35+ Minimalist PowerPoint Templates (Free & Pro Minimal PPT) 2022

The minimalist style is a tried-and-true favorite of many creative and business professionals, and for good reason. A minimalistic approach allows your information to take center stage and removes hyper-stylized elements that may not be suitable for the presentation.

It’s for this reason that minimalist PowerPoint templates are incredibly popular. Yet finding a good minimalist ppt template can often be a huge undertaking, especially if you’re looking for a very specific presentation format.

It’s for that reason that we’ve decided to compile a range of premium and free minimalist PowerPoint templates into one list providing you with options that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

If you’re looking for a minimalist PowerPoint template for your next business presentation, classroom lesson, or even just your own personal creative needs, then this list has everything you’ll need!

Read on!

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Minimal – Modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

Minimal - Modern Powerpoint Presentation Template

If you’re looking to create a minimal PowerPoint slideshow with a modern design, this template is perfect for you. It features a set of clean and minimal slides featuring a highly visual design with bold titles. It’s ideal for startups, agencies, and creative businesses.

Bore – Minimal PowerPoint Presentation Template

Bore - Minimal Powerpoint Presentation Template

Whether you’re preparing a presentation for a design agency or a modern brand, this PowerPoint template will help you craft an attractive slideshow to win your crowd. It includes 30 unique slides with master slides full of editable shapes and elements.

Window – Modern Minimal PowerPoint Template

Window - Modern Minimal PowerPoint Template

This is a clean and professional PowerPoint template with a minimal design. It’s perfect for both creative brands and corporate businesses for creating elegant presentations for various occasions. The template comes with 28 different slides, including both single color and multicolor designs.

Studio Minimal – PowerPoint Presentation Template

Studio Minimal - PowerPoint Presentation Template

If you want to create an ultra-minimal presentation, this PowerPoint template offers 120 different slides for making all kinds of slideshows. It features black and white-themed slides that come in static and animated versions. The template also includes editable charts, mockups, and vector graphics.

Passion – Clean Business PowerPoint Template

Passion - Clean Business Powerpoint Template

Passion is a modern PowerPoint template made for various business-related presentations. It comes with a set of 50 different clean slides that are ideal for making bold and professional slideshows. You can also customize each slide to change colors, fonts, and images.

Zeefer – Minimalist PPT Template

minimalist ppt template

If you are looking for a minimalist PPT template for your business, Zeefer is an excellent choice. The neat, and professional design of the slides can work for many industries. No wonder, Zeefer is one of the best minimalist PowerPoint templates out there.

Maska – Minimalist PPT Template

Get a modern monochrome-styled ppt with Maska, a beautiful template designed primarily for professional business presentations. The template comes with thirty-five custom slides, infographics, and a range of amazing features for you to enjoy.

Pastelio – Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Pastello is a PowerPoint template that is designed for multipurpose use, striving to provide uniquely minimalist designed custom slides for any application. The template comes in a soft pastel color scheme, and offers thirty different slide designs, placeholders, and free fonts!

The Minim – Minimalistic Powerpoint Template

The Minim is an incredibly gorgeous PowerPoint template. Designed with wide-open spaces, and bold and captivating typeface choices, this presentation template is sure to leave an impression. It provides one hundred and fifty custom slides over five different minimalist themes.

Equivalent – Powerpoint Minimalist Templates

Equivalent is a clean and modern PowerPoint presentation template that provides an expertly tailored flat and minimal design. With a range of custom slides, free fonts, and customizable graphics, Equivalent is a gold standard in minimalist PowerPoint templates.

Shima – Minimal Powerpoint Templates

Shima is a minimalist ppt template fashioned in the soft hues of green, complemented by a cream white background. A fantastic simple and clean presentation format that provides thirty unique slides, image placeholders, and much more!

Lunox – Minimalist PPT Template

Lunox is a beautifully crafted presentation template providing you with a white-on-black bordered aesthetic that is sure to leave an impression. The template provides thirty-five unique slide designs, fashioned towards business presentation.

Namsa – PowerPoint Minimalist Templates

Minimalist doesn’t mean it has to be white. Namsa is a minimal PowerPoint template that fashions itself in a gorgeous soft gold aesthetic. A great choice for those more casual, or uplifting, presentation needs. The template provides thirty creative slides for you to enjoy.

Dara – Clean and Minimal Presentation Templates

Dara is a stunning and high-quality minimal presentation template that could be a great choice for a wide range of professional and creative applications. A fully editable custom presentation format designed in a captivating bordered fashion!

Karasu – Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Karasu is a creative and unique presentation that is sure to attract eyeballs. It’s one of those minimal PowerPoint templates that provide an incredible amount of control to its users. Comes with over thirty-six custom slides, drag, and drop image placeholders, and a range of master slides for you to use.

Hiro – Minimal PowerPoint Template

minimalist ppt template

Next in our list of the best minimal PowerPoint templates is Hiro, a modern, sophisticated, and easy-to-use presentation format that you are guaranteed to use for many years to come. It comes with thirty simple, and sleek slides, drag, and drop image placeholders, and free fonts.

Trusty – Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Looking for something with a touch more colorful personality? Then Trusty is what you’re looking for. A minimal, yet captivating presentation template that manages to catch the eye without too many bells and whistles. The template provides thirty custom slides.

Anterra – PowerPoint Minimalist Template

minimalist ppt template

Are you tired of using free minimalist PowerPoint templates that give you nothing but a run-of-the-mill design, and very limited features? Try Anterra for your next big presentation. It comes with an elegant design and a smorgasbord of features helping you win over your clients.

