30+ Best Final Cut Pro Fonts (Free & Pro) for Awesome Videos 2022

Final Cut Pro is an incredibly extensive and resourceful platform to create your next big video production on. It provides an incredible amount of versatility in its capabilities and comes with an impressive range of third-party resources for you to enjoy.

Yet many users of Final Cut Pro, even on a professional level, often get stuck wondering how to add fonts to Final Cut Pro X. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to nail down the fonts that truly stand out.

Instead of leaving you stuck wondering how to add fonts to Final Cut Pro X, or what Final Cut fonts to use, we’ve compiled a list of premium and free Final Cut Pro fonts for you to browse.

Everything from unique title fonts to captivating cinematic fonts, to video bumper fonts, and even a few animation fonts can be found inside.

So, read on to see our list of the best Final Cut fonts out there right now!

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Find Fonts

Austral Slab – Final Cut Pro Fonts

First up is Austral Slab, a font that features unique textures and style helping you to create a distinguishing impression with your work. It comes loaded with awesome features and can be used in a wide range of languages.

Bold Face – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Final Cut Pro Font

Bold Face is a stunning option that you’ll want to be a part of your font collection for projects that demand a beautiful hand-painted look. An excellent choice for video bumpers, Bold Face is certainly one of the best fonts for Final Cut Pro.

Acpex – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Final Cut Pro Font

Whenever there is a list of the best Final Cut Pro fonts, Acpex can often be found within. It has a futuristic sci-fi design perfectly suited to video games, and e-sports projects. Use it for the running text on the video, and impress your audience.

Rockinsoda – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Want to bring an iconic handwriting style to your work, and need a captivating typeface to bring it in? Rockinsoda is a typeface that you might want to consider especially if your video is about children, food, or lifestyle.

Roundlane – Final Cut Fonts

You don’t always need something flashy to get the job done. Roundlane is a great foundational resource for any video editor. It provides you with a simple round design to deliver text in an impressive fashion.

Haext – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Bring the rustic gothic typography style to the screen with Haext, a minimalistic, yet effective, typeface design that manages to not take away too much from your established style. A perfect option for mystery and horror video projects!

Gold Shine – Final Cut Fonts

Looking to bring a touch of gold to your production? Then Gold shine is right up your alley. It comes with a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, numerals, and multilingual support. A great choice for a wide range of professional and creative applications!

Astrokids – Final Cut Fonts

final cut pro font

Whether you are creating a kids’ video game, movie, or educational footage, Astrokids is a font well worth checking out. It features a remarkably unique brush style that will look good on a variety of Final Cut Pro video projects.

Averox – Final Cut Pro Fonts

If you are looking for a font style that’s truly unique and captivating, then Averox is a well-suited resource for you. It features a futuristic design that will look great when combined with a glitch or bad TV effect.

Chicken Pickle – Final Cut Fonts

Check out Chicken Pickle, a clean and playful typeface design that will fit easily into almost any video production style. Perfectly fit for video titles, the typeface contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and multi-language support.

Blockletter – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Next up is Blockletter, a clean and modern sans-serif font that makes for an incredible Final Cut Pro resource. Providing you with an eye-catchy design, basic features along with European accents, diacritics, and kerning, it’s hard not to fall in love with Blockletter.

Osnabrug – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Final Cut Pro Font

Osnabrug is a quirky handwritten font that comes with a full set of uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, ligatures, and multilingual support. It will look good on nearly any Final Cut Pro video, so use it with confidence.

Floresh – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Final Cut Pro Font

Floresh is a hand brush typeface guaranteed to take your Final Cut Pro videos to next level. Take this stunning font for a spin, and see for yourself the world of a difference it makes in your dull, and boring video presentations, and slideshows.

Raffadyn – Final Cut Pro Fonts

If you’re producing a wedding video, capturing the most special moments of your most special day, then you’ll likely be finding yourself with a need for some fitting titles. Raffadyn comes with a beautiful cursive design, housed in an elegant border style that is hard not to absolutely adore.

Quakiez – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Looking for a more strictly modern aesthetic for your typeface selection? Then Quakiez has you covered. Providing you with an ultra-modern design, it’s a gorgeous typeface that will show up on any background choice.

Zoomer – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Isometric is not a style we see often in video production, and certainly not in a title design. Yet to break that streak, we have Zoomer, an expertly designed minimalist isometric typeface featuring a solid and beautiful design that will look great on both dark and light backgrounds.

Potato Kukiry – Final Cut Fonts

Bring a playful and quirky aesthetic to your work with Potato Kukiry, a simple, yet effective, font design that manages to stand out regardless of the video content style. It’s an aesthetic often employed in YouTube videos, and now you too can emulate the same style.

