How to Add a Read More Link to a Tumblr Post

Some Tumblr blogs rely on lots of text content. When they appear on the homepage as a continuous stream of text the solution is to use the Keep Reading link.

This is functionality that Tumblr offers and can be used in any theme that shows the full-text content of each post on the homepage. It’s a great way to keep your blog looking neat and simple!

Why Use the Keep Reading Link?

There are two great advantages of using the Keep Reading link. One is that your readers will click through to read the full post on the post page, and this improves the ranking of your site. It’s not just about one long homepage filled with articles. Your readers will navigate through your site.

Another advantage is that it keeps the homepage shorter and focused. Readers will skim through the contents and check what your site is about and then navigate through other post pages.

How to Add the Keep Reading Link to a Tumblr Blog?

It’s very easy to add the Keep Reading link. When adding the content of a blog post (independent of the type of post), you can add a paragraph that will be the intro that is seen on the homepage.

Then when hitting enter a set of icons will appear and you should click the 3 dots (…). This will produce a break that will be represented by a wiggly line. After this break, you can write what will appear only on the post page.

Here’s a very small video showing how this is done in just a simple step:

All our Tumblr themes support this functionality, and you can take a look through them here!