30+ Best Art Deco Fonts 2022 (Modern Script, Serif & More)

Making those art deco projects something special is an absolute joy. From designing to crafting, and the finishing touches. However, often to make the best art deco projects really stand out, it’s wise to make use of art deco style fonts that encapsulate your style and showcase your skill to the fullest extent.

Today we’ll take some time to go over some art deco type fonts, art deco serif fonts, art deco script fonts, and some modern art deco fonts that you can pick up quickly and easily.

We’ll explore both premium and free options, both with captivating designs that are bound to make that project really stand out.

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Find Fonts

Fonseca – Art Deco Font Family Pack

Fonseca art deco font family pack

Fonseca is an elegant art deco font family featuring a clean and classic design. The bundle includes 16 fonts featuring 8 different weights ranging from thin to extra black. They also feature obliques, glyphs, and alternate characters. It’s perfect for everything from corporate stationery design to creative branding designs.

Phantom – Art Deco Display Font

Phantom - Art Deco Display Font

This is a different style of an art deco font that takes inspiration from both modern fonts and art deco designs. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. And it’s most suitable for crafting big titles for website headers, posters, and social media posts.

Gatsby – Classic Art Deco Font

Gatsby - Classic Art Deco Font

Just as the name suggests, this font features a design inspired by the era of the Great Gatsby. It has a classic art deco letter design with vintage serifs. You can choose from 5 different font styles, including grunge, inline, and outline styles.

Avenida – Art Deco Font

modern art deco fonts

Taking an art deco look, Avendia is all about classic, elegance, and high-class feel all over it. Suit perfectly for high-end market audiences, poster, movie title, classic restaurant/ cafe menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on.

Indentia – Art Deco Font

modern art deco fonts

Indentia is a very interesting font, which has been inspired by Art Deco art. It is formed from very careful lines with stylistic set and ligature features. Indentia has 200+ glyphs consisting of two styles: Indentia Regular and Indentia Black.Suitable for any graphic design projects, prints, logos, posters, t-shirts, packaging and applicable for some types of graphic design. Indentia is compatible with any software without any pain.

Agendra- Swirly Serif Font

Agendra is modeled after the serif typeface but brings a little personality to the table with deeply curved edges, yet clear and distinctive line work that keeps readability completely intact. One of the gold standards in modern art deco fonts.

Haarlem- Decorative Serif Font

Haarlem is an exquisite font with an all-caps design. With a beautiful combination of vertical and horizontal lines, and the availability of both italic and regular styles, and alternate characters, the classic vintage font is a highly adaptable powerhouse that can be applied to project of many shapes and sizes.

Caylee- Art Deco Script Font

Caylee is a script font with an expansive typeface ready for any occasion. Designed around a fast hand sweep style, the script is a trusted companion for your art deco project needs. Able to stand out on almost any backdrop, with pristine readability, and a luscious aesthetic.

Gratefully- Modern Slab Serif Font

Gratefully is a present-day serif inspired font that is crafted after the fall’ theme. With bold and thick line work and bouncy, scribble handmade letters, Gratefully struggles to be boring. This beautiful font is widely used, and regarded as one of the best art deco fonts out there today!

Elagond – Inline Brush Script Font

Elagond is an inline brush-stroke script, with an interesting overlapping two-line design. The script comes with a range of features, even including multilingual support, and a range of carefully crafted capital letters to make it stand out among many of the other brush-stroke inspired script designs.

Andrea Belarosa- Stylish Art Deco Script Font

Andrea is a fine-point handwritten cursive script, with an absolutely exquisite line work design that seems to capture every word in its own unique painting. One of the best cursive fine-point script fonts out there, Andrea can give your art deco project that added flair of high-class style you may be looking for.

Nineland- Geometric Serif Font

Sometimes simplicity is key, and that’s where the geometric serif Nineland font style comes in. With strong bold character design, with the slightest hint of curve to it, it’s one of the best art deco serif fonts out there and is a fantastic choice for those projects that need a more center-focused titling job.

Black Angela – Tattoo Script Font

If you’re looking for that tattoo, street art style, then look no further than Black Angela. An expertly crafted art deco script font, with a meticulous eye for detail behind every character. Certainly not the choice for every project, but the only choice for some!

Pustoh – Sans-Serif Script Font

Pustoh is a rare breed of a font, able to combine the sans-serif typeface, with the elegant design choices of a script font. Well suited to those happy and bubbly projects that are looking for a font that seems to smile back at them.

Melted Monster- Halloween Inspired Script Font

Melted Monster is a font oozing personality. Inspired by a spooky Halloween vibe, the Melted Monster script comes with uniquely designed characters that will give your project that dark mystery feel you may be looking for. One of the best art deco script fonts on the market.

Soulist- Handlettering Script Font

Soulist is a handwritten script font absolutely packed with features and sports a high level of adaptability. With a range of gorgeous line art designs for both capital and lower case letters and a range of stylish alternatives for every character, it won’t be hard to have this attractive art deco font tailored to your personal project vibe.

