45+ Best Vintage Lightroom Presets (For A Free Vintage Look) 2024

Bringing the final touches to a special picture can make a memory last a lifetime, but it can often be a struggle to know just how to go about it. Many of us assume that if you don’t have professional experience, you can’t do it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth if it tried. For those of us that want to bring a more vintage feel to our pictures, it is simple and easy to apply a Lightroom vintage look through the use of vintage Lightroom presets.

Lightroom presets are a predesigned editing suite that will make your pictures into something incredible with only a few simple clicks. Yet it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to getting that Lightroom vintage finish.

It’s for this reason that we’ve compiled a range of premium and free vintage Lightroom presets, each tailored to provide something unique and leave a lasting impression in the process.

Read on to see our list of the best premium and free vintage Lightroom presets!

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Find Lightroom Presets

Classic Film Vintage Lightroom Presets

Classic Film Vintage Lightroom Presets

This Lightroom preset collection includes beautiful vintage-themed effects for achieving a classic look for your photography. There are 10 different presets with various styles of effects included in the bundle. They are compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom.

Dark Moody Vintage Style Lightroom Presets

Dark Moody Vintage Style Lightroom Presets

Give your portraits and outdoor photography a dark and moody vibe with this vintage-themed Lightroom presets collection. It has creative effects that are even suitable for wedding photography. You can apply the effects in just one click.

Retro Lite Vintage Lightroom Presets

Retro Lite Vintage Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets will help add a nostalgic feel to your photography with their retro and vintage style effects. The pack comes with 7 different high-quality presets that work with Lightroom desktop and mobile apps.

Vintage HDR Lightroom Presets

Vintage HDR Lightroom Presets

Create a cool vintage HDR look for your photos with this bundle of Lightroom presets. It also comes with 7 different effects for enhancing your portrait and lifestyle photography. There are 2 instruction manuals for learning how to use the presets as well.

10 Vintage Wedding Lightroom Presets

10 Vintage Wedding Lightroom Presets

A collection of vintage-themed Lightroom presets specifically designed for enhancing wedding photography. The bundle includes 10 different effects featuring smooth and professional looks.

Vintage Style Lightroom Presets Desktop & Mobile

Vintage Style Lightroom Presets Dekstop & Mobile

You can create a classic vintage pop style effect for your portrait photos with this Lightroom presets pack. There are 7 creative effects included in this pack for use with different types of photography styles.

Grainy Vintage Lightroom Presets and LUTs

Grainy Vintage Lightroom Presets and LUTs

The Grainy Vintage Lightroom Presets and LUTs asset offers a unique way to add a textured, film-like aesthetic to your photos. Ideal for both landscapes and portraits, it controls color range to avoid overly vibrant colors. The asset includes 20 AI-powered Lightroom presets and LUTs for both desktop and mobile, with bonus features protecting skin tones and ensuring smooth color transitions. Compatible with Lightroom 2023+, Photoshop 2023+, and various others, this creative asset lends a refined vintage touch to your work.

1960’s Vintage Lightroom Presets

1960's Vintage Lightroom Presets

The 1960’s Vintage Lightroom Presets is a superb tool for photographers and graphic designers aiming to upgrade their work. This easy-to-use pack possesses the power to offer spectacular results with just a click, adding a beautifully aesthetic feel to your photos or designs. Includes presets for Lightroom Desktop, camera raw for Photoshop, Lightroom Mobile, and a helpful guide for installation. Works seamlessly with RAW and JPEG images, on Lightroom 4-7(CC), Adobe Photoshop Action & Lightroom Mobile, and compatible with both Mac and PC.

Lightroom Presets – Dark Vintage

Lightroom Presets - Dark Vintage

Get more out of your photos with the Dark Vintage Lightroom Presets. Ideal for those desiring a vibrant yet classic aesthetic, these presets enhance landscapes and people shots, perfectly suited for travelers, photographers, fashion or lifestyle bloggers. The package includes 4 desktop and 4 mobile presets, with a .lrtemplate and .DNG format respectively, plus a helpful text-based installation tutorial. You’ll need Lightroom CC on your desktop to use them.

ARTA – Vintage Film Presets

ARTA - Vintage Film Presets

ARTA – Vintage Film Presets offer superior quality Lightroom presets that enhance your photographs’ appeal, suitable for professional photographers, travelers, bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts. These presets are compatible with both mobile and desktop Lightroom versions, and tested across varying camera types for universal usability. The package contains four desktop and mobile presets and a text-based tutorial for effortless installation. Despite being free, these presets can significantly improve your photos’ quality and consistency.

