8 Best WooCommerce Upsell & Cross-Sell Plugins To Boost Sales

Online stores and retail websites use many different strategies for generating more revenue by influencing people to buy more. Two of the most popular tactics used by almost all eCommerce websites are cross-selling and upselling.

Upselling is a very effective strategy for boosting sales. It can increase revenue by up to 30% and for most businesses, up to 95% of revenue comes from upselling.

If you have an online store powered by WooCommerce, integrating upselling and cross-selling strategies with your store is very easy. All you need is the right plugin and you can set it up all by yourself.

In this post, we showcase some of the best WooCommerce upsell and cross-sell plugins you can use. There are both free and premium plugins on this list. Have a look.

What are Upselling and Cross-Selling?

If you’ve seen a “Recommended products for you” or “Products bought together” section on an online store, then you’ve experienced cross-selling in action.

If you’ve ever used an upgrade offer to buy a better version of a product, then you know how effective upselling can really be.

Cross-selling is all about suggesting and influencing the customer to buy more related or recommended products. The goal of Upselling is to get the customer to buy a better version of a product to increase the value of the sale.

These are just two of the common strategies online retail sites and stores use to get people to return to the store and to encourage them to buy more.

How Other Stores Use Upselling & Cross-Selling

Online retail sites, like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay, get the most use out of cross-selling by recommending products to customers.

amazon example

On Amazon, you’ll often see a section where it recommends you to buy products together. In a way, it also counts as an upsell since it increases the value of the sale.

aliexpress example

AliExpress uses coupons as a way to get new customers as well as to encourage existing customers to buy more.

apple store example

When it comes to upselling, many websites offer upgrades to get the customer to spend more. The Apple store website, for example, gives you multiple storage options for each device they sell as an upgrade.

Top WooCommerce Upsell Plugins

If you want to use upsell and cross-selling strategies on your own online store, try using these plugins. They integrate with WooCommerce to help you create offers and recommended products to generate more revenue from customers.

1. WooCommerce Boost Sales

woocommerce boost sales

  • Price: $32

This plugin doubles as both upsell and cross-sell plugin for WooComerce. It includes various features such as popups, recommended products, suggested products on the checkout page, and much more to help increase sales in your store.

In addition, the WooCommerce Boost Sales plugin also adds a creative discount progress system where customers can spend a certain amount to get a discount coupon.

Unique strategies like that will not only help attract more customers but also make your store stand out from competitors.

Best Features

WooCommerce Boost Sales 2

  • Display popups to cross-sell and upsell products
  • Create product bundles to sell multiple products at a discounted price
  • Show a discount progress bar to customers
  • Ability to show and hide upsell features on specific product pages
  • Customize the design of the popups and messages to your preference

2. Order Bump

order bump

  • Price: $10

Order Bump is another upsell plugin for WooCommerce that offers multiple tools for creating an effective upsell funnel for your store. It adds suggested products at the checkout page with discounts to increase the value of the sale.

In addition, Order Bump plugin also includes popups for creating cross-sells. As well as the ability to create a checkout funnel to design an optimized page to generate more revenue.

Best Features

Order Bump 2

  • Create an upsell funnel to generate more sales from customers
  • Show recommended products with discounts at the checkout page
  • Create popups with product suggestions and show at checkout
  • Add a countdown timer at checkout with a time-limited offer
  • Create an order suggestion page to recommend more products

3. WooCommerce Notification

woocommerce notification

  • Price: $30

Showing recent sales notifications is a popular strategy that most online stores use these days. It offers a great opportunity for you to build social authority and promote products at the same time.

WooCommerce Notification plugin allows you to setup similar sales notifications for your store. Using the plugin you can highlight recent product purchases from customers and get more customers to buy your popular products.

Best Features

WooCommerce Notification 2

  • Show a sales notification to promote your products
  • Customize the design of the notification to match your branding
  • Ability to create different messages from recently purchased, most viewed, or recommendations
  • Pick products that you want to promote and create manual orders until you start making sales
  • Fully responsive design looks great on mobile and desktop devices

4. One Click Upsell Funnel

one click upsell funnel

  • Price: Free

This is a great free plugin you can use to create a simple upsell funnel on your online store without breaking the bank. The plugin allows you to create offers and includes them in upsell funnels to help increase the sale value.

With the free version of the plugin, you can create unlimited offers and funnels. It also allows you to track offers and get reports on their performance. There’s also an upgrade offer option you can use to upsell different versions of products as well.

Best Features

One Click Upsell Funnel 2

  • Create unlimited upsell funnels and offers
  • Create upgrade offers to increase the value of the sale
  • Get detailed reports on offers and funnels
  • Supports page builder plugins and shortcodes

5. Upsell Order Bump Offer

upsell order bump

  • Price: Free

This plugin works similar to One Click Upsell Funnel plugin as it comes from the same developer. The Upsell Order Bump Offer plugin, however, integrates with the checkout page of your website to promote special offers.

You can create attractive special offers for products with discounts and promote them at the checkout page to encourage customers to buy more products.

Best Features

Upsell Order Bump 2

  • Create and add special product offers to the checkout page
  • Customize the offer layout and design to your preference
  • Ability to create variable and subscription product offers
  • Track offers and get reports on performance

6. SalesPower


  • Price: $39

SalesPower is a multipurpose upsell plugin for WooCommerce that includes several different useful features. It includes options for creating cross-sell and upsell offers, exit-intent popups, live sale notifications, and much more.

It also includes discount progress bars and the ability to create bundle offers to increase value per sale. It’s a useful plugin for creating a complete upsell system across an entire online store.

Best Features

SalesPower WooCommerce Addon 2

  • Create exit-intent popups to upsell product offers
  • Make bundle offers for upsell and cross-selling products
  • Add live sales notifications to build social proof
  • Easily customize the notifications and upsell systems to match your branding

7. WooCommerce Product Combo


  • Price: $28

Saraggna is a cross-sell plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to create bundle offers with discounts. Using the plugin, you can create product combos that let customers buy products at a discounted price.

This cross-sell method is ideal for online retail stores, especially for bundling popular products with low-selling products. It’s a great way to sell your inventory and give attention to hidden products.

Best Features

Saraggn 2

  • Create product combos and bundles to increase the sale value
  • Choose from 3 different styles of cross-sell systems
  • Add a countdown timer for limited-time offers
  • Create fixed and percentage-based discounts

8. Molongui One Click Upsell


  • Price: Free / $39 per year

Molongui is a free upsell plugin that offers a basic yet effective feature to increase the value of each sale. With this plugin, you can integrate a simple upsell offer on your checkout page.

The offer function is designed to appear as a natural placement on the checkout page to make the upsell without interfering with the user experience. You can also customize the offer layout to your preference.

Best Features

Molongui 2

  • Create a simple upsell offer and integrate it into your checkout page
  • Customize the design to match your branding
  • Create a custom offer and set your own discount price
  • Support for images, shortcode, and more available with the premium version

Which Upsell Plugins Should You Use?

Pick a plugin depending on the type of offers you want to use in your store. A plugin like WooCommerce Boost Sales will be quite effective as it offers both upsell and cross-sell features.

Keep in mind that installing too many plugins can create conflicts with other plugins as well as consume lots of server resources. Try to use one or two plugins that give you multiple features.

You can also check out our best WooCommerce plugins list to find more ways to boost sales and revenue.