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25+ Best After Effects Text Animation Templates (& Text Effects) 2021

Picture this: you’re in the middle of watching a super interesting video or presentation. The graphics are mind-boggling, the soundtrack is incredible, and you’re almost completely sold on the brand behind this masterpiece… When suddenly, a line of plain, dull text pops up onto the screen, dampening your enthusiasm straight away. You’re so bored by the static, white letters that you can’t even find the desire to read what it says.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that any text you include in your next After Effects film or presentation is just as exciting and well-thought-out as the rest of your project! But don’t worry if you don’t have the time or knowledge to turn your plain text into bright, bold animations – we’ve found the perfect tools for you.

Here’s a list of the best After Effects text templates from both free and premium sources, all of which are ready to download and apply to your project instantly!

Universal After Effects Text Template

First up, we have a modern and clean collection of After Effects text animation templates that are truly versatile, and can easily be customized to suit any kind of color scheme or style. You’ll get 30 multipurpose animated text effects that can be edited and applied in just a few clicks.

Kinetic Typography After Effects Text Template

The Kinetic Typography template is a stunning collection of After Effects text animations and 3D text effects that have been designed for dynamic and colorful projects that require high-quality animations and a fully customizable look that can be adapted to suit a range of uses.

Dynamic Minimalism After Effects Text Template

The dynamic minimalism template is a collection of clean, modern, and well-animated titles and text elements that would suit any professional project, from corporate presentations to advertisements and promotional videos. It features stylish sans serif fonts and a simple, well thought out design.

Modern Art After Effects Text Template

Next up in our selection of After Effects text animations is the Modern Art title template, a series of modern and minimal text elements that are ideal for titles and lower thirds, and can be fully customized with no need for any plugins.

Business Promotion After Effects Text Template

If you need an After Effects text animation template for a corporate project, this option is a great choice – it can be easily customized using After Effects versions CS4 and later, without the need for plugins, and offers 13 scenes that can be rearranged as you see fit.

Project-X Glitch After Effects Text Template

Take your text animations to a whole new level with this glitch effect animation bundle, featuring 30 unique 3D text After Effects files that will work with any font (no plugins required) and are super easy to use, thanks to the video tutorial that’s included.

New Year Wishes After Effects Text Template

Next in our lineup of the best After Effects text effects is this festive New Year Wishes 3D text effect that’s ideal for a holiday-themed presentation. Offering a total length of 40 seconds, it’s compatible with After Effects versions CS6 or higher, and comes with comprehensive video tutorials.

Text Messages After Effects Text Template

Here’s a great After Effects text animation for modern technology themed projects – it allows you to turn any text into realistic text messages, complete with colored chat style bubbles. Use this template for any social media or digital communication inspired purposes.

Text Strokes After Effects Text Template

Next up, we have a collection of text stroke style effects that can be used for a multitude of purposes, from corporate promotional videos to personal and creative presentations. It’s great for any project that requires a simple yet effective design.

Cracks After Effects Text Template

Want to emulate the style of a classic horror or thriller film? Or perhaps you’re creating a documentary about earthquakes! This text animation for After Effects will add a realistic crack effect to your text for a dramatic look that’s sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Gold and Silver After Effects Text Template

For a touch of luxury that will make your titles pop, consider this gold and silver themed text reveal for After Effects that will turn any words into precious metals, creating an elegant three dimensional look that can be used with a range of project styles and aesthetics.

Dark Woods After Effects Text Template

Perfect for Halloween or for a project that requires a spooky element in its text animations, the Dark Woods After Effects text template features a dark, creepy look that would be ideal for a horror or thriller film, or as a presentation for an event such as a haunted house.

Flip Board After Effects Text Template

Our next After Effects text effect emulates the style of a classic flip board and would make a great addition to a financial or corporate presentation. You can change the look of each flip tile, from the color and font to the flip effect and edge shape, for a personalized result.

3D City After Effects Text Template

Another 3D text After Effects template that’s bound to impress your viewers, the 3D City text template is a great choice for a corporate or business project. It offers a clean, modern design with subtle animations and realistic looking three dimensional effects.

Moving Wood After Effects Text Template

For a natural, environmentally-focused project that calls for a simple yet elegant design appeal, the Moving Woods text template is a beautiful option to add a touch of charm to your titles or credits. You can customize each aspect of the text itself, as well as the surrounding colors and graphics.

Abstracto Kinetic After Effects Text Template

Next up we have the Abstracto Kinetic text effect for After Effects, featuring a range of geometrically inspired elements and clean, modern fonts that will add a stylish touch to any project, and is especially useful for a presentation in creative spaces such as architecture or graphic design.

3D Texts After Effects Text Template

Next in our lineup is this bundle of five 3D text After Effects templates that feature a range of different elements such as fire, ice, and metal, for you to fully customize according to your project’s style. No plugins are required, and the animations last for five seconds apiece.

Text Animator After Effects Text Template

Here we have a truly versatile collection of simple yet effective high definition text animations, featuring several different reveal methods that can be applied to a wide range of uses, from corporate presentations to amateur films and animated photography portfolios.

Black After Effects Text Template

The next in our line up of the After Effects text effects is this dramatic black text reveal that’s perfect for adding a grungy element to any video or presentation. It’s particularly fitting for the opening credits of a science fiction or mystery film.

Text Box Tool After Effects Text Template

Before we move on to our series of free After Effects text templates, take a look at the text box tool for quick and easy text animations that can be fully customized to fit any brand or color scheme. These effects are particularly great for marketing or advertising videos.

Free Animated After Effects Text Template

Our first free After Effects text animation is this collection of 43 unique compositions in Helvetica Neue Bold that’s a versatile and effective option for any simple presentation or film project. It’s available to download now from Rocketstock.

Free Minimal After Effects Text Template

Next up in our selection of the best premium and free After Effects text animation templates is this series of eight minimal titles, featuring fully animated text elements with customizable colors and smooth, modern graphics. You can download it for free from Motion Array.

Free Holiday Season After Effects Text Template

Here we have a collection of lovely festive titles and text effects that are perfect for any of the major holidays, from Christmas to New Year. It features three full-screen title animations and fully adjustable colors and graphic elements and can be downloaded for free from Motion Array.

Free Cinematic 80s After Effects Text Template

Next up, we have the perfect solution for anyone who’s working on an 80s themed film and requires authentic cinema elements to add extra impact! You can download this dynamically animated free After Effects text template from Motion Array.

After Effects Text Template

The final free After Effects text template in our selection is another download from Motion Array, this time featuring a simple yet effective flipped text effect that adds a subtle edge to your titles or credits! It includes seven unique animation options and full-color customization.

And with that, it’s time for us to leave you with this collection of After Effects text animation templates that you might never have known you needed, but we’re sure you do now!