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20+ Best InDesign Newsletter Templates (Free & Pro) 2020

In our modern, fast-paced world, things are always changing, and for those running businesses or other organizations, this means having to keep our clients, investors, and other stakeholders in the know with any changes. Newsletters are the best way to compile all of your important updates into one place that can easily be distributed to everyone.

To help you design the perfect newsletter for your organization, we’ve found a selection of amazing InDesign newsletter templates that can be downloaded instantly and then customized to suit your exact needs.

Read on for our list of the best premium and free InDesign newsletter templates from Envato Elements and other online sources.

Business InDesign Newsletter Template

The first in our list of InDesign newsletter templates is a beautifully laid out 12-page newsletter that’s ideal for any corporate or business purpose and is versatile enough that it can be tweaked to fit any industry. It comes with drag and drop placeholders and layered elements to make customizing a breeze.

Multipurpose InDesign Newsletter Template

Next up, we have another 12-page template that features both A4 and US Letter sizing options, a print-ready CMYK color mode and 300 DPI resolution, and fully editable design. Its fresh and modern look is ideal for any business or organization looking to make an impression on its readers.

Newspaper Inspired InDesign Newsletter Template

For a nod to traditional print newspaper style, consider this 8-page newsletter that offers a classic symmetrical layout, automatic page numbering, and a customizable color palette. The images, text, and background are separated by easy to edit layers, and there’s both a tabloid format and A3 sizing option.

Fashion InDesign Newsletter Template

If you’re designing a fashion and beauty themed newsletter, consider this bold and modern template that features 16 unique page layouts, free fonts, and fully layered design elements. With a CMYK color mode, it’s highly optimized for print and is compatible with Adobe InDesign versions CS4 and above.

Marketing InDesign Newsletter Template

This InDesign newsletter template offers a clean, thoughtful design, high-quality vector graphics, grid, column-based layout, and a professional marketing appeal. It can be adapted to suit any style or industry and is completely editable.

Brasev Email InDesign Newsletter Template

And now for something a bit different – an email-based marketing newsletter template. Brasev is a clean and bold email newsletter template that’s ideal for a modern business to provide updates to its clients and investors. All elements are fully layered and easy to edit, and it’s also editable in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as InDesign.

Minimal InDesign Newsletter Template

Here we have another email newsletter template that’s suitable for both business and personal needs, featuring a beautiful minimal design with a muted, professional color scheme, A4 and US Letter sizing options, and fully layered elements throughout each of the 16-page layouts.

Medical Business InDesign Newsletter Template

This template has been designed as a short newsletter for use within the medical industry but features a neutral color scheme and traditional layout that can easily be adapted to suit other categories. It includes eight pages with high-quality vector graphics and both A3 and US Tabloid size options.

Classic InDesign Newsletter Template

Next in our selection of premium InDesign newsletter templates is this classic option with all the design elements that you’d expect from a traditional print newsletter, including a grid-based symmetrical layout, clean paragraph styles, and bold typography. It’s compatible with Adobe InDesign CC and CS4 or above.

Traditional InDesign Newsletter Template

Another traditional style, this corporate InDesign newsletter template features a professional, clean design that can be used for any industry or business type, and contains 12 fully editable pages with a clean, minimal design, automatic page numbering, free fonts, and a print-ready CMYK color mode.

Modern InDesign Newsletter Template

Here we have an A4 newsletter that can be applied to a range of different purposes, with fully editable and print-ready files that can be customized however you wish. It also includes placeholder images and text for easy editing, as well as vector graphics and free fonts.

Conceptual InDesign Newsletter Template

Next up is a highly versatile multipurpose template that consists of 12 beautifully designed pages, each with a modern and clean layout, free font options, and infinite color variations to choose from. All elements are layered, making it incredibly easy to customize.

Corporate InDesign Newsletter Template

If you’re searching for an A4 newsletter template that can be used for corporate purposes, consider this 12-page option that features a clean column-based layout, paragraph and character styles, adjustable color schemes, and text and image placeholders for easy editing.

Highrise InDesign Newsletter Template

Perfect for city-based businesses and high profile corporations, this beautifully crafted A4 newsletter template offers 10 action-packed pages, two color options, a selection of free fonts, and a print-ready CMYK color space with 3mm bleed that’s compatible with Adobe InDesign versions CS4, CS6 and above.

Clean InDesign Newsletter Template

Offering 10 fully customizable pages, each with a tidy, column-based layout, A4 and US Letter sizing options, layered graphic elements, and easily editable colors, text, and images, this stunning newsletter template can be used for practically any business, organization or industry.

Zaquilla InDesign Newsletter Template

Zaquilla is an elegant fashion themed newsletter template that features 10 custom pages, a gorgeous muted color scheme, beautiful free fonts, and a choice between A4 and US Letter sizing formats. It’s ideal for use in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industries, and would make a great template for a home decor publication.

Corrowna InDesign Newsletter Template

Our last premium InDesign newsletter template to be featured from Envato Elements, the Corrowna newsletter has been designed for use by influential businesses to provide news to their clients. It comes with 10 unique pages, with the option to add or remove, and offers a print-ready CMYK color profile with a 300 DPI resolution.

Free Business Report InDesign Newsletter Template

The first of our free InDesign newsletter templates is this business report-themed offering from StockInDesign Templates, which has been designed as a short tabloid-style publication with preset filler text, paragraph styles, and a no-nonsense, text-heavy layout that can be adapted to suit a range of purposes.

Free Modern InDesign Newsletter Template

Stock InDesign has provided us with this stunning, modern newsletter template that comes with A4 and US Letter sizing formats, a clean, multi-functional layout, and easy to edit design elements that make it a super versatile option for any newsletter project. It’s also free to download!

Free Basic InDesign Newsletter Template

The last in our list of InDesign newsletter templates is this bright and engaging design template that’s been designed for use by a range of businesses, from technology to finance. It offers four customizable pages with well-organized layouts and placeholders for images and text and is available as a free download from StockInDesign.

And there you have it – a selection of the best premium and free InDesign newsletter templates for all kinds of publications, all of which are fully customizable, professionally designed, and available for instant download!