Fresh Grapes- Fun Bold Script Font

Fresh Grapes is a decorative font that pushes us back to those playful designs of the 90s. With a foundation of fun bold script font design choices, all baked into a modern style that is easy on the eyes and a breeze to read.

Fasterox Script- Modern Art Deco Font

Fasterox Script is a handwritten font style that comes with an impressive 270+ special glyphs to help you tailor your font to your personal style. Rendered into a luscious complex line work design, the Fasterox Script is a breeze to adapt to your art deco project.

Dayland – Authentic Calligraphy Font

Among all of the calligraphy styles out there, Dayland sets itself apart with a modern and highly readable adaptation. Specially designed for decorative branding, the font fits right in with art deco endeavors. One of the best art deco style fonts for those looking to capture that wedding decorative aesthetic.

Swerds Caps – Graffiti Style Font

The Swerds Caps typeface won’t be for everybody; with a distinct graffiti style that harps back to the street style of the 80s and 90s, it excels at a unique playful design that looks as if every character has been specially painted onto any canvas it finds itself on.

Wallington Pro – Elegant Art Nouveau Font

art deo font

Wallington Pro is a stylish and elegant font that checks all the boxes of a perfect art nouveau font. It has a bold serif lettering design, long curvy lines, and an overall bold look that can’t be matched by any other type of font. Its design is inspired by the late 19th-century Old English culture. And it comes with 10 stylistic sets and hundreds of ligatures and glyphs.

Decohead – Minimal Art Deco Font

art deo font

Similar to art nouveau fonts, art deco fonts share the same elegant look and feel. Except art deco is all about creating a clean look while maintaining elegance. This font is a great example of an art deco font. It comes in 3 different font weights with the same stylish letter design.

Bagerich – Stylish Art Nouveau Font

art deo font

Bagerich is a classy font that features a stylish design that you’d normally see in high-end brandings such as Gucci or Victoria’s Secret. This font comes with art nouveau-style letters along with lots of alternate characters, ligatures, and stylistic characters to help you craft amazing logos, labels, and more.

Onamura – Experimental Art Nouveau Font

art deo font

Onamura is a unique experimental font that’s been designed by mixing a few different art styles. It shares different elements from the art nouveau movement as well as art from the Gothic era. This gives a unique look to each letter in this font. And it’s perfect for modern designs that instantly grab attention.

A Look at Some Free Art Deco Fonts

Finding the right art deco serif fonts, and art deco script fonts out there for free doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let’s take a look at some free art deco fonts you can get your hands on right now!

DECOERA – Free Art Deco Display Font

DECOERA - Free Art Deco Display Font

Decoera is a free art deco font that comes with a mix of modern and vintage designs. The font takes inspiration from 70s typography and it’s ideal for luxury and high-end branding designs. The font is free to use with personal projects.

Artisual – Free Art Deco Display Font

Artisual - Free Art Deco Display Font

This free art deco font is a great choice for crafting titles for various types of posters and flyers. The retro-themed art deco letter design truly gives it a unique look and feel. This font is also free for personal use.

Countryside- Free Art Deco Font

Countryside is an expertly crafted script font that encapsulates the country aesthetic. With a range of wonderful unique special characters for you to employ, and a distinct cursive inspired design, Countryside can quickly turn your art deco project into a stylish masterpiece.

Visually- Free Modern Brush Script Font

Visually is a font that takes us back to our first love. With touching, and gorgeous line work, and many special characters to choose from, Visually charms us with its creative and gorgeous design that suits perfectly for DIY projects, greeting cards, posters, scrapbooking, and many more decorative projects.

Billion Dreams- Free Art Deco Type Font

Billion Dreams is a synergy of the sans-serif typeface, and a handcrafted script font that absolutely drowns you in that joyful personality. With impressive deep curves in the lettering, whilst still maintaining clear readability, Billion Dreams is a highly adaptable font that is a breeze to use.

Requiem- Free Art Deco Serif Font

The Requiem Font is a script that makes us think of a typewriter with too much ink. That intricate blotched design, mixed with the modern straight line art, makes Requiem a unique and stunning font choice for a range of art deco projects.

UnderWorld- Free Art Deco Serif Font

The UnderWorld font is inspired by the movie Underworld Evolution, and employs that same gothic feel to its uniquely designed script. With a range of special characters for you to choose from, and a hint of biblical overtones, UnderWorld one of the most iconic free art deco fonts out there.

Catallina – Free Art Deco Font

art deo font

This clean and minimal art deco font is actually free to use with your personal and commercial projects. And it has a set of unique characters with the same elegance of a premium font.

Make Those Art Deco Projects Stand Out Today!

With an impressive range of both free and premium art deco fonts to choose from, it has never been easier to add that extra spice to your projects. From modern vintage sans-serif typefaces to beautiful intricately designed script fonts, there is something for every art deco project. Big and small!