50+ Best Fonts for Procreate in 2024 (Free & Pro)

Ever since Procreate made it into our hands in 2011, the graphic editing app has been a godsend for bringing creative projects to life. With just a few strokes of our fingers, the possibilities are endless.

Yet one frustrating aspect of Procreate is finding a compatible font to really make your creative projects something special. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite procreate fonts, both from premium and free sources, for you to choose from.

Read on to see the most captivating procreate compatible fonts out there!

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Dreamy – Retro Font for Procreate

Dreamy - Retro Font for Procreate

Dreamy is a sleek and stylish font that’s perfect for enhancing your text designs in Procreate. Boasting vintage charm, it’s ideal for stickers, prints, and quotes, among others. It is compatible with multiple design platforms.

Sunkis Island – Handwritten Script Font

Sunkis Island - Handwritten Script Font

Sunkis Island is a handwritten script font that’s ideal for adding a classic, farmhouse, boho or feminine touch to your designs. Perfect for an array of projects, from logo and branding to social media quote graphics. The package includes OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats, a full character set, numerals, punctuation, and accents.

Grims Acid – Liquid Display Font

Grims Acid - Liquid Display Font

Grims Acid is a spine-tingling, liquid-inspired font that’s perfect for adding a hint of haunted flair to your Halloween-themed creations. Its eerie, dripping letters make it ideal for crafting spooky party invites, eerie social media posts, or chilling haunted house posters.

Woly Wonka – Playful Font for Procreate

Woly Wonka - Playful Font for Procreate

Discover the enchanting “Woly Wonka” display font, designed distinctly for Procreate users. This bold and playful font, with its fun and modern characters, injects creativity and joy into your projects. The set includes uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, punctuation, and much more.

Waosh – Comic Graffiti Font

Waosh - Comic Graffiti Font

Saturated with playful charm and vibrant energy, Waosh is a comic graffiti font designed to elevate your Procreate designs. With a unique fusion of edgy street art and whimsical comic fonts, it’s perfect for sassy children’s book covers or inventive urban art branding.

Ontro Buck – Decorative Marker Font

Ontro Buck - Decorative Marker Font

Unleash your creativity with the expressive and bold Ontro Buck font. Each stroke of this font is hand-drawn, offering your designs a unique aesthetic with a bold and dynamic touch. Its versatility makes it perfect not just for print media but also for digital applications.

Nosra Land – Handwritten Procreate Font

Nosra Land - Handwritten Procreate Font

Nosra Land is a versatile asset for all types of packaging design. Striking a balance between simplicity and warmth, this font brings an authentic and modern touch to your branding. It’s equipped for multilingual use and includes various figures, including uppercase and lowercase alphabets, digits, and punctuation.

Senila – Script Fonts for Procreate

Senila - Script Fonts for Procreate

Senila is a vibrant and playful Script font useful for Procreate designs. Inspired by cheerful and groovy vibes, it adds a fun feat to logo designs, tourism brochures, posters, and greeting cards for various holidays. This font, available for purchase in OTF and TTF formats, truly encourages exploring creativity.

Falling Love – Romantic Procreate Font

Falling Love - Romantic Procreate Font

Falling Love is a comic-style, quirky font ideal for branding, event invitations, promotions, and product packaging. In addition to uppercase and lowercase letters, it includes numerals, punctuation, multilingual symbols, ligatures, and extra swashes for a realistic hand-lettered style.

Creamy Berry – Procreate Font

Creamy Berry - Procreate Font

Creamy Berry is an excitingly funky font crafted specifically for Procreate designs. Its flexibility allows it to also work well with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Photopea, Cricut Design Space, and Canva Pro as well. The package comes complete with punctuation, numbers, and multilingual support, making it ideal for creating lively stickers, quotes, printables, and various design projects

Bliss Bloom – Groovy Adorable Font

Bliss Bloom - Groovy Adorable Font

Bliss Bloom is a vibrant, chunky font with a playful touch. Perfectly suited for Procreate designs, its bubbly charm, and rounded edges lend a friendly vibe to your creative projects. With its bold weight making a lasting impact, Bliss Bloom is an ideal pick for branding purposes.

