20 Best Final Cut Pro Effects (Free, Cool Video Effects + Plugins) 2021

Final Cut Pro is a fantastic piece of software for putting together your next big video project. With some of the best Final Cut Pro effects, the software provides an incredible ability to improve the quality of your work.

Yet, despite this, it can sometimes be a struggle to find the best Final Cut Pro video effects out there. With so much of the internet to scour, it’s a time-consuming job. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to sit down and find some of the finest Final Cut Pro special effects and compile a list of items from both premium and free sources.

So, if you’re stuck looking for the best that Final Cut Pro has to offer, look no further than our list of the highest-quality Final Cut Pro effects plugins out there right now!

Glitch Final Cut Pro Video Effects

Looking to add the classic glitch effect to your videos? This package includes 10 super-cool Final Cut Pro glitch effects that are minimalist in style, but highly effective at enhancing the quality of your production. With a wide range of options to choose from, you won’t struggle to find the best glitch effect ever again.

Smoke and Fire Final Cut Pro Special Effects

Smoke and fire effects are a classic in the video editing world. Now with this Final Cut Pro smoke and fire elements package, you’ll have access to a wide range of dazzling effects that are sure to impress. All rendered in 4K and 60FPS, what’s not to love about that?

Golden Titles – Final Cut Pro Effects

Nothing speaks to an audience more than the pristine finish of gold. With Golden Titles, you can bring an absolutely stunning golden aesthetic to your titles with only a few simple clicks. It comes with a range of text placeholder options, and even a tutorial to help you make the most of the dynamic fluid effect.

Aurora Lights Logo Reveal – Final Cut Pro Effects Plugins

Next up is a gorgeous logo opener project that is hard to pass up. With a sleek modern design, mixed with pre-rendered movie effects and ultra HD resolution, your production will be sure to see a boost in viewer response with Aurora Lights at its back.

Mugshot Opener – Final Cut Pro Cool Effects

Mugshot Opener is a fast animated opener for your prank videos, family slides, traveling, and vacation movies, or a brief intro video. Pushing engagement with your viewers is always going to be difficult, but it’ll be a lot less with a mugshot opening!

Glow Particles Logo Reveal – Best Final Cut Pro Effects

Logos are often the key cornerstone of our brand, so making sure to have your logo recognized is an important step in the video editing process. With this Logo Reveal pack, you’ll be able to bring attention to your brand through glowing effects and abstract neons in just a few simple clicks.

Glam Intro – Final Cut Pro Special Effects

Looking to start making videos for lingerie fashion, beauty products, or an edgy show? Then you may want to think about picking up this sexy, and sensual logo reveal featuring light flare effects, helping you create the excitement and buzz for your next promo or ad film.

VHS Effects – Best Final Cut Pro Effects

Looking to make your audience reminisce the old-school VHS tapes from the 90s? This collection of expertly designed VHS effects are the kind of Final Cut Pro video effects that are sure to impress. With a smorgasbord of effects included, you’ll have everything you need to bring a retro feel to the screen in style.

Gunshot Final Cut Pro Video Effects

Creating a realistic gunshot effect is a pain. Yet thankfully, you don’t have to go through all of the trouble. This Gunshot Effect collection provides over 30 different cartoon-styled gunshots for you to enjoy.

Summer Background – Final Cut Pro X Video Effects

Here we have a gorgeous collection of 10 ready-made summer background Final Cut Pro effects for your videos, web animation, infographics, or landing page. It features fully editable text options, FHD resolution, and much more!

Scribble Grunge Logo – Final Cut Pro X Video Effects

Another great way to bring attention to your brand’s logo is through a strong artistic style. The Scribble Grunge Logo package provides an easily recognizable artistic style to the screen through animated scribble, grungy, and glitching effects, letting you reveal your logo in an impressive way.

Fast Gradient Intro – Final Cut Pro Special Effects

Looking to bring a little gradient style to your videos? The Fast Gradient Intro allows you to bring a trendy and sleek contemporary style to the screen with a few easy clicks. Featuring an ultramodern design, smooth animation, and transition effects, the intro is highly customizable and provides impressive versatility.

Energy Typography Promo – Final Cut Pro Effects

If you’re looking to promote your brand directly, then you may be looking to use a range of promo effects to make it happen. With the Energy Typography Promo, you’ll have everything you need to make your brand stand out, and leave a lasting impression. Maybe even get a few likes along the way, if you’re lucky!

Neon Party Elements – Final Cut Pro Effects Plugins

Neon is a lasting artistic style that has lived on for generations. With this Neon Party Elements collection, you’ll have a range of highly customizable neon effects that you can import into your video work with ease.

Typographic Kinetic Posters & Titles Effects

Text effects may be on the simpler side of the video editing toolkit, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. This Typographic Kinetic Posters and Titles package provides a range of captivating minimalistic typography designs for you to take advantage of, and bring a classic style to your production.

Slice Transitions – Final Cut Pro Cool Effects

Transitions are the bread and butter of the video editing world, and there is no end to the amount of flavor and flare you can bring to them. However, what if you’re looking for something sleek and effective? That’s where Slice Transitions comes in, providing a range of minimalist transition effects that are professional, and look great!

Modern Pack – Final Cut Pro X Video Effects

Sometimes when it comes to video editing, we need a broader support package. The Modern Pack is exactly that, providing you with 520 plus special effects including a range of titles, shapes, lower-thirds, backgrounds, and much more! One of those Final Cut Pro X video effects that is one of a kind.

Free Effects for Final Cut Pro

Whilst there are some absolutely stunning premium Final Cut Pro X effects out there, you don’t have to spend any money to get some great ones. You can get some of the best Final Cut Pro Effects free!

Free Final Cut Pro Censor Effect

Not enjoying the built-in standard censor effect in Final Cut Pro used to blur out objects in your video? Check out this freebie allowing you more control and creative freedom over the effect, and take your video editing to next level.

Free Final Cut Pro Flashback Effect

This flashback transition effect is reminiscent of the old scooby-doo cartoons. If you have to transition from present to past or show a character recollecting something from the past, this effect is your sure-fire bet.

Cyberpunk – Free Effects For Final Cut Pro X

Cyberpunk provides a range of glitch, neon lights, and distortion effects for you to enjoy. With so many amazing effects, all rendered in 4k and 24 fps, you’ll have everything you need to bring an 80s style cyberpunk aesthetic to your production with ease.

Wet Ink Opener – Final Cut Pro Effects Free

Looking to bring a simple ink aesthetic to your video? This Wet Ink Opener provides a simple-to-use effect that can bring a seamless wet ink transition effect to your videos with a few simple clicks. A great tool for beginner editors, and even pros!

Fast Zoom Transitions – Free Effects For Final Cut Pro

Jump between shots with this pack of 7 zoom-in and zoom-out transitions and a range of Final Cut Pro cool effects in a seamless manner. Use these effects in your next promo, Youtube video, or commercial, and win over your audience.

Get Your Hands on These Final Cut Pro Video Effects Today!

There is nothing more enjoyable than producing a great video. Now with this collection of Final Cut Pro special effects, you’ll have everything you need to make the most out of the software and produce something truly special!