20+ Best Lightroom Mobile Presets (Free & Pro Presets) 2024

Lightroom presets are a great way to bring a professional finish to your photos, without making them appear fake or heavily edited. Yet finding Lightroom presets for mobile can be a bit of a struggle.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to sit down and find a range of Lightroom mobile presets from both premium and free sources including professional, and even a few quirky unique options that are sure to impress.

No longer will you be stuck looking for a premium solution to make your photos look like something special, nor will you be looking for a free Lightroom mobile presets download again. We have everything you need right here.

Read on to see our list of the best Lightroom presets on mobile!

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Find Lightroom Presets

Skin Retouch – Lightroom Mobile Presets

Looking to touch up your beautiful skin tone in your photos? The Skin Retouch Lightroom Preset is designed to bring out the best in your complexion. It’s easy to use and supported on both mobile and PC. The package also comes with a handy help file to guide you through making the most out of the effect.

Autumn Lightroom Mobile Presets

Autumn is characterized by the soft hues of red, orange, gold, and whites. Now with the Autumn Lightroom Preset package, supported on mobile devices, you can quickly and easily turn your pictures into a warm and fuzzy dream.

The Wonderlust Lightroom Collection

The Wonderlust Lightroom Preset collection is designed to make your travel photos truly pop. These Lightroom presets are designed to bring out those deep edges and redefine them in a captivating aesthetic that is hard to not appreciate.

Peach – Lightroom Mobile Presets

Peach is a collection of orange Lightroom Presets for mobile, designed to provide a soft and captivating tone to your photos. Perfect for those beach shots, or quiet summer day selfies. The package comes with a detailed guide, helping you make the most of the effect.

Classy Lightroom Presets On Mobile

Classy is a Lightroom preset that works to bring some definition to your work in a startling way with lighting that brings out those hard lines in your photos and making your photos drip in that gritty urban style all mixed in with a sleek and stylish finish.

Green Jungle – Lightroom CC Mobile Presets

Sometimes getting your lush green backdrops to really shine can be difficult especially when you’re wearing dull colors. Thankfully, with the Green Jungle Lightroom Preset package, you can now make those startling nature shots truly stand out.

New York – Lightroom Mobile Presets

Bring the distinctive look of the urban expanse of New York to the screen with this New York Lightroom presets on mobile. Able to bring forth the urban linework to the forefront of the picture with ease, this preset is sure to make your next urban photo truly stand out.

Cinematic Lightroom Mobile Presets

The cinematic style is defined by lush colors and strong forefront lightwork. With the Cinematic Lightroom Preset package, you can easily transform your photos into a graphic designer’s dream. Supported on both mobile devices and PC!

Glasgow Lightroom Mobile Presets

The Glasglow Lightroom presets for mobile will help to enhance, and add a range of sky-blue tones, faded colors, sunsets, and a subtle sharpness to your images that is easy to appreciate. A fully editable package that is easy to use, and is equipped with a detailed guide to help you make the most of it.

Euphoria Lightroom Presets On Mobile

Next up is a Lightroom preset package designed to help add dark, vibrant, gloomy, faded, and dramatic tones to your images, and improve the overall mood of your pictures. An extensive package that is fully editable, and a breeze to apply.

Gingerbread Lightroom Presets On Mobile

The Gingerbread lightroom preset package is defined by its ability to enhance bright colors, add a touch of softness to the linework of your photos, and bring forth a warmer and moodier atmosphere to your images. Whilst still providing a deep contrast that truly makes your photos pop.

Newborn Lightroom CC Mobile Presets

The newborn mobile Lightroom preset package is designed to enhance images for more attention-grabbing qualities. This includes redefining the contrast balance, adding a soft whitish hue, and pulling forth your colors so they truly drip out of the page. Ideal for indoor, and outdoor photography, as well as newborn, lifestyle and wedding photography, and much more!

Seol – Lightroom CC Mobile Presets

If you’re looking to bring a more modern and professional look to your photography, then look no further than the Seol Lightroom Preset package for both mobile and desktop. Seol helps to enhance natural color balance, as well as focuses on bringing forth pinks and blues into a beautiful glowing aesthetic.

Innsbruck Lightroom Presets On Mobile

Innsbruck is a quality Lightroom preset package that helps to enhance your images in a non-destructive fashion, keeping the same color balance, whilst also working to bring out a sense of bright, moody, cozy, and warm aesthetic. The package is fully editable and comes with an extensive range of compatibility options for you to enjoy.

KUTA – Summer Lightroom Mobile Presets

KUTA is a Lightroom preset package specifically designed for summer-time photos helping to bring out those warm oranges, yellows, and whites into a modern and eye-catching style. The package is easy to use and can be applied in seconds to your images.

Neon – Lightroom CC Mobile Presets

Here we have a Lightroom preset package crafted to bring a nice blue-neon tone to your photos and bring a startling contrast that is truly unique. There is a variety of high-quality presets to choose from, and all of them are simple to apply and easy to love.

Urban Fashion – Lightroom Mobile Presets

Looking to bring a little urban style to the screen? The Urban Fashion Lightroom preset package has been designed to help you enhance those beautiful self-shots into something truly magical. There are five presets to choose from, and a handy instructional document to guide you through making the most of the presets.

Free Lightroom Presets Mobile

Whilst you can’t beat quality when it comes to a good selection of premium Lightroom cc mobile presets, you don’t have to spend money to get your hands on something great. Take a look at some free Lightroom presets for download that we think are special!

Canola Lightroom Presets Mobile

The Canola Lightroom preset package for mobile excels at making those outdoor shots truly stand out. It brings forth matte, pastel, and rich lime tones, whilst also defining the contrast to make your image hold a professional touch. A truly impressive free Lightroom mobile presets download.

Lucia – Free Lightroom Presets Mobile

The Lucia Lightroom preset package is crafted to help enhance those late afternoon shots, with sunsets and wide landscape light sources. It helps to make colors more vibrant, and enhance how you stand out in contrast. A great free Lightroom mobile presets download!

Tart Cherry – Free Lightroom Presets Mobile

The Tart Cherry Lightroom presets will help you add tones of cherries, and oranges to your images and bring a level of contrast to your captivating shots. One of those absolute bargains when it comes to free Lightroom mobile presets download.

Make Your Images Something Special with These Lightroom Presets!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make your photos something special. With these Lightroom presets at your fingertips, now you can make every moment captured something beautiful.