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45+ Best Minimal WordPress Themes 2019

We’re taking a look at the best clean, minimal WordPress themes. Build a simple, stylish, and sleek website for your business, portfolio, or blog.

Why Minimal Design?

Minimal design is in. It removes the clutter and the distraction and helps you to focus on just the content that’s important to you. Whether you’re building a WordPress blog, portfolio, store, or corporate site, embracing minimal design can create a delightful experience for your customers.

Not convinced? Have a read through our list of five tips for choosing a minimal WordPress theme to provide a bit more background!

We’re seeing minimalist, simple design take off, as preferences move away from the clutter and complexity that we’ve seen in the past. Gone are bulky gradients, 3D layouts, and fancy Flash effects. Simple is in. Embrace it with one of these delightful minimal WordPress themes!

What’s In This Collection?

This collection of minimal WordPress themes spans various different fields and formats. We’ve included portfolio themes, blog themes, and even ideas for industries like photography. There’s something for everyone and, as ever, all the designs featured can be easily customized.

We’ve only chosen themes that are packed with premium functionality. So look for powerful sliders, page builders, and plenty of customisation options to make the design your own. You’ll start with something minimal, and craft it into the perfect design for your project!