12 Vintage Lightroom Presets

Bring a touch of vintage aesthetic to your photos with this Lightroom preset collection comprising of twelve different preset options. These presets are designed to provide that subtle vintage finish to each and every one of your pictures with just a few simple clicks.

Vintage Tones – Lightroom Presets

Want to bring the old-time vintage feel to your pictures, with a hint of the mid-20th century? Then Vintage Tones is what you’re looking for. The set offers you a range of six different Lightroom presets that aim to bathe your pictures in the soft vintage aesthetic with ease.

Wartime Lightroom Presets and LUTs

There is nothing more vintage than images of the old wars, and now with this Wartime Lightroom preset collection, you can bring the same feel to your pictures that old wartime pictures did. Each preset is designed to apply an old film style to your photos, with a soft yet noticeable contrasted finish.

UltraFaded Vintage Lightroom Presets

The UltraFaded Lightroom preset bundle is tailored to bring a soft and faded style to your pictures, much like the washed-out film style of vintage photos. A great subtle option for those that want to hit that balance between a modern aesthetic, and a vintage one.

Folklore Vintage Lightroom Presets

The Folklore Lightroom preset package is a great way to emulate that vintage aesthetic. The presets apply a wash of dark tones over your pictures and help to bring out a deeply defined contrast style with a nostalgic touch. Great for a wide range of picture styles, such as weddings, fashion, or even just portrait selfies.

Black & White Vintage Lightroom Presets

You don’t have to take a leap back to the black and white era to bring that same aesthetic to your images. With this B & W Lightroom preset package, you’ll have access to expertly crafted Lightroom styles, each tailored to transform your pictures into a monochrome masterpiece.

Boudoir Tender Lightroom Presets

Boudoir Tender is a Lightroom preset kit that offers a bit of a different take on the typical vintage vibe. These presets aim to enhance dull color saturation, whilst increasing the contrast in a subtle fashion. You can easily hit a very vintage aesthetic using this collection of Lightroom presets.

Saint Denis – Lightroom Vintage Look Presets

Saint Denis is a Lightroom preset bundle that is much more specific in how it provides that vintage aesthetic. It excels at enhancing (and adding) a touch of bright tones to your pictures and then working to bathe the picture in a soft vintage glow.

Javed – Vinatge Lightroom Presets

Javed is a Lightroom preset collection that provides you with six vintage-style dark-toned preset options. Each preset works to bring out the moodier vintage style, and can turn any picture into a beautiful artwork with ease.

Old School Vintage Lightroom Presets

Bring those old-school nostalgic vibes with this package containing a range of Lightroom presets that work to bathe your pictures in a soft old-film vintage aesthetic, coupled with an authentic film look. You’ll be hard-pressed to not consider this option if you really want to bring a Lightroom vintage look to your photos.

10 Vintage Film Lightroom Presets

Want to make your pictures look as if they’ve been taken on a vintage film? Well, look no further than this collection providing ten expertly designed presets that strive to give an authentic Lightroom vintage look to your images.

Vintage Wedding Lightroom Presets

If you’re looking to bring a vintage touch of character to your wedding pictures, then this Lightroom collection is what you’re looking for. It’s designed to bring a professional-grade vintage finish to each and every special moment. The package includes a range of different presets, ensuring you always have options at your fingertips.

Vibrant Film Lightroom Presets

Not every vintage style has to be washed out film. Here with the Vibrant Film Lightroom preset collection, we have a captivating highlighted approach, providing your pictures with a touch of the vintage style, whilst also managing to bathe your pictures in the soft touch of sunlight.

Sports Vintage Lightroom Presets

Want to bring a more vintage feel to your sports pictures? Well, now you can! With the Vintage Sports Lightroom package, you’ll have access to a massive fifty different preset options, all tailored to provide that iconic vintage aesthetic to your photos.

Vintage Film Look Lightroom Presets

The vintage film look is what most of us think of when we think vintage, and now with the film preset collection, you can bring that Lightroom vintage look to your pictures with just a few simple clicks. The package comes with sixty-eight expertly designed presets for you to try out and enjoy!

Sentimental Film Lightroom Presets

Next up is a Lightroom preset collection that provides you with a captivating and gorgeous vintage film style. With each picture looking like they’ve come out of an old-time photobook of the mid-20th century, the Sentimental Film style is a simple and effective way to bring the classic vintage aesthetic to life.

80s Vintage Lightroom Presets

Want to bring the classic 80s style to your pictures? This collection of Lightroom presets is designed to do just that. It provides you with the iconic 80s vintage style, spread across different Lightroom designs.

