20+ Best Photoshop LUTs (Free & Pro) 2021

Have you ever gone online, and seen pictures on your social media feed, only to wonder how they look so good? It’s not an uncommon feeling, and many people around the world are stuck wondering how to emulate the same effect.

The truth is, for the majority of high-end photos out there today, they use a range of Photoshop LUTs. LUTs for Photoshop is a pre-programmed preset to help you bring specific color effects to your pictures with only a few clicks.

Going out there and finding LUTs for Photoshop can be a struggle, as there is no limit to the number of options you’re presented with. So, we decided to compile a list of the best premium and free LUTs for Photoshop out there right now.

If you’re looking to give Photoshop LUTs a try, or if you’re just looking for the best free LUTs for Photoshop, then look no further than our list of the best premium and free LUTs for Photoshop!

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Aurora Photoshop LUTs

There is something to be said for the traditional Aurora glossy finish, and it is undoubtedly a timeless style that will always impress. With this pack of LUTs for Photoshop, you’ll have access to a whopping fifty different traditional Aurora styles.

Travel Film LUTs For Photoshop

Make every picture you take on your travels something special with the Travel Film LUTs collection. These LUTs are tailored to provide a subtle analog film aesthetic over your pictures, draw out dull colors, and bathe your pictures in a deep contrast style. A great option for a wide range of travel photography styles!

Sweet Mint Photoshop LUTs

Bring a touch of summer fun to your pictures with the Sweet Mint LUTs collection. These LUTs are tailored to provide a vibrant and minty fresh aesthetic over your pictures and excel at outdoor shots with high light exposure. There are twenty LUTs to choose from, each providing a slightly different finish.

Cyberpunk LUTs For Photoshop

Add a touch of sci-fi punk to your pictures with the Cyberpunk LUTs package. This collection of LUTs works to provide a deep contrast, and thick color saturation aesthetic over your pictures. With darker colors managing to glean out of your pictures in an impressive fashion, these Photoshop LUTs make for a great option for those night time or clubbing shots that you want to make into something special.

Wonderland LUTs Pack

Bring a more classical touch to your pictures with the Wonderland LUTs pack. These LUTs use a range of soft contrast balances, and white hues over your pictures providing a more traditional cinematic film aesthetic. There are twenty LUTs to choose from, each excelling at different shot types.

Fashion LUTs Bundle

Make your next fashion exhibition or portfolio truly shine with the Fashion LUTs Pack. These LUTs have been professionally designed to provide an expert photographic finish to your pictures, working to enhance contrast lines, balance color saturation, and render a touch higher detail behind every pixel. There are twenty LUTs in this package to choose from.

Wintertone LUTs For Photoshop

Bring the Christmas spirit to your pictures with the Wintertone LUTs package. These LUTs are designed to bring the touch of the winter season, to pictures even taken out of the season itself. A simple, yet beautiful collection of LUTs that prove useful to those looking to craft life-long memories!

Epic Photoshop LUTs

Make every line, every color, and every touch of contrast in your pictures truly stand out with the Epic LUTs package. These LUTs take a heavier-handed and direct approach to enhancing the quality of your pictures and create a captivating aesthetic with ease. Whilst not perfect for every picture, they will excel with some.

Sepia LUTs For Photoshop

Sepia is a long-standing traditional photography method, dating back to the early days of photo editing. Now you too can bring out this classic style with the Sepia LUTs package. Each LUT provides a minimalistic sepia filter over your pictures and avoids any destructive editing approaches.

Cyberpunk Aesthetics LUTs

Bring out the vibrance of the cyberpunk aesthetic with the Cyberpunk Aesthetics LUTs collection. Each LUT in this eight-part package is designed to enhance color saturation to the extreme, bathe your pictures in a heavy contrast, and make everything look as if it has come from the grungiest corner of urban life.

Coffee LUTs Package

The Coffee LUTs package is an interesting style of LUT. It uses a warm and fuzzy aesthetic, mixed with only subtle changes to both contrast and color balancing properties. It excels at interior shots and adding a touch of warmth to otherwise badly lit pictures.

Retro LUTs For Photoshop

Bring back the retro aesthetic in style with this old and grungy LUTs package. Each one of these twenty-part LUT collection is tailored to make your pictures look as if they were taken on old-style Analog film.

Wedding Photoshop LUTs

Make every picture from your special day stand out with the Wedding LUTs package. These LUTs use a traditional approach to enhancing wedding photos, focusing on bringing out the shine of whites, and dulling harsh background colors. As well as enhancing the quality of your picture as a whole.

Instagram LUTs For Photoshop

Take a more modern approach to your photo editing with this clean and classy LUTs package. These LUTs work to provide a professional picture quality, seen most often on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

Manhattan LUTs For Photoshop

Bring out the lush beauty of nature with the Manhattan LUT collection. These presets are tailored towards enhancing landscape color saturation, and providing a duller contrast finish. You’ll find fifty LUT options inside, each with a different shot style in mind. A fantastic option for outside shots, weddings, and much more!

Lemon Photoshop LUTs

Take a more creative approach to your picture editing with the Lemon LUTs Collection. Each of these LUTs have been tailored to provide a light, bright, and beautiful approach to photo effects, and inside you’ll find some truly beautiful LUT options. There are fifty different LUTs to choose from, each with a different creative approach.

Horror Film Photoshop LUTs

Emulate the horror aesthetic with this collection of LUTs that strive to provide you with a professional photography style on your photos, with only a few simple clicks. There are fifty different LUTs to choose from, each focusing on different shot styles, and overlay aesthetics.

Free Photoshop LUTs

You don’t have to spend any money to get your hands on some great free LUTs. Let’s take a look at a few free Photoshop LUTs options out there right now!

Free Film Tone LUTs

This package of LUTs provides you with soft contrast finish and blue tones to your pictures. A great choice for those summertime photos with far too much light exposure, stripping away the moody atmosphere you’re trying to set!

Free LUTs For Photoshop

Bring out the traditional matte aesthetic with this collection of LUTs providing a fantastic way to bathe your picture in a soft and beautiful tone, without taking away too much from the picture. This LUT uses a non-destructive approach to its overlay effect.

12 Free LUTs For Photoshop

photoshop LUTs

Here we have a fantastic option offering you a range of 12 free Photoshop LUTs that will help your pictures get standing ovations. We wholeheartedly recommend this package and urge you to try it out pronto.

Create Amazing Photos with These LUTs Today!

Making your photos have a professional and captivating finish has never been easier. With this collection of LUTs under your belt, you have everything you need to touch up your photos with ease.