Moonkley – Retro Serif Font

Moonkley - Retro Serif Font

Moonkley is a playful Retro Serif Font that adds a fun and elegant twist to your designs. Its intriguing blend of retro aesthetic with modern flair makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from branding to logo design. The typeface includes both Regular and Fun styles and supports multilingual characters, numbers, and some punctuation.

Love Story – Cute Bubble Font

Love Story - Cute Bubble Font

Love Story is an adorable bubble-styled typographic tool perfect for designs in Procreate. Ideal for embellishing stickers, quotes, or prints, as well as for crafting projects and SVG files. It couples well with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Canva Pro.

SK Yok Deve – Handwritten Procreate Font

SK Yok Deve - Handwritten Procreate Font

Highlight your Procreate designs with the playful, dynamic character of the SK Yok Deve handwritten font. Crafted for use in cartoons, comics, or illustrations, this font has been tailored for optimal readability in compact areas like speech bubbles. It comes in 8 font styles and 2656 glyphs.

Caramel Cake – Groovy Procreate Font

Caramel Cake - Groovy Procreate Font

Featuring a retro-style handwritten design, Caramel Cake offers a groovy font for Procreate users. Perfect for creating stickers, quotes, prints and more, it offers intricate designs with awesome multilingual support.

Tropical Vibes – Retro Decorative Font

Tropical Vibes - Retro Decorative Font

Tropical Vibes is a retro, decorative font designed for Procreate users. It imparts a vintage effect to your designs and sparks a feeling of nostalgia with its bold and playful character. The package includes various file types, a detailed manual, and features such as multilingual compatibility.

Sandwich Market – Handwritten Font for Procreate

Sandwich Market - Handwritten Font for Procreate

The Sandwich Market is a distinctive handwritten script font designed for Procreate. Its classic aesthetic lends itself well to a number of design styles, including Farmhouse, Boho, and Feminine, perfect for crafting logos, album covers, advertisements, social media graphics, and more.

Grow and Glow – Fun Retro Font

Grow and Glow - Fun Retro Font

Grow and Glow is a lighthearted retro font that adds an element of fun and playfulness to your designs. Whether you’re using it in Procreate, Canva, or Cricut, its enchanting characters and vivid energy make it a standout choice for projects that need a splash of creativity.

Chop Crap – Playful Procreate Font

Chop Crap - Playful Procreate Font

Chop Crap font is a playful, bold handwritten font perfect for Procreate users. It packs a humorous twist and vibrant letterforms that add a touch of fun to your designs. Ideal for branding, business, logos, and magazines, Chop Crap includes various characters, numbers, punctuations, and alternate letters.

Botanical Therapies – Handwritten Font Duo

Botanical Therapies - Handwritten Font Duo

Botanical Therapies is a simple, yet striking handwritten font duo set that includes calligraphy and monoline handwriting styles. It offers a modern aesthetic with multilingual support, making it highly versatile for different uses including, but not limited to, quotations, banners, logos, project packaging, and invitations.

Into the Wild – Handrawn Procreate Font

procreate font

If you’re looking to hunt down the best Procreate fonts, the above-featured product is well worth checking out. Into the Wild is a simple, and modern typeface that will find itself at home in a range of creative and professional projects.

Altosa – Procreate Headline Font

procreate font

Altosa is a bold, and powerful font exclusively designed to give a modern, and firm look to magazines, and posters headlines, and titles. When it comes to the best fonts for Procreate, Altosa stands at the top of the league. Do check it out.

Lychee Farmland – Playful Procreate Font

procreate font

Lychee Farmland is a playful, and quirky typeface that will ensure your designs are loved by kids, teenagers, and the elderly alike. It’s so much better than the free Procreate fonts floating around the internet; don’t hesitate to take it for a spin.

