a professional and sophisticated design with elegant colors and a clean, grid-based design that can easily be customized to suit your own personal taste and brand.

Interior Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Looking for a bold and modern trifold brochure design that’s suitable for a wide range of purposes? This template was created with an interior design business in mind, but can easily be used for countless other industries, thanks to the classic yet sophisticated design and fully customizable graphic elements.

Food Menu InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have a simple, well organized trifold menu template that’s ideal for any restaurant or cafe to customize with its own brand colors and aesthetic. It offers state of the art vector graphics and smart object functionality and is fully layered for ease of use, plus it comes with a handy tutorial PDF.

Wedding Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Ideal for any business or professional in the wedding or bridal industry to promote their services, this is one of the most elegant InDesign trifold brochure templates. It offers A4 and US Letter size options and a modern double-sided layout with beautiful graphics and a subtle romantic vibe.

Restaurant Menu InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have another option for restaurants to use as a base for their menu design, this time with a slightly more upmarket feel that’s great for a fine dining establishment or somewhere that requires a touch of class! It’s fully editable and offers a versatile grid-based layout, as well as free fonts and vector graphics.

Architecture Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Our next trifold brochure template is perfect for any architecture, graphic design or construction firm, and includes a simple, modern design that can be fully adjusted to reflect your organization’s brand. All graphics are vector-based, and the 300 DPI resolution gives it a professional and polished finish.

Cafe Menu InDesign Trifold Template

This trifold menu template is ideal for a cafe or casual restaurant and features a minimal and professional looking design that’s simple to customize to fit the aesthetic of your venue. It includes paragraph styles, interchangeable colors, and a grid-based, fully layered layout.

Fashion Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Next in our lineup of the best InDesign trifold brochure templates is this trendy design that’s suitable for any use within the fashion or creative industries. It comes in a standard A4 trifold format with a high quality 300 DPI resolution and CMYK color space and is super easy to customize.

Annual InDesign Trifold Template

And now, we have a corporate style trifold design that’s perfect for presenting your annual results to shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders! It offers a clean, professional design that includes free fonts and a print-ready 300 DPI resolution, plus the use of bold color blocks to help you represent your company’s brand.

Multipurpose Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Can’t quite find the perfect trifold brochure template for your business or industry? This template is the perfect starting point for any brochure project – its classic layout includes modern design elements, plenty of space for both text and images, and a super professional look that’s sure to impress.

Sakura Square InDesign Trifold Template

Wanting something a little different to the standard trifold format? Consider the Sakura template, a stunning square design that offers a clean, coordinated design with geometrically inspired graphics and a stylish color scheme. Each aspect of this funky template can be fully adjusted to suit your own style.

Lollipop Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have the perfect InDesign trifold brochure template for a kid-friendly project, or as a promotional tool for a kindergarten or school. Featuring bold, bright colors and a funky candy themed design, it’s sure to be a winner with children and adults alike.

Pizza Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

A brilliant choice for any pizza or fast food brochure, this pizza-themed design features a modern, catalog-style layout with plenty of room for images and product descriptions, and is fully editable. It comes in a print-ready CMYK color space with a 300 DPI resolution, and smart layers for seamless customization.

Funky InDesign Trifold Template

Searching for the perfect balance between creative and professional? This funky trifold brochure from Envato Elements is a great option – it offers an intuitive layout and modern sans serif typography combined with artistic graphics in bold colors, ideal for making an impact while showing off your unique personality or brand!

Luxury Resort Brochure – InDesign Trifold Template

indesign trifold brochure

Luxury Historia Resort Trifold Brochure is here to make a statement. WOW your patrons or client with this easy to edit resort brochure. This brochure is great for high-end resorts, hotels or villas. The possibilities are endless.

Smartstudy – InDesign Trifold Template

indesign trifold brochure

This is Smartstudy, a great Trifold Brochure template for all business and personal needs. This Brochure is Suitable for any kind of business, corporate and can be also used for any other publishing like annual report and company profile

Church Brochure – InDesign Trifold Template

indesign trifold brochure

Trifold brochure template is perfect for business and corporate purposes. This package contains clean, modern and high-quality trifold brochure templates. Easy to edit and customize, versatile, attractive design and ready for promotion as well as other marketing goals. Works perfectly for different areas to showcase your business in the best possible way.

Free School Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Our first free option is a fun, colorful design featuring a simple, easy to read layout, classic sans serif fonts, and plenty of room for photos and images. This is one of the best InDesign trifold brochure templates for schools and kindergartens, and best of all, it’s available as a free download from InDesignSkills.

Free Delightful InDesign Trifold Template

Next up, we have a delightful (as named by the designer) trifold brochure template that features delicately patterned graphics and a lovely pastel color palette and offers a choice of A4 and US Letter sizing, as well as being fully customizable. This template can be licensed for free from Adobe Stock.

Free Corporate InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have this super professional corporate tri fold brochure template that’s perfect for businesses in the finance, insurance, and banking industries, and offers a multifunctional layout and modern design elements. And what’s more, it’s available as a free download from StockInDesign.

Free Drone Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

Here we have a great free option from Behance that’s been specifically created for drone businesses to use as a promotional or marketing tool. However, it’s a versatile tri-fold brochure template and can be used for a variety of other businesses. It’s been professionally designed with high quality, fully customizable graphics, and a versatile print-ready layout.

Free Pop Brochure InDesign Trifold Template

To finish off our selection of the best InDesign tri fold brochure templates, we have this bright and colorful design that features geometric graphic elements and paragraph, character, and object styles for quick customization. You can download it for free from Adobe Stock.

And now, we’ll leave you with this selection of top-notch InDesign trifold templates for brochures, menus, and, more – whatever your style, budget, or industry, there’s sure to be a template here that’s perfect for you!