SEGI – Minimal Powerpoint Templates

SEGI is a creative, multipurpose PowerPoint template that exudes an air of refined professionalism. Crafted with white and black slide designs, each captured in a beautiful gold bordering, this template is a great balance of minimalism and ultra-modern sheen.

Art.Mode – PowerPoint Minimalist Templates

Art.Mode is a minimalist ppt template, providing you with everything you need to make a captivating and successful artistic presentation. The template provides over thirty slide designs, and five iconic themes to choose from. Furthermore, it even contains a range of media placeholders as well!

Fashion Powerpoint Minimalist Templates

Looking to create a fashion presentation, but want the clothes to take center stage? Then this beautiful template is what you’re looking for. It comes with all the slide designs you’ll need to make a minimalistic, yet effective, fashion presentation with ease.

Gumen – Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Gumen is a creative PowerPoint template that provides a range of multipurpose slide designs for you to customize to your liking. Each slide is fashioned in a soft white on murky gold and provides a unique and captivating style that is easy to respect. The template contains thirty slide designs, a range of master slides, and even free fonts!

Oryn – PowerPoint Minimalist Templates

Oryn is a multipurpose creative platform that is absolutely bursting with options. The template comes with a minimalist design, complemented by a range of thirty- six stunning slide designs. It also provides you with a free font pack, a range of master slides, and is fully customizable. What’s not to love about that?

Vibes – Minimalist PPT Template

Just because you want a minimal template design, doesn’t mean you can’t bring a touch of personality to the table. Vibes manages to strike that balance perfectly, providing a range of slide designs that come with a white-on-red bordered aesthetic. A fantabulous choice for a wide range of professional and creative presentation applications.

Fleure – Minimal PowerPoint Templates

Fleure is a dapper of a presentation temple. It comes with a modern and eye-catching design that can be completely tweaked as per your requirements. It’s super versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes from the creative studio, and agency pitch deck, to personal portfolio and photography presentations.

Betola – Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Betola is a minimalist PowerPoint template that provides you with a multipurpose platform. Each slide is fashioned in a white on soft brown border and manages to strike that balance between clean and modern with ease. The template contains thirty unique slide designs, a range of image placeholders, and even master slides for you to take advantage of.

Biznis – Corporate Powerpoint Template

minimal powerpoint template

Featuring a strictly professional design, Biznis is an excellent contender for your cash. The versatile template can be used for a number of business topics and includes almost everything you’d ever need to deliver a kickass presentation.

Obito – Modern Powerpoint Template

minimal powerpoint template

Obito is a great candidate for those who truly value standing out from the pack. It features 30 modern, and multipurpose slide designs, fully editable in Microsoft PowerPoint. When it comes to the best simple PowerPoint templates, Obito is at the top of the league.

Estics – Fashion Powerpoint Template

minimal powerpoint template

A simple presentation doesn’t have to be boring. It should be chic, and modern while still maintaining minimalism. Estics is a PowerPoint template that will quench your thirst for an elegant and trendy presentation and draw the attention of clients right in.

Trusty – Business Portfolio Powerpoint Template

minimal powerpoint template

Trusty is an absolute delight for minimalists. It features a simple, clean design fitting to a large pool of business and corporate purposes. There are 30 slides included in the package, with each one providing easy customization using the drag and drop feature.

Global Corporate – Clean Powerpoint Template

minimal powerpoint template

Straightforward, and unpretentious, Global Corporate is an option worth considering when looking for the best simple PowerPoint templates. It offers 25 custom slides, fully editable in just a few easy clicks. We really like Global Corporate, and you’ll too.

Free Minimalist PowerPoint Templates

Finding yourself a good minimalist ppt template doesn’t have to cost you anything. There are many great free minimalist ppt template options out there. Let’s take a look at some free minimalist PowerPoint templates that we think are something special.

Free Minimalist PPT Template

minimalist ppt template

This free minimalist ppt template is a clean, and elegant option that you can immediately start customizing, and make your own. It features fully animated, and editable slides, a 16:9 widescreen layout, unlimited color themes, and more.

Free Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Here we have a gorgeous presentation template for PowerPoint that offers you a range of slide options that can be virtually used for any purpose under the sun. The template is easy to use and is fashioned in an unbeatable pastel on white aesthetic.

Write – Free Minimalist PPT Template

Looking to create a presentation, and need something that isn’t too flashy? The Write template is what you’re after. It’s an eye-catching, yet minimal, presentation template that provides a smorgasbord of custom slides, image placeholders, and much more!

Free Minimalist Powerpoint Template

minimalist ppt template

Amp up your marketing game with this simple, and professional PowerPoint template. It comes with fully animated slides, and handcrafted vector infographics, plus a range of other features, making sure you ace your upcoming marketing presentation without spending hours and days of time on it.

Look – Free Minimalist Powerpoint Templates

Want to highlight your photography or design work, but don’t want the PowerPoint template to get in the way of your pictures? Consider Look, a robust and versatile PowerPoint template that provides you with custom slides, unlimited color options, image placeholders, and even a range of vector icons to enjoy.

Peet – Free Minimalist PPT Template

Wanting a free minimalist ppt template that really makes heads turn? Check out Peet, a gorgeously designed template featuring pretty-looking slides, infographics, and vector icons that you can customize to suit your needs.

Create Your Minimalist Presentation with These Templates!

Finding a great minimalist ppt template doesn’t have to be a struggle. With these amazingly captivating, yet strictly minimal, PowerPoint template designs, you have everything you need to create an incredible presentation with ease!