Beyond – Beautiful Procreate Font

procreate font

If you’re looking for a Procreate font that exudes luxury, and elegance, Beyond will fit right into your needs. This beautifully designed typeface is suitable for a multitude of design projects; we wholeheartedly recommend you try it out.

Bloomy – Procreate Sans-serif Font

procreate font

Bloomy is a gorgeous sans-serif font that comes with a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. It’s compatible with Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Download it right away, or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Fab – Ice Lolly Procreate Font

procreate font

A unique and colorful option, Fab is a quirky font modeled after the fab ice lollies from the bygone era. It features a really cool design with candy sprinkles on top, suited for any project that needs a touch of vintage charm, and nostalgia.

Midnight Workers – Sans Serif Procreate Font

procreate font

Inspired by the lives of freelancers who work day in and day out to provide for their families, Midnight Workers is one of the best Procreate fonts for headlines, logos, posters, and other branding materials that need a professional yet dynamic touch.

Webrush – Strong Procreate Brush Font

Webrush brings together attractive curved linework with a touch of urban edge. A stylish script font that will catch attention, and drive interest on any canvas. A great font for your branding, product packaging, merchandise, or social media project needs.

Malo – Fresh Procreate Script Font

Malo is a beautiful script font, styled with a range of handcrafted lettering designs. A lush and free-flowing aesthetic that brings the cursive style to the page with a splash of personality. A versatile and captivating display font choice.

Bombardies – Modern Procreate Graffiti Font

Bombardies is a decorative typeface that lets you let loose your inner urban street artist. With an iconic graffiti style and a range of unique border options to choose from including free vectors, Bombardies is sure to leave you customizing for hours. A gold standard in the world of the best Procreate fonts.

Graceful – Multipurpose Procreate Font

Graceful is a script typeface with elegantly designed line work, and a touch of class that’s hard to take your eyes off. A beautiful and captivating display font well suited to your branding, t-shirt, album cover, illustration, book cover, logo, or advertising projects.

Dailova – Beautiful Procreate Font

Dailova is a script font that uses handmade cursive letter designs, mixed with an easy-going font style that puts you at ease. Dailova has uniquely designed upper and lowercase letter aesthetics and multiple weights for you to choose from. One of those fonts for Procreate that’s as effective as it is easy to use.

Bruzh – Stylish Procreate Font

Bruzh is a brush-stroke decorative font that brings a combination of influences to the table. With both a gritty brush aesthetic and a touch of urban character, Bruzh is a highly versatile display font that will have your creative projects popping out of the page.

Hollyday – Handlettering Procreate Font

procreate font

Hollyday is a kids’ hand lettering font incredibly fitting to a pool of designs including logotypes, monograms, invitations, posters, and more. Hollyday is very simple to install, and regarded as one of the best Procreate fonts by its existing users.

Death Markers – Dramatic Procreate Font

Death Markers is a horror-styled font that comes loaded with features. From uniquely crafted letter designs, each with its own blood dripping personality, to its two distinct styles: Clean and Drip. Death Markers is a powerful and impressive display font.

Indentia – Art Deco Procreate Font

Indentia is a sans-serif typeface inspired by the Art Deco style. Comprised of over 200 unique glyphs for you to choose from, Indentia is an expertly crafted display font with a minimalist yet effective aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the best fonts for Procreate, Indentia is a captivating pick.

The Rughton – Bold Procreate Font

The Rughton is a script typeface with a lot of character. Edging on a cursive design, and an eye-catching multi-layered 3D effect, The Rughton is a bold and beautiful display font choice for a wide range of creative projects. Despite employing a cursive design, it retains a high level of readability. Impressive!

Norch – Sports Procreate Font

procreate font

Next in our list of the best fonts for Procreate is Norch, a condensed sports-themed typeface with a contemporary and trendy geometric design. It’s PUA coded and comes with over four hundred glyphs, stylistic set, and ligatures, numeral, punctuations, and multilingual support.

