25+ Best Procreate Palettes (+ Free Procreate Color Palettes) 2021

When it comes to creating your own visual art, nothing is more fundamental to an artist’s toolkit than color palettes. For those of us who use Procreate, finding good Procreate color palettes can be a nightmare.

It’s for this reason that we’ve taken the time to collect a range of Procreate palettes, both from premium and free sources, and compiled them into a helpful list for you to browse. We have everything from expertly crafted premium palette options, to free Procreate palettes for you to pick up for nothing at all!

If you’re looking to add some extra color to your toolkit and get your hands on some exciting new ways to express color on the screen, then don’t hesitate to pick up some of these fantastic palette options. Some of them even come with full brush kits attached to them!

Read on to see our list of the best Procreate palettes available out there right now!

Valentine’s – Procreate Palettes

Ah, the season of love. Full of warm pinks, purples, and soft reds. With the valentine’s palette collection, you’ll have over two hundred and seventy different colors to choose from, spread out over three different palettes. You’ll quickly be painting a little love into every corner of your work.

Burn Orange – Procreate Color Palettes

Burn orange is a color palette for Procreate that provides a wide selection of premium orange colors for you to choose from. With over thirty different shades of orange, everything from the deep burns, to the soft sunsets, you’ll be well equipped to tackle your next warm and cozy project in style.

Procreate Swatches Package

This Procreate palette is an impressively extensive package that aims to provide you with a little bit of everything. If you’re looking to get started with a good selection of beginner palettes, then look no further than the Procreate Swatches package!

Procreate Glow Brushes & Palette

Looking to bring a little neon cyberpunk glow to the screen? This glow brush and palette collection has everything you need to begin crafting your very own sci-fi haven. Equipped with thirty unique brushes, and a wide range of glowing Procreate palettes, you’ll never be short of options.

Foliage – Procreate Color Palettes

There is nothing more captivating than the colors of nature. Now with the Foliage palette for Procreate, you’ll be able to bring all of the colors of the forest to the screen with ease. Everything from the deepest of greens, to the softest of browns, can be found inside.

Christmas – Procreate Palettes

Christmas is a time of bringing family together, warm meals, and joy. With the Christmas Procreate palette, you can bring all of the shades of Christmas to your work in an instant. With over ninety colors to choose from, you won’t be lacking options!

Procreate Tye Dye Brushes & Color Palette

procreate palette

Create realistic tye and dye patterns on your digital canvas with the help of twenty-five artistic brushes and a bonus color palette. A great product that can be used to design tye and dye t-shirts, pillows, bed sheets, wall paintings, mobile covers, and more.

Watercolor & Pencil Procreate Brushes and Palette

Watercolor is an iconic artist style, with its washed-out colors and distinctive meshed hues. Now with this palette and brush package, you’ll have access to up to seven watercolor brushes, seven pencil brushes, and most importantly four distinct watercolor palettes to enjoy.

Bright Candy – Procreate Color Palettes

Looking to bring a few giggles and a dash of joy to your work? The Bright Candy palette has everything you’re looking for. With ninety different colors to choose from, all in iconic candy styles, you’ll be struggling not to smile as you paint away.

Procreate Ink Brushes & Palettes

There’s nothing more captivating than a good ink aesthetic, and with this collection, you’ll have everything you need to start crafting your very own ink artwork. Filled with fifteen different brushes, and twenty Procreate palettes to choose from, you have nothing but options.

Terracotta – Procreate Color Palettes

Bring the harmonious hues of terracotta to the page with this collection of beautiful Procreate palettes. With three distinct sets, all comprised of ninety colors, you’ll be well equipped to bring an element of calm, as well as craft beautiful landscapes, with ease.

Procreate Chalk Brushes & Swatches

procreate palette

Regardless of the chalk texture brushes you’re after, this Procreate collection has you covered. It contains a range of chalk sketch brushes and bonus swatches that will help you create stunning artworks for decoration, lettering, and teaching purposes.

