How to Make A Tumblr Group Blog

With a group blog on Tumblr, you can manage a blog with multiple authors. It’s very easy to setup and can bring a whole new dynamic to your site. Let’s take a look at how to do it!

Group blogs have multiple members, and at least one admin. The author of the blog can add more Tumblr users to a secondary blog and also set the permission to be a member or an admin.

The difference between these roles is that an admin can invite new users and manage existing ones and can delete any post. A member can post and edit/remove their own posts. Also, admins are the ones that can view and reply to questions.

How to Add Members to a Tumblr Blog

To add members to a (secondary) Tumblr blog just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the user icon on the top menu and select the Blog you want to add members to
  2. Click “Members” on the sidebar menu
  3. On the Members page, write the username or email in the input field and click “Invite to this blog”

Tumblr Members

The user will then receive an email from Tumblr to join the group blog.

How to Make A Member Admin

To make a member admin, just go to the Members page (see above) then click the “Promote to admin” button next to the user you want to make admin. This can only be done once, you cannot remove the privileges of an admin. Only that user can remove themselves from the group, so make sure you trust the person enough to make them admin of your blog.

Having a group blog can make your blog even more amazing and fun. Make sure that you define guidelines so that every member is on the same page regarding posting and following your blog’s brand.