20+ Best Squarespace Templates of 2024

Squarespace is arguably the most popular cloud-based website building platform available today. One of the main features that made the platform so popular is its collection of professionally designed website templates.

In this post, we handpicked a collection of the best Squarespace templates for creating any type of a website to promote your brand and business on a budget.

The gorgeous template designs aren’t the only reason why most businesses choose Squarespace. It also offers lots of other facilities, functions, and features that provide a complete all-in-one website building experience to its users.

Why Use Squarespace?

The beginner-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website editor is what makes Squarespace special. The platform makes it quite easy for complete beginners to design their own website without any prior web design knowledge using hundreds of customizable options.

Starting at only $12 per month, Squarespace is also very affordable compared to other platforms especially if you’re using a variety of Squarespace promo codes. As a result, the platform is quite popular among freelancers and small businesses.

Some of the main Squarespace features include:

  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Free hosting, SSL, and global CDN
  • eCommerce solutions for online stores
  • Integration with email marketing services
  • Website designs optimized for SEO
  • Built-in analytics and reports

The platform also features a large collection of pre-built website templates you can customize to make your own websites. These templates feature modern and professional designs that suit almost any kind of a website you want to build.

Here are a few of the great website templates you can use to build a website with Squarespace.

Kester – Squarespace Template for Portfolio Websites

Ida-Kester squarespace template

If you’re looking for a simple and minimal template to make a portfolio website on Squarespace, this template is the perfect choice for you. Kester is a template designed for creatives, artists, designers, and freelancers for making portfolio websites.

With this template, you can effectively show off your design work, photography, and case studies in a modern layout. It also includes a shop layout for selling products online as well as a blog layout and more.

Soria – Wedding Website Squarespace Template

wedding squarespace template

A wedding website is a great way to make your special day a more memorable experience for everyone. With this Squarespace template, you can create a modern and attractive website to add all the details about your wedding.

The template has sections for adding your story, details about the events, gift registry, as well as an RSVP form for accepting RSVPs online.

Carmine – Event Landing Page Squarespace Template

Carmine squarespace template

A clean and minimalist design is a must for creating an effective landing page for promoting an event. This template is designed with that specific purpose in mind.

Carmine is an event website template that features a modern and minimal design. It lets you showcase details about the event with big bold headings while utilizing a minimal yellow background. With the eCommerce integration on Squarespace, you can use this website to sell tickets online as well.

Paloma – Podcast Website Squarespace Template

Paloma squarespace template

Paloma is a Squarespace template for making podcasting websites and landing pages. The template features a simple design where you can encourage visitors to listen to your podcast, promote the latest episodes from your show, and more.

The template also includes sections for adding a blog to the website along with a podcast episodes page and donate button for accepting donations.

Clarkson – Non-Profit Business Squarespace Template

Clarkson squarespace template

If you’re working on a website project for a non-profit organization, this Squarespace template will help speed up your process. It features a simple layout where you can detail the main mission and the cause behind the organization.

The template also has a page layout for highlighting the initiatives of the company. Here, visitors can learn everything there is to know about the organization and take action to participate in the cause.

Crosby – Niche Online Store Squarespace Template

Crosby squarespace template

Crosby is one of the most beautiful templates you’ll find in the Squarespace templates collection. It features a clean and minimal design that highlights the products of your store above everything else.

The template is designed with small niche online stores in mind. It’s perfect for selling hand-crafted items, home decoration items, and DIY products.

Suhama – Squarespace Portfolio Template for Writers

Suhama squarespace template

Creating a portfolio for a writer can be a tricky process. Since you can’t showcase your written work with pictures, you need a design that accentuates your work in written format. This template does that job quite well.

Suhama is a portfolio website template made for writers in mind. It allows you to showcase your projects and portfolio of work more effectively on a minimalist design.