Glitter Lovers – Handwritten Procreate Font

Glitter Lovers is a script typeface using a range of expertly crafted handwritten letter designs. With thin yet eye-catching linework and a beautiful cursive design, Glitter Lovers brings a sense of joy and wonder to the page. A great font for branding, illustrations, posters, logos, and much more!

QuickSilver – Cute Procreate Font

QuickSilver is a script typeface that brings a minimalist display font style and doesn’t overcomplicate its design. A refreshingly simple, yet effective, linework design inspired by modern era cartoons. The font comes with multilingual support and is a breeze to use.

Ghostober – Halloween Procreate Font

Looking to bring a little spook to your creative projects? Then look no further than Ghostober! A sans-serif typeface that is absolutely oozing that fun Halloween vibe. The font comes in three distinct styles, regular, inline, and shadow, and is loaded with over 200+ characters for you to play around with. As impressive as it is a little spooky.

Enchante – Cursive Procreate Font

Enchante is a handwritten typeface that brings a touch of luxury to the table. With beautifully crafted linework designs behind each letter and a cursive style that glues your eyes to the page, Enchante is an impressive display of artistic talent. Well suited to luxury branding, logos, posters, and more!

Blocky – Urban Procreate Font

Blocky is a sans-serif typeface that brings an attractively curved line work design, mixed with an urban edge to its personality. A minimalist yet effective style that works wonders in a wide range of creative applications, sporting a style that doesn’t clash too much with others on the page. Blocky comes in both a regular and italic weight.

High Beasty – Powerful Procreate Font

High Beasty is a strong and bold script font, bringing an aggressive aesthetic to the table that absolutely demands your attention. High Beasty is a powerhouse of a display font, well suited for logos, branding, t-shirts, illustrations, covers, and much more!

Somelove – Captivating Procreate Font

Somelove is a script typeface with beautifully crafted handwritten letter designs. Bringing a touch of a carefree summer to the page, Somelove is a joyful and captivating design that is sure to bring a smile to your page. With unique characters for every letter, number, and grammatical character, Somelove is the complete display font package.

Ignazio – Minimalistic Procreate Font

Ignazio is a modern sans-serif typeface that brings a minimalistic yet effective display font style to the table. Ignazio is an uppercase only font, designed primarily as a center stage display font, and comes in four distinct styles: Regular, Italic, Outline, and Outline Italic.

Free Procreate Fonts

Getting your hands on some procreate compatible fonts for free doesn’t have to be a struggle. Take a look at a few free Procreate fonts that we think are something special.

Apple Berry – Free Procreate Font

procreate font

If you are looking for a free Procreate font that can compete with the premium options on our list, Apple Berry is the one you should go for. It has a tall, and thin design that suits a variety of creative projects.

Mama Papa – Free Procreate Font

procreate font

Mama Papa font is a sans-serif typeface with a minimalistic yet beautiful lowercase aesthetic. With erratically margined letters and a brush-stroke finish, Mama Papa is a display font for those warm and happy creative projects. A great display font choice for kid-friendly branding projects, and much more!

Elvishwild – Free Procreate Font

procreate font

Elvishwild is a stunning tattoo font that fully satisfies your requirements for strong characters and excellent readability. With a fancy and swirly design, Elvishwild makes one of the best free Procreate fonts.

Sunday Morning – Free Procreate Font

procreate font

Sunday Morning is a decorative display font that comes with a simple, yet effective line work design. With a bold and beautiful letter aesthetic mixed with a simplistic 3D border design, Sunday Morning is a highly versatile display font for a wide range of creative projects.

Absolute – Free Procreate Font

procreate font

Absolute Joyful is a handwritten script font, using an eye-catching cursive design, with each letter being expertly crafted to bring a clean and crisp finish. Despite the elaborate cursive line work, the font retains a high level of readability. An impressive show of artistic talent.

Get Your Hands on These Procreate Friendly Fonts Today!

Procreate is a powerful and effective tool for tailoring your creative design projects with the tip of a finger. Now with this range of Procreate-friendly fonts, you’ll be able to find the typeface that matches your work and begin enjoying what a captivating font can do for you!