Lifestyle Vintage Lightroom Presets

Turn your pictures into an old-style retro piece of art with this carefully-crafted collection of lifestyle Lightroom presets helping you to supercharge your workflow and get amazing results. The presets are non-destructive allowing you to retain 100% of the original pictures.

Cinematic Lightroom Vintage Presets

Get your hands on this massive bundle of 50 presets that will help you achieve that cinematic Lightroom vintage look without having any professional experience in editing photos. It’s a collection that will pay for itself many times over!

Cinematic Lightroom Vintage Presets

vintage lightroom presets

This Vintage Street Tones Action & Lightroom Preset is designed to create a catchy and sharp look that stands out from the rest, creating a unique smooth style, focusing on different shades.

Moody Lightroom Vintage Presets

vintage lightroom presets

These vintage filters are so versatile and work with a lot of different pictures like fashion, lifestyle, blogging and even moody product shots.

Lightroom Vintage Presets

vintage lightroom presets

Get that beautiful aesthetic look that you always wanted for your photo posts or style, that will give your photos a perfect results with only a simple click. This pack is compatible with Lightroom Desktop and mobile and Photoshop Actions.

Lightroom Vintage Presets

vintage lightroom presets

These presets are exclusively designed to enhance & upgrade your images to the next level. These presets are fully compatible with Lightroom 5 and 6 & CC, can be used by everyone who has a basic Lightroom experience.

Lightroom Vintage Presets for Christmas

vintage lightroom presets

This pack is everything you need to edit your blogger’s photos and take your game or everyday photos to the next level! Easy to use, you will get a text file that will help you install the presets.

50 Lightroom Vintage Presets

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Dial up a nostalgic vibe with these 50 vintage film Lightroom presets and LUTs. The specialized color profiles give your photo an authentic look that can’t be replicated with Lightroom settings. And with true Lightroom mobile support, you can edit anywhere with your phone or tablet.

Winterchrome Vintage Lightroom Presets

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Add a winter holiday feel to your photography with this set of family, lifestyle and portrait presets for Lightroom. Beautiful skin-tones, warm and cold variations and a special analog touch will make your images stand out!

Lightroom Dark Vintage Presets

Vintage Lightroom Presets

These presets are made in such a way as to give the impression of being more alive and real which is very suitable for landscapes or human objects. Perfect for a constant instagram feed in a beautiful style with modern colours for a travel, photography, fashion or lifestyle blogger and anyone who wants to bring their photos to a better quality.

Bohemian Vintage Lightroom Presets

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Flashback to the past with these vintage bohemian Lightroom presets. The download includes an incredible 50 presets for Lightroom desktop and mobile. They’re enhanced with skin tone protection algorithm that give your portrait photos professional results.

Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

Whilst getting your hands on a real piece of vintage history can be costly, it doesn’t need to cost you anything to add some vintage Lightroom presets to your arsenal. Let’s take a look at some free vintage Lightroom presets we think are something special.

Warm Vintage – Free Lightroom Preset

Warm Vintage - Free Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset features a very classic and vintage look that will instantly transform the look of your photos. It’s perfect for outdoor photos as well.

1985 – Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

1985 - Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

This vintage Lightroom preset is also free to download. It comes with a clean and minimalist effect that adds a washed-out color look to photography.

Vintage Architecture – Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

Vintage Architecture - Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

Grab this free vintage Lightroom preset to add a truly classic vibe to your travel photos. It’s perfect for enhancing the photos of buildings, structures, and locations.

Western – Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

Western - Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

If you want to give an old western look to your portrait photos and turn them into scenes from a classic Clint Eastwood movie, then be sure to download and use this preset. It’s free!

10 Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

Bring out the classical vintage aesthetic with this range of ten free vintage Lightroom presets. Using a more direct soft-white hue approach, these presets are sure to bring out the vintage vibes in a matter of minutes.

Vixen – Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

Vixen is a Lightroom preset that excels at portrait pictures helping to lace in the subtle vintage aesthetic into every selfie you take. The presets work to enhance soft color saturation, and dull overbearing contrasting in the process.

Aged Film – Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

Make your special memories a vintage dream with this free Lightroom preset that has been professionally designed to make the pictures look like they have been taken from a real analog film camera. One of the best free vintage Lightroom preset out there!

Bring the Vintage Vibes with These Vintage Presets!

It has never been easier to make your pictures look like a vintage piece of artwork. Now with these vintage Lightroom presets at your fingertips, you’re well on your way to making any memory a beautifully crafted vintage spectacle!