28+ Best Spa WordPress Themes 2022 (Free & Premium)

We’ve collected the best spa WordPress themes for health clinics, yoga classes, spa centers, and more. Perfect for showcasing your wellbeing center or spa to potential customers, with all the features you’d expect!

A relaxing trip to a spa can awaken all your senses. The sights, smells, and sounds are all part of the experience, and it’s not an easy thing to replicate on your website. This collection of WordPress themes aim to do just that, designed from the ground up to work perfectly for this industry, with all the features you might need for your spa website.

The design cues throughout these themes are exactly what you’d hope for. Calm, serene, simple and professional. They exude the look-and-feel of a relaxing and refreshing spa visit, perfectly translated for the web.

Features-wise, expect to see things like treatment information, “menu cards” for the different options on offer, opening times, information about therapists, high-quality photos and sliders, and even the occasional sprinkling of relaxing spa music!

Read our piece on how to build a health club or spa website with WordPress, then jump into this collection of beautiful themes!

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