Colima – Yoga & Fitness Squarespace Template

Colima squarespace template

Colima is a Squarespace template you can use to make websites for yoga centers as well as health and fitness centers. The template features a highly visual design where you can add photos of your studio to attract attention.

It also has sections for promoting your training programs and classes. As well as page layouts for showcasing instructors and online forms for booking classes.

Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template


Ready is a minimal and elegant template designed for creating websites for professionals who offer services such as coaching, consulting, and freelancing. The template is effectively designed for attracting clients and detailing your services. There’s also a CTA (call to action) button that allows people to schedule an appointment, which is quite easier to setup using the Squarespace’s built-in scheduling system.

Skye – Modern Blog Squarespace Template


Skye is a great template you can use to make a simple blog. If you’re thinking about starting a travel blog or a food blog to share your travel stories and food recipes, this template is perfect for you. It features a fullscreen design with grid-based content blocks. Blog post layouts are also created to offer improved user experience as well.

Harris – Minimal Corporate Squarespace Template


Harris is a highly minimalist Squarespace template that’s most suitable for making websites for corporate businesses and agencies, especially for attorneys as well as officials and agents. The template homepage is made to showcase your business information. It also comes with multiple inner-page templates for showcasing services, clients, and more.

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template


Galapagos is a modern eCommerce website template you can use to setup an online store with Squarespace. The template comes with a minimal design featuring a grid-based layout for showcasing your products effectively on the homepage. It supports quick view, integration with the powerful Squarespace shopping cart system, and secure payment processing.

Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template


Hayden is a simple yet effective Squarespace template you can use to build a professional website for a design agency, architecture firm, real estate business, and more. It comes with a modern design and many sections for highlighting your services, clients, portfolio, and case studies. It also features a scheduling system for booking appointments.

Sofia Rey – Freelancer Squarespace Template


Sofia Rey Squarespace template is made for creating websites for freelancers. It comes with a minimal and clean design that provides you with different sections for including information about yourself, your services, client testimonials, and a contact form. The template also has a resume section that allows you to use the template to create an online resume website as well.

Pacific – Restaurant Squarespace Template


Pacific is the perfect template for creating a website for a restaurant, hotel, or a cafe using Squarespace. The template design offers many useful features for creating an effective website, including a section to detail menus, a fullscreen image slider, CTA sections for making reservations, and much more.

Carson – Portfolio Squarespace Template


Carson is an unusual portfolio website template that comes with a unique design. Instead of a scrolling website layout, it has a static homepage where it lets you highlight the top pages in an interactive way. When you hover your mouse cursor over a link, the background changes. Each page lets you showcase the clients and the projects you’ve worked on before. The hidden menu can be used to link to other pages such as contact and about me pages.

Impact – Education Squarespace Template


Impact is a modern website template made for creating educational websites such as for schools, colleges, online learning programs, and even for non-profits. The template features a stylish layout with an effective header section that quickly grabs your attention. Followed by neatly designed sections for detailing your programs, mission, team, and more.

Foster Juice Co – Business Squarespace Template


Fost Juice Co is a template you can use to setup a website for a food and beverages business or brand. But, the design can also be easily customized to make other types of websites as well. The template comes with a clean layout where you can effectively showcase your best products and even sell them online using the built-in Squarespace eCommerce features and the shopping cart.

Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template


Avenue is a minimalist portfolio website template. If you’re a designer or an illustrator, this template is perfect for setting up a simple website to showcase your work online. The template features a grid-based layout for including different portfolio items on the homepage. The single portfolio item pages can be used to describe them in more detail as case studies as well.

Heights – Fitness Squarespace Template


Heights is a fitness and gym Squarespace template. It comes with a modern and a simple design you can use to promote your gym or fitness brand to online audiences. The template features an effective header section that encourages people to sign up for your gym membership and has separate sections for promoting private sessions, classes, and for showcasing trainer profiles.

Wix is another great platform you can use to build a website. Check out our collection of the best Wix templates to see what the platform has to offer.