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20+ InDesign Brochure Templates (Free Layouts for 2020)

Brochures are a great way to promote your business and show the world what you have to offer – they’re long enough for you to include the details of what your organization does, as well as a few pictures, but not so long that your audience will lose interest before you’ve had the chance to make an impact.

We’ve put together a list of the best premium and free InDesign brochure templates to help your brochure really capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to take action.

With a range of different styles, lengths and layouts from Envato Elements and other online sources, there’s a whole bunch of brilliant and professional templates here for you to use. The hardest part will be choosing one!

Modern Landscape InDesign Brochure Template

The first in our list of InDesign brochure templates is a modern and easy to edit option that can be used for a range of purposes, from creative lookbooks to corporate portfolios, and comes in landscape orientation with two sizing choices (A4 and A5).

Creative Geometric InDesign Brochure Template

Our next template features 28 beautifully-designed pages with geometrically inspired elements, customizable infographics, and easy to edit master pages. The image placeholders and text styles allow for full customization, and it comes in both A4 and US Letter sizing, with a high quality 300 DPI resolution.

Elegant Corporate InDesign Brochure Template

Here we have a 24-page brochure template that features a CMYK color mode, A4 and US Letter sizing options, and free fonts. It’s a super versatile and tidy option that’s best for a corporate or professional firm to use as a portfolio or lookbook and is compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 and higher.

White Interior Design InDesign Brochure Template

Designed specifically for use within the interior design industry, our next InDesign brochure template offers a classic and simple layout across 20 unique pages. It utilizes a CMYK color mode and 300 DPI resolution to achieve a polished, high-quality look. The soft, versatile color scheme is a particularly nice touch.

Architecture InDesign Brochure Template

Here we have another example of a purpose-built brochure template, an architecture themed option featuring 26 stunning page layouts, each with images, text, and graphics on separate layers for quick editing. It can also be customized to suit any other kind of professional or creative industry.

Modern Bifold InDesign Brochure Template

Next in our lineup of the best InDesign brochure templates is this bifold variation of a corporate business brochure, suitable for uses such as company profiles and annual reports. It includes two fully customizable spreads, each with a clean, modern layout and full layering for easy editing.

Clean Corporate InDesign Brochure Template

Another brochure template that’s ideal for corporate purposes is this fully editable option featuring a 300 DPI resolution, CMYK color mode, and print-ready finish, as well as a highly organized design with fully layered vector graphics that are super easy to customize.

Corporate Geometric InDesign Brochure Template

Here we have a stunning landscape version of a corporate brochure that offers a beautiful, geometrically inspired design over 24 professional looking pages, with free fonts and both A4 and US Letter sizing options. It includes separated layers for graphics, images, shapes, and text, making it quick and easy to edit.

Fashion InDesign Brochure Template

Next up is a simple and elegant fashion themed brochure template that’s been designed specifically for designers working on proposals and projects, and can be customized to suit a range of other creative industries. It includes 22 pages and is fully editable.

Real Estate InDesign Brochure Template

Here we have a brochure that’s been purpose-built to promote real estate listings. Each of the eye-catching 22 pages features fully layered vector graphics and can be fully customized using Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above. It also comes in both A4 and US Letter sizing.

Handyman Bifold InDesign Brochure Template

If you’re searching for a brochure template that’s ready to use for a handyman or construction business, look no further. This clean and modern bifold brochure offers a versatile and visually appealing design that’s super easy to customize and comes in a CMYK color mode with a 300 DPI resolution.

Sheep Farm InDesign Brochure Template

Next in our lineup of the best InDesign brochure templates, we’ve found a design that’s perfect for those in the farming and agricultural industries to promote their business. It includes 12 customizable pages with unlimited color options and fully layered vector graphics.

Lio Corporate InDesign Brochure Template

Here we have a multipurpose corporate template that’s suitable for a range of industries. It comes in an A4 Letter size with 15 unique pages, a customizable color palette, automatic page numbering, and a grid-based alignment. It also includes full supporting documentation.

Finance Tri-Fold InDesign Brochure Template

If you need a finance themed brochure for your project, consider this professionally designed tri-fold brochure template. Featuring well-organized layers, a print-ready CMYK color mode, and A4 paper sizing, you’ll find this template incredibly easy to customize to reflect your own branding.

Minimalist Tri-Fold InDesign Brochure Template

Another example of a stunning tri-fold brochure, this beautiful minimalist brochure template is suitable for just about any purpose and features elegant, simple design elements with a hint of creative flair. It includes free fonts, vector graphics, and layering to help you edit the design quickly and easily.

Nano InDesign Brochure Template

The last of our premium InDesign brochure templates to be featured is the Nano proposal brochure, a pitch template that’s fully editable and can be customized to suit a range of businesses. It features two sizing options (A4 and US Letter) and 23 professionally designed pages with a stylish grid-based layout.

Free Drone Service InDesign Brochure Template

This drone service brochure template has a stylish, professional look, and can be used for a range of business purposes, from auto repair to investor briefings and interior design. It comes with a modern color scheme and elegant sans serif typography and can be downloaded for free from Behance.

Free Trifold InDesign Brochure Template

Here we have a multifunctional trifold brochure template that’s ideal for a range of professional uses but is best suited to a corporate organization. It’s super easy to customize and is available as a free download from StockInDesign.

Free Security InDesign Brochure Template

Looking for a brochure template to use for your security business? This free download from Behance is perfect and offers a strong, professional color scheme with an intuitive and visually appealing layout. It can also be customized easily to be used for other industries.

Free Corporate InDesign Brochure Template

The last of our free InDesign brochure templates is this elegant corporate offering from Stock InDesign. Featuring stunning modern design elements, editable text areas, and a choice of A4 and US Letter sizing formats, it’s the perfect option for any high profile business in a corporate setting.

No matter what kind of organization or industry you’re in, these premium and free InDesign brochure templates are perfect for a wide range of purposes, and can all be customized to suit your needs, giving you one less thing to worry about when promoting your business.