27+ Best Keynote Poster Templates 2024

Posters are a valuable and effective method of conveying your ideas and expressing your unique branding. Creating a good poster is often a daunting task laced with difficult design choices and careful planning. Yet one thing that is often not known about poster design, is that there are many well-designed keynote poster templates out there to help you shape your poster designs into perfection.

A keynote template is often employed for a variety of other applications. Everything from professional presentations, pitch power points, and branding strategy documents, just to name a few. However, these templates are also perfectly suited to help you shape your poster designs as well.

It’s for this reason that we’ve compiled a list of a few of the best keynote poster templates, both from premium and free sources, for you to browse and pick the one that works for you.

Read on to see our selection of the keynote poster templates that we think are worth your attention!

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Gemini – Keynote Poster Template

keynote poster template

Gemini is a modern, and professional Keynote template guaranteed to help you in creating an impressive poster. It offers 50 east-to-edit, and time-saving slides with minimal fade transitions, charts, and free fonts. Take Gemini for a spin, or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Fashway – Keynote Poster Template

Fashway is a comprehensive package of a keynote template. Everything from presentations, to power points, and most importantly posters, can be designed easily using its wide range of features. Fashway comes with hundreds of unique slides, icons, vector images, and much more!

Agrifuture – Keynote Poster Template

keynote poster template

Agrifuture is a meticulously designed Keynote template that can be used for business posters, project pitching, and corporate presentations. It consists of 26 clean, modern and creative slides that can be customized to your heart’s content.

Antelope – Keynote Poster Template

Antelope is a modern and multipurpose creative keynote template with a sleek and professional design, combined with a wide range of features. These include thirty unique slide designs, three premade color schemes, and both widescreen and standard resolution support.

Chronic – Keynote Poster Template

keynote poster template

Chronic is an uber cool, and effortlessly stylish Keynote template perfectly fitting for businesses looking to create an upscale, and chic poster design. It comes with 52 unique slides, maps, set icons, animations, and transitions, and more.

Catalog – Keynote Poster Template

Catalog is designed to offer a gold standard in portfolio presentation. Crafted to appeal to the furniture, home décor, and interior design industries, Catalog excels at highlighting your visual portfolio. This means the template comes with a range of easy-to-use image editing features, hundreds of custom slides and icons, and a range of other benefits.

Creme – Keynote Poster Template

keynote poster template

Creme is a minimal yet eye-catching template that can help you in creating strictly professional poster designs. It provides you with 32 clean, and modern slides that can be easily customized in Keynote, PowerPoint and Google Slides. Grab it now.

Special Force – Keynote Poster Template

Special Force brings a sleek and memorial military design to the table in an impressive fashion. Combining both a white and dark-mode-styled aesthetic, Special Force will make your next poster presentation a breeze. Loaded up with thirty unique slides, widescreen support, picture and graph slides, and much more.

Bizniz – Keynote Poster Template

keynote poster template

Bizniz is a simple, and professional Keynote template with a no-frills approach. It offers a range of slides that can be easily customized to your heart’s content, and a multitude of amazing features that should really be seen to be fully appreciated.

Vera – Keynote Poster Template

Vera Keynote is a gorgeous keynote template that comes with a flexible aesthetic for you to mold into your own. The template is loaded with fifty-five unique slides, twenty-eight icon slides, thousands of custom icons, and a range of vector shapes for you to customize.

Jedva – Keynote Poster Template

Jedva is a keynote template that was originally designed to provide you with the tools to make the perfect pitch. However, it is also versatile enough to house your next iconic poster design as well. With over one hundred unique slide designs, drag and drop functionality, two primarily color themes, and much more under the hood.

Creature – Keynote Poster Template

Creature is a multipurpose keynote template that employs a minimalist design, and a grey-scale aesthetic. The template is well suited to poster designs that are looking to take advantage of a grey-scale branding aesthetic. The template comes with fifty unique slides, a range of custom vector icons, and much more.

Lekro – Keynote Poster Template

Lekro is a simplistic keynote template that employs a blue on white aesthetic. A professional and creative design that encapsulates a modern vibe, mixed with a focus on high readability. The template comes with over sixty unique slides, vector icons, and is a breeze to edit.

Blossom – Keynote Poster Template

Blossom is a keynote template that is clean, elegant, and somewhat enchanting in its aesthetic. The template is designed to strike a balance between minimalist information delivery, and an iconic style. Blossom comes with over one hundred unique slides, thousands of hand-crafted icons, creative info graphs, and much more.

Novate – Keynote Poster Template

Novate is a clean and modern multipurpose keynote presentation template. It is flexible in its aesthetic, and its application. Novate comes with a range of free fonts, fifty unique slides, a user guide, an editable world map, and is rendered in 1080p resolution.

Callisto – Keynote Poster Template

Callisto is a presentation template that takes inspiration from traditional publication aesthetics. Employing a greyscale design, Callisto brings us back to the age of print media. A classical and effective template with over seventy unique slides, multilingual font packages, and much more.

Get Started – Keynote Poster Template

Get Started is a keynote template that brings a little hint of fun, although not enough to take away from the professional execution of its aesthetic. The template comes with twenty master slides, multilingual font support, multiple themes, and drag and drop functionality.

Milley – Keynote Poster Template

Milley is a multipurpose keynote template that comes with an illustration-centric design. The template is absolutely loaded with features, from over one hundred and fifty unique slides, five different color themes, font packs, hand-crafted infographics, picture placeholders, drag and drop functionality, and much more!

Orwell – Keynote Poster Template

Orwell is a presentation template that employs a greyscale aesthetic with an impressive modern finish. The template is as versatile as it is effective, with over fifty unique slides, a 16:9 aspect ratio, a timeline, multilingual font support, hand-crafted icons, and easily editable image tools baked into the template itself.

Penmarker – Keynote Poster Template

Penmarker is a multipurpose keynote template with a wide range of designs developed into the template itself. Coming with five different themes, over one hundred and fifty unique slide designs, picture placeholders, illustration editing support, and hand-crafted infographic slides.

Commerce – Keynote Poster Template

Commerce is a professionally styled multipurpose keynote template. Designed primarily for professional branding, presentation, poster, and related applications. The theme comes with thirty clean and modern slide designs, five different themes, handcrafted infographics, and much more!

Vorse – Keynote Poster Template

Vorse is a beautifully designed multipurpose keynote template, crafted to provide a large array of options to best craft your presentation, or poster. Vorse comes with thirty different multipurpose slides and five different color themes for you to customize.

Free Keynote Poster Templates

You don’t have to fork out a dime to get your hands on some effective, and appealing keynote templates. Here are some free keynote poster templates that we think are worth your attention.

Selfone – Free Keynote Poster Template

Selfone is a multipurpose keynote poster template, with a captivating blue-on-white aesthetic. The template comes with thirty-two unique slide designs, over one hundred and seventy icons, and a range of easily changeable color schemes.

Dolor – Free Keynote Poster Template

Dolor is a presentation template, designed primarily to showcase branding projects. It does, however, have all the tools to make your next poster into something special. With a range of uniquely crafted slides, hundreds of icons, and four different iconic themes baked into the template itself.

Radiance – Free Keynote Poster Template

Radiance is an impressive presentation template to be found in the free market. A multipurpose template with a flexible aesthetic, thirty unique slide designs, drag, and drop functionality, font packages included, and a light and dark theme.

Make Your Poster Unique With These Keynote Poster Templates!

The creative process of making a poster that catches attention is often a grueling test of our creativity. Thankfully, with this range of versatile and iconic keynote poster templates, you’ll be able to better execute your designs and make your poster something memorable!