Retro Neon Final Cut Pro Font

Are you producing a music video, and need a font option for Final Cut Pro to match your content? Then pick up this night light neon typeface featuring a beautiful outline style that will surely attract eyeballs. It’s also a great choice for movie titles!

Video Game Font For Final Cut Pro

Create a unique aesthetic with this font that is reminiscent of the 80s video games. This option allows you to present text in a retro style and provides an incredible amount of versatility in its application. Specifically designed for video games and similar Final Cut Pro projects!

Richson – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Inspired by pop culture and the skateboarding world, Richson is an all-caps minimalistic, yet bombastic, bold video titling option that is sure to capture people’s attention. A font that will pay for itself many times over!

Candy Christmas – Final Cut Fonts

Want to bring a little Christmas cheer to your video production? Then you are in for a treat. The candy Christmas typeface offers you a wide range of amazing features that should be really checked out to be fully appreciated.

Skateparx – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Hype up your project with Skateparx, a thrilling font that emulates the classic old-school sports videos’ style. Whilst a more stylized typeface design, Skateparx will fit well into certain project styles. One of the most unique Final Cut Pro fonts!

Chipen – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Emulate a sci-fi future with Chipen, a typeface featuring a round cube cut and middle stripe design that gives it a very sporty appearance. It’s perfectly fit for sci-fi, modern, and technology-themed video projects!

The Hound – Final Cut Pro Fonts

Whether you are creating a cartoon series, a children’s movie, or an online game, The Hound will come in handy. It will bring a fun, and cheerful vibe to your project, and comes with a smorgasbord of options for you to customize this font to your liking.

Good vibes – Final Cut Fonts

If you want a font style for your video bumper, consider Good vibes, an option that you’ll be hard-pressed to not fall in love with. This hand-painted typeface has everything you’d expect in a stunning and professional-looking font style.

Quarpa – Final Cut Pro Fonts

final cut fonts

Quarpa is a font family consisting of everything you need to make your video presentation a hit. Quarpa is a condensed font with extended characters, rounded corners, and square contours, making it one of the best Final Cut Pro fonts on our list.

Pomp Adore – Final Cut Fonts

An ideal choice for music videos and albums, Pomp Adore is a contemporary sans-serif font any Final Cut Pro editor must have in their toolkit. With this font by your side, the only limit you have for creating a fantastic video is your creativity.

Meroche Sweet – Final Cut Fonts

final cut pro font

Made with attention to detail, Meroche Sweet is a classy font incredibly fitting to a large pool of Final Cut Pro video projects. As well as a unique design, it also comes with a laundry list of features that really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

It’s very easy to use and customize, so much so that all your worries of how to edit fonts in Final Cut Pro X will be a thing of the past.

Free Final Cut Pro Fonts

You don’t have to invest any money to get your hands on some great Final Cut Pro fonts. Let’s take a look at some free Final Cut Pro fonts that are a cut above the rest.

Stange – Free Final Cut Pro Fonts

Final Cut Pro Font

Stange is a cool typeface specifically created for Final Cut Pro projects that demand a futuristic look. It contains uppercase letters, numbers, basic punctuation, symbols and multilingual support. Grab it now.

Frostbite Boss Fight – Free Final Cut Pro Fonts

final cut pro font

Free for personal and non-commercial purposes, Frostbite Boss Fight is a beautifully designed chequered ink font that will take your video titles to a whole new level, and leave the audience in awe of your creativity.

Basicaline – Free Final Cut Pro Fonts

Bring a beautifully crafted sans-serif font style to your production with Basicaline, a clean and minimal typeface guaranteed to bring a touch of class and elegance to your production with ease. It’s free and up for grabs!

Autobus – Free Final Cut Pro Fonts

final cut pro font

If you are looking for a heavy-duty font with a powerful and technical look, Autobus is what you might be interested in. It’s a sans-serif font that comes with four weights namely light, regular, bold, and black, and multilingual support.

Restoran – Free Final Cut Fonts

Want to bring child-like joy to your video production? Well, with Restoran you can! It’s a modern and stylish handwritten font perfect for YouTube cooking videos or children-related projects. We love it, you will too!

Modia – Free Final Cut Pro Fonts

Modia is an elegant font that comes without any bells and whistles. It’s a versatile option that you’ll be hard-pressed to not use in your video projects especially the ones looking for simplicity and minimalism in the text style.

Slaztone – Free Final Cut Fonts

If you are creating a horror, mystery, or Halloween-themed video project, Slaztone is the perfect choice to suit your needs. It offers an aggressive handwritten brush stroke all-caps style, and a range of amazing features for you to take advantage of.

Bring A Beautiful Typeface Aesthetic with These FCP Fonts!

Finding the right font style for your production may take some thinking, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With this range of premium and free Final Cut Pro font options, you have everything you need to bring a unique and captivating typeface aesthetic to your work with ease!