25+ Best Davinci Resolve Slideshow & Photo Templates 2021

Slideshows are a great video marketing tool that instantly draws attention, and keeps the audience hooked till the end. Whether you want to show off your favorite family, wedding, vacation photos, showcase a product or portfolio, a slideshow will come in handy. It will help you preserve those precious memories, as well as present them in the best way possible.

When it comes to DaVinci Resolve, there is a whole range of templates available to help you take your slideshow game to a new level, and amaze the audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the best DaVinci Resolve slideshow templates ready for you to download and create memorable photo albums. You’ll find all kinds of slideshow styles on our list ranging from the VHS, vintage, and grungy aesthetic, to family-focused and romantic designs.

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Vintage DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Here we have a classic vintage-themed slideshow template for DaVinci Resolve that comes with a grungy aesthetic, and full-color control making customization a breeze. Drop in your favorite family, childhood, or wedding photos, hit render, and you are good to go.

Retro DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

davinci resolve slideshow

So many of us wants to travel back in time but without a time machine that seems like a far-fetched dream, innit? Nevertheless, the least we can do is bring back the memories of the past with the retro slideshow template for DaVinci Resolve. It’s our absolute favorite!

Adventure Memories – DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Another stunning choice well-suited for an adventure, and personal project, this Davinci Resolve template features a slideshow of polaroids helping you create a unique photo album that will tell your adventure stories to your kids and grandkids many years down the line.

Simple DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

They say simplicity is the key to brilliance, and we couldn’t agree more. This simple and elegant slideshow template comes in a neat and minimal design that doesn’t take the focus away from your content and still manages to wow the viewers.

First Love – DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Preserve the memories of your first love in this adorable DaVinci Resolve slideshow template that comes with a wealth of features helping you skate through the customization process. Get your hands on it now!

Stylish DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

davinci resolve slideshow

Whether you are looking for a photo or video slideshow or both, this DaVinci Resolve template is the one to go for. It employs a super chic, and trendy design perfect for those summer vacation, and holiday videos you’d want your friends, and family to see on social media.

Emotional Photo Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

A must-have item in every DaVinci Resolve editor’s toolkit, this slideshow template will help you put together those sentimental photos that melt your heart every time you look at them into a video format in a captivating fashion.

Wedding Slideshow – DaVinci Resolve Template

This template is a fantastic choice for wedding slideshows, romantic presentations, and special events videos. It features a range of replaceable titles, media placeholders, free fonts pack, inky transitions, and golden particle effects.

Elegant DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

This stunning photo slideshow template features a neat and elegant design that showcases your pictures in the best light possible, plus 12 unique scenes, smooth animations, and a video tutorial to help you make the most of this template.

Love Story – DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

davinci resolve slideshow

Warm, and cozy, the Love Story template is a perfect choice for couples wanting to celebrate their togetherness, and share their beautiful memories with the people who truly matter. Check it out now; you’ll fall in love with it!

Square Photo Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

This square slideshow template is a great choice if you want to leave your audience smiling after watching your video. The template features parallax effects and can be put to use for almost all kinds of photos ranging from special occasions, and holidays, to family and childhood memories.

Slice Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

If you are looking for a simple, minimal slideshow option that still catches the eyes, consider this template featuring a modular structure, slice transitions, well-organized layers, smooth animations, HD resolutions, full-color control, and much more.

VHS DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Bring the classic VHS style to your video with this slideshow template containing a smorgasbord of picture and text placeholders, analog effects, and a modern design that makes it an ideal choice for a range of creative and professional applications.

Digital Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

Feast your eyes on this digital slideshow template featuring a high-definition modular structure, smooth and clean transitions, plus a modern and sleek look perfectly fit for sci-fi and futuristic video projects.

Cartoon Kids – DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

davinci resolve slideshow

It’s not possible that we curate a list of the best DaVinci Resolve slideshow templates and not include a kid’s friendly option. Although all our picks can be molded into a kids’ slideshow, this one is special. It’s colorful, and adorable just how children like it. The cartoon graphics will surely add bountiful joy to your next video.

Plexus DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Wanting to create a photo or video slideshow that has a very unique and eye-catchy appearance? Take a leap of faith in this fusion-themed Plexus template offering dynamic animations, vibrant overlays, and smooth transitioning effects.

Romantic Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

Offering a warm, cozy, and romantic vibe, our next option is a charismatically designed slideshow template for DaVinci Resolve that allows you to show off your personal, wedding, and all those special photos that you’d want to cherish forever.

History Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

This vintage slideshow template offers smooth transitions, light leak effects, and a rugged look that makes it an outstanding choice for opening historical TV shows, documentaries, movies, and presentations.

Grid Photo Slideshow For DaVinci Resolve

Up your slideshow game with this grid photo template perfect for all occasions. It comes with a range of picture and video placeholders, text layers, and dynamic effects that are sure to create a solid impression on your audience.

Family Memories – DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Whether you want to create a vacation slideshow, wedding presentation, or family memories clip, this DaVinci Resolve template will come in handy. It features a simple and clean design with minimal particle effects and allows you to drag and drop your photos, videos with ease.

Brush DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

davinci resolve slideshow

Here we have a dynamic and artsy slideshow for DaVinci Resolve that will surely knock your audience off their socks. It features an aesthetic that instantly catches the eye and evokes an inexplicable curiosity to watch more.

Corporate DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Create an elegant and sophisticated corporate slideshow presentation with this modern, multipurpose template perfect for virtually any business or industry under the sun. It offers everything you’d expect in a professional, attention-grabbing slideshow template!

Photo Opener For DaVinci Resolve

Draw your audience’s attention with this abstract photo opener that can be used as an introduction to your corporate presentations, or logo reveal. The template offers a bright, and trendy design, basic transitioning effects, and smooth animations.

Dynamic DaVinci Resolve Slideshow Template

Next up is a modern, and stylish slideshow template that will help you create impactful videos. It features a trendy design, cool effects, and a range of other features that really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

Ink Slideshow Template For DaVinci Resolve

Check out this stunning DaVinci Resolve Slideshow template featuring a super cool design, and smooth ink transitions that grab attention, plus a video tutorial to help you use the template in the best way possible.

Create Remarkable Slideshows And Blow The Audience Away

And there you have it- the best slideshow templates for DaVinci Resolve. With these resources in your toolkit, creating stunning slideshows will be a piece of cake, plus your audience will have an exciting and memorable watching experience.

No longer will you have to stress about creating a sub-par video; all you have to do is look for the images you’d like to include, pick a template, drag and drop, hit render, and you have got yourself a marvelous slideshow ready.