25+ Rustic Fonts (Vintage, Wedding, Script, & Rustic Style Fonts) 2021

When it comes to crafting many of our creative projects, it’s often important that we hit an authentic and lasting impression for those who experience it. One style that has always excelled at this is the rustic aesthetic, a kind and warm feeling that leaves us dreaming of warm summer days in the countryside.

One great way to bring that rustic vibe to your work is through rustic style fonts. Everything from rustic country fonts, rustic script fonts, vintage rustic fonts, rustic wedding fonts, rustic sign fonts, and even modern rustic fonts.

We’ve compiled a few of the best rustic fonts from both premium and free sources. Read on to see our selection of the best rustic style fonts out there right now!

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Timber Hitch – Bold Rustic Font

Timber Hitch is a bold sans-serif typeface, with a wavy styled aesthetic baked into the letter designs. A strong display font on any backdrop, Timer Hitch is well suited to a wide range of creative projects with ease. One of those rustic country fonts that doesn’t clash too much with other styles on the page.

The Rustic – Modern Rustic Font

The Rustic is a beautiful rustic script font, mixed with a modern touch of character. With a captivating cursive design, The Rustic is a strong choice for a primary display font, as well as a secondary font for a wide range of creative projects. A gold standard in rustic wedding fonts!

Lothium – Rustic Brush Font

Lothium is a unique and eye-catching brush-stroke typeface, molded with that rustic aesthetic, and topped off with beautifully crafted letter designs. A fantastic display font for many creative projects. One of those modern rustic fonts that you just can’t walk past.

Burford – Powerful Rustic Font

Burford is a weathered and gritty typeface with a strong and commanding display font style. With a slight 3D design, overlayed with expertly crafted letter designs, Burford is an impressive display of artistic talent. A strong display font for your branding projects, and much more.

Forefarmers – Vintage Rustic Font

Forefarmers is a script typeface with a touch of that rustic feel. It’s rare that we find such an easy-to-read cursive styled font, and yet Forefarmers manages to hit that balance perfectly. One of the most commonly used rustic sign fonts out there!

Rustic Raster – Playful Rustic Font

Rustic Raster is an interesting combination of the rustic vibe, and the graffiti style. Created primarily as a logo font, this typeface manages to bring a level of joy and child-like wonder to the table regardless of the project it finds itself in.

Burford – Grungy Rustic Font

Burford is a serif typeface, mixed with a dash of handcrafted letter designs using a minimalist, yet effective, outline aesthetic. The typeface is a strong display font that manages to pop out of any page it’s on.

Backwoods Cabin – Handwritten Rustic Font

Backwoods Cabin is a rustic uppercase display font, with an aesthetic that makes you feel the ruggedness of nature with every letter. This organically designed font is both captivating, yet highly adaptable. A great choice for a wide range of creative projects.

Clark & Lou – Rustic Wedding Font

Clark & Lou is a rustic cursive style typeface designed to have a feminine touch to the pen strokes. An expertly crafted font with linework to die for. A highly adaptable display font, yet also well suited to a subtitle and body text font as well. Regarded as one of the finest rustic wedding fonts on the market today!

Crimstone Hand – Geometric Rustic Font

Crimstone Hand is a sans-serif typeface with a touch of a rustic gritty aesthetic. Modeled after a geometric typeface design, this option is a simple yet effective display font. A great choice for branding, illustration, advertising, or book cover projects, as well as much more.

Toxine – Multipurpose Rustic Font

The Toxine font is a serif typeface with a strong addition of many decorative elements. Packed full of features, such as an ornament pack, the font comes with enough artistic tools to leave you customizing for hours. One of those vintage rustic fonts that are as impressive as it is effective.

Haext Plain – Gothic Rustic Font

Haext Plain is a sans-serif script font that brings the rustic aesthetic to the table in a different way. Made to look like ancient Nordic and Wiccan runes, the letter designs are absolutely captivating. A unique and compelling design choice for a display font.

Absoleam – Retro Rustic Font

Absoleam is a serif typeface that brings that rustic and vintage feel to the table in an impressive way. Modeled after vintage promotional posters, the font is an eye-catching aesthetic that will feel right at home in your branding, advertising, logo, or illustrating projects.

Autogate Stamp – Rustic Sign Font

Autogate Stamp is one of the most amazing rustic sign fonts with a rough and distressed style. With elegant line work put into each letter design, made to look as if they were written on the page itself, Autogate Stamp brings that authentic autograph style to the table in an impressive way.

Gunberg – Classic Rustic Font

Gunberg is a sans-serif typeface with a touch of that slab font aesthetic. It comes in two distinct styles, clean and rough, giving you the freedom to customize it to fit perfectly into your creative projects. With a minimalist, yet effective approach, it’s not hard to see why Gunberg is one of the most popular vintage rustic font.

Sunday Quotes – Stylish Rustic Font

Sunday Quotes is an absolute joy of a typeface. With strong and captivating linework designs, wrapped up with a strong yet weathered aesthetic, Sunday Quotes is a great display font choice. It even comes in three distinct styles, rough, aged, and vintage for you to customize.

Roadford Rought – Rustic Serif Font

A rough and distinctive feel is what Roadford Rought offers: a strong letter design complemented by the subtle touch of gritty sheen. A typeface that is well suited to a primary display font, Roadford Rough will bring that rustic vibe to the table in an impressive way.

Lincons – Rustic Retro Font

Lincons - Rough Retro Font

Introducing a modern display font Lincons Rough. It’s a textured grunge typeface that has a lot of ligatures and stylistic alternates. The OpenType features can help you to create an awesome and unique lettering composition with unexpected characters combinations.

Broky – Rustic Font

Broky Typeface

Broky is a modern slab serif font for display in a bigger size. There are OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design, and also shadow making this font look stylish.

Vescona – Grunge Serif Font

Vescona - Grunge Serif Font

This is a font for all projects that need to combine elegance with a natural rustic vibe. Create logos, flyers, posters, invitations, hero headers, banners much more. The font includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations and multilingual glyphs.

Minoria – Rustic Display Font

Minoria - Display rough typeface

Minoria is a Display Rough font. This font is great for your next creative project such as logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers, Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label, and etc.

Rustic Fonts Free Of Charge

Much like out in the country, some of the best things come free. Let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite rustic fonts free of cost. Get your hands on these rustic country fonts without spending a dime.

Rustic – Free Rustic Font

Whilst not the most creative name, Rustic Font is a highly adaptable sans-serif typeface packed full of features. Combining the vintage style with decorative letter designs, Rustic Font is well suited to branding, logo, t-shirt, advertising, illustration, and cover projects.

Dandeleon – Free Rustic Font

Dandeleon takes a more minimalist approach to bring the rustic aesthetic to the table. A subtle letter design mixed with high readability and a touch of character behind each letter, Dandeleon is one of the most in-demand rustic script fonts for not just display purposes, but body text as well. A hot contender when it comes to the best rustic fonts freebies!

Harvest Barn – Free Rustic Font

Harvest Barn is a gorgeous cursive rustic typeface, bringing the farm life to a font style in a way that just glues your eyes to the page. With each cursive letter design retaining a high level of readability, Harvest Barn is a highly adaptable font for any creative project.

Choosing a Rustic Font Has Never Been Easier

The rustic aesthetic is a tried and tested favorite of artist design choices for a reason, bringing us back to that simple country life. With this selection of captivating and effective modern rustic fonts, now you’re well on your way to bringing that aesthetic to the table in a way that commands attention and solidifies your style.