20+ Best Neon Photoshop Effects (Neon Text, Fonts, Light Effects & Neon Actions)

When it comes to creating photo editing, there is no better tool than Photoshop. Providing users with unparalleled flexibility, usability, and functionality, it has maintained its top spot in the visual design world.

We know the extensive nature of the third-party Photoshop resource world can often be daunting, especially for those looking for some captivating neon effects in Photoshop. You can often be trapped looking for hours for the right Photoshop neon glow filter only to get lost in the sea of substandard items floating around on the internet.

It’s for this reason that we decided to compile a list of the best Photoshop neon effects. Sourced from both premium and free websites, these resources will provide everything you need to bring a cyberpunk vibe to your work with ease.

We’ve made sure to include a wide range of neon styles, including neon fonts, brushes, glow filters, as well as a range of other neon effects for Photoshop that you’ll find useful.

Discover the best neon light designs for Photoshop with our list down below!

Cinematic Neon Photoshop Actions

neon effect photoshop

Emulate a mesmerizing cinematic neon style with this neon action Photoshop collection. Inside you’ll find a wide range of modern and professional actions to choose from, each providing their own neon light Photoshop style.

Neon Sign Photoshop Effect

neon effect photoshop

Looking to bring an energetic vibe to your typography? Then you need this neon sign Photoshop effect ideal for someone wanting to travel back in time to the bygone era. Inside you’ll find a simple-to-use template that will have you crafting your very own neon sign effect in Photoshop in mere minutes!

Neon Glow Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Trim every picture with an unforgettable light and shine with this neon glow Photoshop action that’s designed to help make your pictures pop, whilst also providing you with the flexibility to fit a wide range of creative and professional project styles. An impressive Photoshop neon glow filter!

Neon Glitch Photoshop Effect

neon effect photoshop

Make every photo truly stand out with this Photoshop plugin that combines the classic glitch effect and captivating neon aesthetic to create magic on the screen. It’s an incredibly designed neon overlay that will seamlessly transform your pictures into a modern work of art. One of the best neon effects Photoshop actions on this list!

Animated Neon Light Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Bring a touch of animated glory to your visual design projects with this Gif neon light Photoshop action. Inside you’ll find a range of animated elements you can attach to your pictures or footage with ease, and make a truly memorable design that’s sure to impress.

Dystopian Photoshop Actions

neon effect photoshop

Purpose-built for nighttime cityscapes, Dystopian is a set of eight heavily stylized Photoshop actions that help to craft the perfect neon retrofuturistic look with minimal effort. One of the best neon effect Photoshop actions on the market right now!

Neon Sign Effect for Photoshop

neon effect photoshop

Create an attention-grabbing signboard design with this awesome template that provides you with everything you need in a neon sign effect for Photoshop, and equips you with enough customization options to allow you to mold the template exactly to your needs.

Neon Text Photoshop Effect

neon effect photoshop

Want to bring a touch of neon personality to your text designs? Check out this neon text Photoshop filter providing you with unmatched freedom in how you apply the effect over your typeface designs, making it a great choice for any visual designer’s toolkit.

Holographic Iridescent Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Not all neon resources have to use extreme lighting effects to catch your attention. With the Holographic Iridescent action, you can emulate the Photoshop neon glow filter style whilst sticking to a pastel color aesthetic. A great option for those looking to create a poster design, or edit their photos in a unique and captivating fashion!

Bright Party – Neon Light Effect Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Make every corner of your photo twinkle with the Bright Party action, an incredible resource for adding captivating neon lights Photoshop effect to your pictures. The action provides you with several different pre-sets, a range of customization options, and much more!

Red Light Leaks & Neon Text Photoshop Effect

neon effect photoshop

Next up is a remarkably unique take on the traditional neon aesthetic. The template uses a range of light leak effects and mixes them with neon fonts for Photoshop. The result is a truly creative design that you can take advantage of with only a few simple clicks of a button.

Lucent – Neon Effect Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Bring a truly dream-like style to your pictures with the Lucent Photoshop Action. It’s a captivating and mesmerizing aesthetic that uses a thick light leak brush style and mixes it with the bombastic pop of neon lights. A fantastic neon glow Photoshop action for those looking to create fantasy artworks!

Lightsaber – Neon Font Photoshop Effect

neon effect photoshop

Sometimes we just need something simple for our text designs, and that’s where Lightsaber comes into play. It allows you to neonize your test, logo, and shapes with ease. Inside you’ll find all of the expected customization options, as well as a range of pre-sets to make using the neon font Photoshop effect a breeze.

Color Distortion Neon Text Photoshop Effect

neon effect photoshop

Enchant your audience with beautiful text designs employing the color distortion effect combined with the neon aesthetic. Although all the options shared on this list are worth trying out, if we have to choose our favorite, this neon font Photoshop effect definitely takes the cake.

Light Bulb – Neon Light Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Not every neon design has to use flashy cyberpunk colors to execute that classic effect. With the Light Bulb Photoshop Action, you can transform your typeface designs into beautifully crafted neon beauties in just a couple of minutes. An awesome neon light effects Photoshop plugin!

Cyberpunk Neon Photoshop Actions

neon effect photoshop

Perhaps you are looking to emulate that grunge cyberpunk look with your images, which means you need to drop everything and grab this fabulous neon Photoshop action right now. Inside the pack, you’ll find eight easy-to-use options to bring your images to neon life with ease.

Color Fusion Photoshop Actions

neon effect photoshop

Forge an incredible neon light effect in Photoshop, without having to drown your visual design in light sources, with the Colour Fusion Photoshop actions collection. A beautifully crafted overlay that will make your work truly pop!

Neon Pro Photoshop Actions

neon effect photoshop

Make every picture appear as if it has been taken out of a cyberpunk future with the Pro collection of neon effect Photoshop actions. These actions are designed to bathe your pictures in unforgettable neon lights Photoshop effect. A great option for those heavily stylized visual design projects!

Free Neon Effect Photoshop Actions

You don’t have to spend a pretty penny getting your hands on some great neon effects for Photoshop. Let’s take a look at some free resources that manage to stand out, from text effects to neon sign designs for Photoshop.

Free Neon Font Photoshop Plugin

neon effect photoshop

Bring a neon glow Photoshop effect to the table with this freebie tailored to make transforming your images into a neon dream a piece of cake. You can customize the colors to match your brand vision, and your personal taste and preferences.

Free Neon Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Here we have a simple and fun Photoshop action that allows you to paint neon colors into your work with ease. It’s a flexible neon effect Photoshop action that will find itself at home in both creative and professional projects.

Free Neon Sign Effect Photoshop Action

neon effect photoshop

Looking to neonize your text, logo, or signboard? Then you need this neon sign effect Photoshop action available for free download! It’s a simple and quick-to-set-up plugin that will have you tailoring your own neon sign in mere minutes.

Bring A Touch of Neon to Your Work with These Amazing Resources!

Never again will you find yourself lost within a sea of neon resources, trying desperately to find the one that works for you. With these neon effects for Photoshop in your toolkit, you have everything you need to craft from a cyberpunk poster to a neon signboard that’s sure to catch people’s attention.