27+ Best Keynote Timeline & Roadmap Templates (Free & Pro) for 2023

When it comes to presenting your ideas effectively, the key element at the core of all successful presentations is twofold: Organization and Aesthetic. The ability to organize your ideas, and present them in a pleasing manner, is a skill in itself.

Yet one important factor that is often not considered is just how powerful a well-made keynote template can be for this struggle. When it comes to gaining an incredible edge both in business, and your own creative pursuits, timeline, and roadmap presentations are the ideal choice. These PPTs clarify what the project will accomplish as well as set goals and priorities for all the stakeholders involved.

It’s for this reason that we’ve collected a selection of keynote timeline and roadmap templates, both from premium and free sources, for you to take advantage of.

Read on to see our selection of some of the best keynote timeline templates, and keynote roadmap templates!

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Product Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

Here we have a simple, and professional template for product roadmap presentations. It offers 30 slides, free fonts, and plenty of customizable elements. When it comes to the best Keynote roadmap templates, this product stands at the top of the league.

Impressive Keynote Timeline Template

Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

This is an incredibly remarkable template that will help you create a timeline in Keynote with minimal effort. It offers 30 unique slides in light and dark versions, a 16:9 widescreen ratio, free fonts, and so much more. Do check it out.

Roadmap Navigation Keynote Template

Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

If you’re looking for a minimal, and strictly professional roadmap template for your next presentation, this product is an excellent contender for your cash. It features a range of slides that can be fully customized to your specific requirements.

Elegant Keynote Timeline Template

Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

This is a solid choice for anyone looking to hunt down the best Keynote timeline templates available on the market today. It comes with a sophisticated, and elegant design that will surely grab your audience’s attention and keep it there.

Minimal Roadmap Keynote Template

Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

Loaded with roadmap templates, this product is a must-have in your keynote toolkit. It’s a superior quality product and is so much better than any of the free roadmap Keynote templates floating around on the internet. Don’t hesitate to take this impressive template for a spin.

Dazero – Keynote Timeline Presentation Template

Dazero is a Keynote template with a minimalistic yet eye-catching design. With over thirty unique presentation slides and support for every kind of graphic editor, Dazero is as easy to use as it is effective. A great tool to create a timeline in Keynote fashion.

Creative Keynote Roadmap Presentation Template

Next up is a keynote presentation template that has designed itself for a high level of readability, and iconic aesthetic design. The template comes with fifty unique slides, 16×9 HD Aspect Ratio, editable shapes, and pixel-perfect infographics for you to use at your leisure.

Monthly Planner Keynote Presentation Template

Next up is a clean and efficient keynote presentation template, able to captivate your audience with an iconic set of handcrafted slides that are sure to impress. Loaded up with over fifty unique slides, ten pre-made color tones, drag, and drop functionality, and much more.

Minimalistic Keynote Roadmap Presentation Template

Next up is a minimalistic keynote roadmap template that comes with a simple yet effective aesthetic design. It’s a complete package, bundled with over twenty-five unique roadmap infographic slides, animations, and a number of other editable options.

Rizki – Timeline Keynote Presentation Template

Rizki is a comprehensive keynote template that uses an image-centric aesthetic to drive attention, yet retains a high level of flexibility for a wide creative application. The template comes with over one hundred unique slides, interactive creative slides, a timeline, and social media integration, and much more.

Iconic Keynote Timeline Presentation Template

Here we have a beautifully crafted keynote template that promises to bring your next presentation to another level. It’s loaded with forty unique slides, KIKO icon shapes, pre-made color schemes, and a range of other features for you to take advantage of.

Clean Keynote Timeline Presentation Template

Here we have an expertly crafted keynote template that comes in a full HD, 1920×1080 format. The template is packed with 30 unique slides for you to use, employs free fonts, and has a range of animations and transitions for you to experiment with.

Product Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

Our next keynote roadmap template comes with a simplistic aesthetic allowing you an incredible amount of creative freedom. It comes with twenty unique creative slides all ready to use, and a 16:9 HD aspect ratio. On top of this, the template is packed with 5 pre-made color schemes for you to employ anyway you see fit.

Travel Timeline Keynote Presentation template

Next up is a keynote timeline template that provides a professional space for you to showcase your portfolio and ideas. The template comes with fifty unique custom slides, vector icons, smooth animation, and an intuitive drag and drop functionality.

Multipurpose Timeline Keynote Presentation Template

Our next option is a professionally designed keynote template that aims to provide you with a multipurpose tool for a wide range of creative and business applications. The highly versatile template comes with over twenty-five unique timeline slides, documentation, and much more!

Dukku – Timeline Keynote Presentation Template

Dukku is a unique and modern take on the keynote template. Packed full of intuitive features, such as widescreen support, charts and infographic slides, and uniquely crafted font packs baked into the template itself. On top of this, the template comes in two iconic styles, light and dark.

Modern Timeline Keynote Presentation Template

Our next template is a modern and creative-centric timeline design. The template comes with thirty-five unique slides, eleven color variations with light background, vector icons and much more. One of those keynote timeline templates that is stylish yet professional.

Professional Keynote Timeline Presentation Template

Striving for that ultra-modern aesthetic, and a unique design placed into each one of its slides, our next template offers an unparalleled creative execution that is hard to walk by. It comes with a wide range of unique slides, editable shapes and tables, and much more!

Business Keynote Roadmap Presentation Template

Our next option is a professional keynote template, employing an aesthetic that is well suited to a wide range of industries. The template is loaded with thirty unique slides, pre-made color tones, is retina-ready and easy to customize, and will leave a lasting impression on those you present it to.

Starcraft – Timeline Keynote Presentation Template

Starcraft is a keynote template that borrows a futuristic aesthetic from the sci-fi genre and executes its style with perfection. An impressive multipurpose keynote template that is well suited to a wide range of professional and personal applications.

Contemporary Timeline Keynote Presentation Template

Our next template employs a light color aesthetic, accompanied by a font style that really pops out of the page. It manages to nail that easy readability and modern clean look. The template has numerous creative slides and a lot of customizable options for you to create your heart’s content.

Simple Roadmap Keynote Presentation Template

Sometimes the simplest solution is often the most impressive, and nowhere is that more obvious than our next keynote template. A captivating minimalist light-mode aesthetic that comes packed full of twenty unique slides, a wide range of shapes, infographics, diagrams, and much more.

Free Keynote Timeline Templates

You don’t have to go out and spend a pretty penny on a template that will bring an air of professionalism to your presentation. There is a wide range of keynote timeline templates free out there for you to choose from.

Here are a few keynote timeline templates free of cost that we think are special:

Gradient – Free Keynote Timeline Template

Gradient is a comprehensive keynote timeline template that comes with a green on white aesthetic design. The template is multipurpose and is easy to mold into your own personal application. It comes in three different designs: hand-drawn, flat, geometric, and lineal.

Balance – Free Keynote Timeline Template

Balance is a minimalist take on the keynote template, opting to make itself as flexible as possible. The template has over fifty unique slides to choose from, thousands of icons, and a long list of creative slide support for you to enjoy.

Free Keynote Roadmap Template

Our next template has a clean and crisp elegant look complemented by a range of captivating slide and font designs baked into the template itself. If you’re looking to impress, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Take a Proactive Step – Grab a Keynote Template Today!

Keynote templates are a powerful tool, and allow you to convey your ideas in a neat and effective package. Now that you’ve seen some of the most well-designed keynote and timeline templates out there, it’s time for you to snatch one up and get started.

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