Autumn – Procreate Palettes

Autumn is a time of a soft orange warmth, mixed with the slow decay of nature, with winter creeping in at every corner. With this autumn Procreate palette collection, comprised of three expertly crafted sets of ninety colors, you’ll be on your way to painting a beautiful autumn landscape.

Colter Brush & Palette

The Colter brush collection is a package that has a range of watercolor-style brushes, and color palettes, for you to enjoy. With twenty unique brushes and a range of color palettes, this package will assist in crafting a realistic watercolor masterpiece as if you’ve painted it on a real-life canvas.

Synthwave – Procreate Color Palette

Bring the bombastic attitude of the synthwave craze to your canvas in style, with this synthwave color palette collection. Filled with three different palettes to choose from, and ninety colors each, you’ll have access to the iconic bold colors that define the art style.

Light Pastels – Procreate Palettes

Pastels are a great way to bring a soft touch to your work, without conflicting too much with other bolder colors on the canvas. Now with this Light Pastel Procreate palette set, you’ll have three beautifully crafted palettes, each with ninety gorgeous colors to choose from.

Grass – Procreate Color Palettes

It may surprise you that getting the right colors for grass can be a struggle. Yet those struggles are in the past, with this specially designed collection of grass palettes. With three separate palettes to choose from, you’ll have exactly what you need to paint the perfect grassy landscape from now on.

Procreate Facial Line Brushes & Color Palette

procreate palette

Here we have a Procreate collection of line art brushes that will help you make a human face in the easiest way possible. A beautiful earthy tone color palette comes included in the package, bringing your art to life with great care.

Free Procreate Palettes

It can be easy to get caught up in the impressive range of premium palettes out there to choose from. Yet, despite their quality, you don’t have to spend a single cent on getting a great quality palette.

Let’s take a look at some great free Procreate palettes we think are worth your attention.

Free Procreate Color Palettes

free procreate color palette

Whether you need pastel tones, nude colors, or autumn shades, this collection of Procreate palettes has it all. There are so many options included that you’ll be elated to have every single color you might need at your fingertips.

Free Mermaid Procreate Color Palette

free procreate palette

Modeled after the beauty and charm of a mermaid, this Procreate palette comes with eye-pleasing hues of purples, sea greens, and teals. It’s one of the best free Procreate palettes on our list, and we recommend you try this out for your next underwater design project.

Free Procreate Palettes Collection

One helpful denizen of the internet has comprised a range of over thirty-five simple and easy-to-use Procreate palettes for you to enjoy. With such a wide range to choose from, you’ll never be left without options again. A great starting point for beginners!

100+ Free Procreate Colour Palettes

Looking to expand your toolkit even further? Then you’ll need to pick up this mega-collection of over one hundred different color palettes. Whilst it’s impossible to describe everything that is available here, no doubt you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something you can use.

Autumnal Leaves – Free Procreate Palettes

Autumnal Leaves is a hard-to-miss style choice on the page, with its colors springing out and grabbing your attention. If you’ve ever wanted to bring a little autumn to your own work, then look no further. This collection comes packed with a stunning palette that gives you everything you need to bring the gorgeous autumn leaves to your canvas.

Quiet Pastels – Free Procreate Palettes

Looking for a palette with pastel colors? Then Quiet Pastels has you covered. Everything from baby blue, magic mint, to lavender and periwinkle can be found inside! One of the best free Procreate color palettes on our list.

Pink Sky – Free Procreate Palettes

Pink Sky is a Procreate palette that aims to provide a lush pink aesthetic seen in many commercial marketing items for women. Comprised of five core colors, this palette provides you with some delectable choices for you to enjoy.

Get the Right Procreate Palette for You Today!

A good color palette is the backbone of a visual artist’s toolkit. With this selection, you’ll be well on your way to having everything you need to craft your next masterpiece. Don’t forget to pick out some exciting colors, and really make that canvas pop!