20+ Technology PowerPoint Templates (+ Tech PPT Roadmaps)

The world of IT, and technology in general, is a stressful one. For many of us working in the tech world, we’ll often be faced with a troubling situation when we need to make a presentation and need to professionally communicate information in a timely manner.

This extra workload can often be a drag on our already busy lives, yet there is a way to cut out a lot of backend work. By using a range of tech PowerPoint templates, you can cut down an incredible amount of work.

Finding the right resources can take up valuable time. So instead, we decided to compile a range of high-tech PowerPoint templates and technology roadmap PowerPoint templates into a single list.

Our list contains templates from both premium and free sources, ensuring you have all the styles of high-tech PowerPoint templates you could ever need.

Read on!

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Technology – Minimalist Powerpoint Template

The Technology PowerPoint template is a great foundational tech presentation format. It provides you with a clean and modern format, with a range of custom slides at your disposal. The template also includes three separate themes for you to choose from.

ROBLOC – Technology PowerPoint Templates

ROBLOC is a sleek and ultra-modern technology PowerPoint template, crafted to provide you with a multi-purpose presentation and roadmap platform that is a breeze to use. The template includes thirty custom slides, has high-res support, and much more!

Tech – Technology PowerPoint Templates

This template provides you with a multi-purpose platform that can easily apply to technology, agency, business, and company profile presentations. A great choice if you’re looking for an elegant business style. It includes thirty-six custom slides, a range of placeholder graphics, and a collection of master slides for you to enjoy.

The Technologic – PowerPoint Template

The Technologic is an interesting design in the world of PowerPoint templates for technology-related companies. It uses a minimalistic, yet iconic, gold on black and white aesthetic, mixed with a wide-open presentation format. The template provides one hundred and fifty slides, shared across five different themes.

Geneus – Tech Powerpoint Templates

Geneus attempts to bring a more unique design, compared to many other tech PowerPoint templates out there. Providing you with an interesting green on white style, it’s one of the best PowerPoint templates for technology-related purposes.

Funtech – Minimalist Powerpoint Templates for Technology

Funtech is a strictly business presentation format, providing you with a clean and minimal tech platform to build on. The template uses a range of bright graphic colors, and image placeholders, to execute a great professional style. It consists of sixty-four multi-purpose slides, a range of color themes, and much more!

Tech – Technology Roadmap Powerpoint Templates

The Tech template is a modern and clean presentation format that provides a multi-purpose platform for you to enjoy. Equipped with a massive 1500 total slides, a range of master slides, and a wealth of features that should be really seen to be fully appreciated.

NeoTech – Technology Powerpoint Templates

NeoTech is a technology PowerPoint template that strives to provide a unique balance between a modern business and hip creative aesthetic. The template consists of forty different custom slides, a range of placeholder graphics, and multiple themes to choose from. A great choice for a wide range of creative and business applications!

Agile Development – Technology Roadmap Powerpoint Templates

Agile Development is an expertly designed template that provides you with a range of custom slides to take advantage of. It’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a versatile template that can execute multiple presentation styles with ease. Also, it’s one of the best technology roadmap powerpoint templates on the market!

Tozio – High-Tech Powerpoint Templates

Tozio is a modern and clean technology PowerPoint template that isn’t trying too hard, and that’s a good thing. It provides you with sixty slides, all tailored for tech presentations, and is also equipped with multiple color themes. A great choice for those looking for a simple, but professional, template option!

Estu – Technology Powerpoint Templates

Estu is an image-centric technology PowerPoint template that has been professionally designed to provide wide-open spaces to present visual presentations. Each slide is modeled to highlight your images and is a great choice for people wanting to highlight prototypes or infographics.

Clean Technology Roadmap Powerpoint Templates


Here we have a business plan template that provides a clean and modern presentation platform, with a range of expertly crafted custom slides. A great choice for your start up, IT company, or road mapping needs!

Radiac – Tech Powerpoint Templates

Radiac is a powerhouse of a template. Designed to provide you with a strictly modern business presentation platform, this template has slides designed for any technology-related need. With thirty-six slides, image placeholders, infographics, and free fonts, Radiac is equipped with all the tools you might need.

Techno – Technology Powerpoint Templates

Techno is a multi-purpose technology PowerPoint template that brings a great balance between professional and creative applications. It provides a beautiful layout, free fonts, and a range of infographics across its thirty custom slide designs.

Teqno – Technology Powerpoint Templates

Wish to show off the next big advancement in the technology world? Teqno provides a foundational template platform to present your breakthrough. It comes with a range of intuitive infographic options, custom slides, and is available for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

Multipurpose Technology Roadmap Powerpoint Templates

Here we have a gold standard in technology roadmap powerpoint templates, equipped with fifty custom slides, editable pixel-perfect graphics, and much more! It’s a template that will pay for itself many times over!

Droneva – High-Tech Powerpoint Templates

Droneva is a clean and crisp professional technology PowerPoint template. With an attention-grabbing design, this template is sure to impress any group you put it in front of. It consists of a range of infographics, fifty custom slides, and a light and dark theme option.

Free Technology PowerPoint Templates

Finding great PowerPoint templates for technology doesn’t have to cost you any extra money. Let’s take a look at some free technology PowerPoint templates that we think are a cut above the rest.

Tech Startup

Galaxy – Free Technology Powerpoint Templates

Galaxy is a great PowerPoint template for those looking to create an infographic presentation. It comes equipped with a range of custom slides and a sleek aesthetic design that is appealing to the eyes. Also, a great option if you are looking for technology roadmap powerpoint templates!

X – Free Technology Powerpoint Templates

This technology template consists of 10 plus unique slides that fit right into your needs. Featuring smooth transitions, free fonts, drag, and drop picture holders, it’s easily one of the best powerpoint templates for technology-related presentations.

Pitch Deck – Free Technology Powerpoint Templates

Next up is a pitch deck template for those looking to create a dense and concise presentation in minutes. The template provides a wide array of slide options and a traditional business design that is simple and effective.

Free Technology Powerpoint Templates

Looking to create a presentation about cybersecurity? Then this business plan template is what you’re looking for. It’s an extensive PowerPoint template that can help you craft a cybersecurity game-plan with ease.

Create an Amazing Presentation with These Tech PowerPoint Templates!

Whilst the tech industry never stops, that doesn’t mean you need to get slowed down by creating a great presentation. With these high-tech PowerPoint templates at your fingertips, you have everything you need to nail that presentation, or plan that road map with ease.