20+ Highly Customizable Tumblr Themes

Unlike other free blogging platforms, Tumblr lets you customize your blog design however you like. Be sure to use one of these customizable Tumblr themes to take full advantage of its features.

There are Tumblr themes that offer dozens of different ways to customize your blog design. With these themes, you get to choose how many columns to use for the post layout, choose where to show the sidebar, change colors, add unique widgets, set up advanced comments systems, and much more.

These themes allow you to easily create a more personalized blog that stands out from the crowd. Customizable Tumblr themes aren’t hard to find. In fact, we’ve found a bunch just for you.

In this collection, we’re featuring some of the best customizable Tumblr themes for creating better and more professional Tumblr blogs and websites. Have a look.

Silver – Modern Customizable Tumblr Theme


Silver is a modern blogging Tumblr theme that comes with lots of options for customizing the theme. You get to set up a stylishly layered slider on the homepage to showcase the featured posts, a drop-down menu, a sidebar that supports all kinds of widgets, pre-defined advertising spots, and so much more.

Wayfarer – Travel Customizable Tumblr Theme


Wayfarer is an advanced Tumblr theme made for travel bloggers and photographers. It comes with a ton of features for making a unique website. The theme features a unique featured section that lets you show off the places you’ve visited, it has a creative about me block to introduce yourself, and more options for personalizing the design.

Memories – Customizable Grid Tumblr Theme


Memories is a highly customizable Tumblr theme featuring a grid-based post layout. You can choose to enable or disable the sidebar of the theme as well as choose the layout of the grid. It also supports both Disqus and Facebook comments as well as infinite scrolling.

Void – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


Void is a minimal Tumblr portfolio theme that features a fully-responsive design and a customizable layout. It supports faster image loading, Disqus comments, customizable colors, multicolumn design, and more for creating a professional portfolio website.

Cinnamon – Blog Customizable Tumblr Theme


Cinnamon is a beautiful Tumblr blogging theme that features a modern design. The theme comes with a header section where you can include a logo, description, and a featured post slider. It supports 14 different widgets, including Dribble, Instagram Flickr widgets, and email subscription box. This theme is perfect for food and travel bloggers.

Ubly – Responsive Customizable Tumblr Theme


Ubly is a fullscreen grid Tumblr theme you can use to create a portfolio website or a photography blog. The theme comes with lots of options for customizing the colors of the design, background, integrate Google Analytics, Disqus comments, and even show or hide the logo and description of the website.

Makna – Minimal Customizable Tumblr Theme


Makna is a minimalist Tumblr theme made specifically for creating portfolio websites. The theme features a grid-based layout for showcasing all your portfolio items in one place. You also get to customize the font with Google Fonts, create an off-canvas menu, enable post filtering, and much more.

Yummy – Creative Customizable Tumblr Theme


Yummy is a unique and customizable Tumblr theme most suitable for artists, designers, and bloggers for setting up a small shop on the microblogging platform. In addition to its many customizable features, this theme allows you to show a buy button next to your posts to direct visitors to sales pages.

Frais – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


Frais comes with a beautiful and colorful theme design featuring attractive gradient colors. The theme also lets you customize the design with your own background or texture, 13 different color options to choose from, Google Analytics, and more.

Riptide – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


Riptide is a modern Tumblr theme you can use to create a blog for a writer or a daily journal website. The theme comes with a fully customizable design with more than 100 different options for personalizing the layout.

Mimesi – Customizable Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Mimesi is a highly customizable Tumblr theme you can use to set up a professional portfolio or an agency website. The theme lets you customize the design with more than 80 different options, including colors, logo, background, thumbnail previews, and much more.

Centric – Customizable Blog Tumblr Theme


Centric is a stylishly minimalist blogging theme made for writers and journals. It comes with a featured posts slider, unique widgets, integration with MailChimp, Instagram and Dribble feed widgets and lots of other options for customizing the design.

Putih – Clean Customizable Tumblr Theme


Putih is a clean and minimal Tumblr theme that will make your Tumblr blog look like a truly professional website. The theme features a fully responsive design that looks great on many types of devices, it has a slide-out menu, supports integration with Disqus comments, Google Analytics, and much more.

Rockwell – Customizable Portfolio Tumblr Theme


Rockwell comes with a modern design that allows you to create a unique portfolio website on Tumblr. It also gives you more than 50 different options for customizing the design and layout, including the ability to adjust the width of the columns, customize the sidebar, enable infinite scrolling, and more.

Curly – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


Curly comes with a responsive fullscreen design that’s most suitable for creating a photo blog or a portfolio. The theme features large image previews and lets you choose from 2, 3, or 4 column post layouts.

ImNotWordy – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


ImNotWordy is a modern portfolio Tumblr theme that lets you create a responsive Tumblr website. With more than 20 different options to choose from, you can easily customize the design of this theme to your preference.

PHU7UR – Dark Customizable Tumblr Theme


PHU7UR comes with a stylish dark and retro-themed design. It’s perfect for making a unique blog or a portfolio. The theme allows you to customize the design with more than 60 different options, including the ability to add a parallax effect, choose from 2 different accent colors, animated backgrounds, and more.

Jasmine – Grid Customizable Tumblr Theme


Jasmine is a minimal Tumblr grid theme you can use to create a blog or a portfolio website. The theme is also perfect creating photo blogs as it comes with support for photoset posts along with grid and slide style photo feeds. The theme is fully responsive and features 14 different widgets.

Archon – Portfolio Customizable Tumblr Theme


Archon is perfect for creating a unique portfolio website on Tumblr. It allows you to choose from 4 different hover effects to add attractive animations to your portfolio posts, it has an off-canvas menu, Google Fonts combinations, Google Analytics, and more.

Illusion – Photography Customizable Tumblr Theme


Illusion is a Tumblr theme made for professional photographers and travel bloggers for creating a blog or a portfolio to showcase photos with large previews. It supports multiple sizes of images, infinite scrolling, author sidebar, and more customization options.

Susan – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


Susan comes with a stylish masonry-style grid-based design and a creative featured section. It supports Disqus comments, infinite scrolling, Instagram feeds, 8 different fonts, and more for personalizing the design.

Fiendish – Free Customizable Tumblr Theme


Fiendish is a creative Tumblr portfolio theme you can use to make a unique photoblog or a portfolio website. It has an attractive post layout with masonry grid design. In addition, the theme can be customized with different colors, backgrounds, infinite scrolling, and much more.

If you’re a fan of minimalist designs, check out our collection of minimal Tumblr themes for more.