50+ Best Event & Sponsorship Proposal Templates 2024

If you’re putting together an event that requires funding or are trying to raise awareness for a cause, chances are you’ll need a sponsor – and these brilliant event and sponsorship proposal templates are the perfect way to impress your potential sponsors and secure the money you need to achieve your goals!

Suitable for a huge range of different styles, purposes, and industries, our list of the best sponsorship and event proposal templates features options that are compatible with InDesign, Photoshop, and Google Slides, and offers downloads from both free and premium sources – so you can be sure that no matter your budget, you’ll find the perfect template for your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the best event and sponsorship proposal templates we’ve found, starting with a selection of premium options from Envato Elements.

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Creative Sponsorship Proposal Template

Here we have a stylish and creative 16-page proposal template that can be fully customized to your liking. Just pop in your text and images in Adobe InDesign, and you have got yourself an impressive sponsorship proposal ready.

Stylish Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

If you’re looking for a stunning, colorful, and professional sponsorship proposal template, take a leap of faith in this option suitable for virtually any business under the sun. It features 12 custom pages, free fonts, CMYK color space, and much more.

Business Sponsorship Proposal Brochure

Business Sponsorship Proposal Brochure

This elegant brochure template is perfect for designing a high-quality sponsorship proposal for a classy event. It features a stylish cover design with modern inner-page layouts for highlighting your event and its many features. There are 20 pages in this template.

Business Conference Proposal Template

Business Conference Proposal Template

If you’re planning a business event, this proposal template will provide you with the perfect brochure design to craft a winning proposal. It features a classic corporate design that will fit many different types of business events. The template includes 20 different page layouts with easily editable designs.

Circular InDesign Proposal Template

Circular InDesign Proposal Template

A creative InDesign template designed for crafting professional proposal brochures. Simply add your logo, swap out images, adjust typography and branding colors, and the template is ready for use. With sections ranging from Company Overview to Pricing, it’s a comprehensive tool for detailing project goals and business strategies.

Sponsorship & Project Proposal Template

Sponsorship & Project Proposal Template

This is an intuitive InDesign template that ensures effective, comprehensive proposal brochures. With clearly defined sections for objectives, scope, methodology, timeline, and budget, it streamlines project management. Notable features of this instantly downloadable, print-ready template include professional design, compatibility with InDesign, and a 20-page document in A4 paper size.

Event & Project Proposal Template

Event & Project Proposal Template

An easy-to-use InDesign template designed to simplify the creation of event proposals. Featuring sections for key details such as objectives, scope, and timeline, this template ensures clear communication and efficient management of business projects and events. With its professional design and 16-page length, the template ensures you have all the elements necessary to put together an effective, comprehensive proposal.

Geryana – Business Proposal Template

Geryana - Business Proposal Template

Geryana is a clean, stylish, and professional InDesign template that is ideal for creating various business proposals. Comprising of 12 unique pages with strong, professional typography, this user-friendly template is fully customizable to reflect your brand. It guarantees seamless compatibility with InDesign and is print-ready at 300dpi for exceptional quality.

Proposal Template Layout for InDesign

Proposal Template Layout for InDesign

This InDesign template provides a striking yet effortless solution for crafting impactful project proposals. The layout, which incorporates a fusion of style and structure, results in professional, visually engaging presentations. The template, which can be instantly downloaded, is compatible with InDesign. It features an easy edit system, 28 pages, and free font links in an A4 size, print-ready format.

Brand Sponsorship Proposal Template

Brand Sponsorship Proposal Template

This is an easy-to-edit InDesign template with professional design and customizable sections, allowing you to effectively highlight your brand’s vision, strategy and market analysis in your brand sponsorship proposals. This template, conveniently available for immediate download, ensures a polished presentation that will impress clients, boost your brand’s status and is also ready for print.

Project Proposal InDesign Template

Project Proposal InDesign Template

A refined, professional InDesign template for all types of proposals. This template features a crisp design, and customizable elements, and encompasses 20 pages for a thoroughly detailed presentation. It’s perfect for event and sponsorship proposals.

Red Project Proposal Brochure Template

Red Project Proposal Brochure Template

A versatile Adobe InDesign template with a bold, minimalist design. Compatible with multiple InDesign versions, this 12-page layout offers a great mix of text and graphic elements and is superbly easy to customize. Perfect for various industries, this template champions the efficient use of white space and robust fonts.

Multipurpose Event Proposal Template

Multipurpose Event Proposal Template

This InDesign template elevates critical communications with its blend of graphical, tabular, and chart-focused designs. It features 12 unique pages for comprehensive presentations and offers seamless and user-friendly editing for customization. It’s print-ready at 300 DPI and offers vibrant CMYK color mode, all designed in impeccable A4 sizing.

Yondae – Business Proposal Template

Yondae - Business Proposal Template

Yondae is a sleek, professional InDesign template that offers seamless customization for your brand proposals. It features a 12-page layout with strong typography and A4 size pages. It’s designed for easy editing and impeccable print quality at 300dpi, offering clear navigation with its well-organized structure.

Creative Work – Event Proposal Template

Creative Work – Event Proposal Template

This event proposal template comes with a creative design and it’s ideal for showcasing your proposals for work and business events. The template has stylish inner-page layouts with colorful shapes and paragraph styling. You can change the fonts, images, and colors too.

Brilliant Event Proposal Template

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous event proposal template that will surely make an impression on the sponsors. Featuring 26 unique pages, customizable text, images, and colors, this template will pay for itself many times over.

Event organizer Proposal Template

Our next event proposal template is a stunning and modern option for Adobe InDesign that offers 12 unique page layouts,3 mm bleed, smart layers, and free web fonts for you to use, plus a high-quality 300 DPI resolution and picture placeholders for easy customization.

Multipurpose Event Proposal Template

Next up is this super versatile event planning template that will help you nail your proposal with 20 unique and eye-catching pages to customize. It’s compatible with Adobe InDesign and includes free fonts, paragraph styles, 300 DPI resolution, fully-layered, and pixel-perfect graphics for easy editing.

Product Launch Proposal Template

Our next template for Adobe InDesign has been specifically designed for a product launch event, but can be adapted to suit any occasion that requires a big impact! It features A4 and US Letter page sizing and classic sans serif typography for a clean, purposeful look.

Fashion Event Proposal Template

Here we have the perfect option for you if you’re putting together a fashion or photography-themed event! This dramatic collection of 12 unique and fully editable page layouts with orange and grey color scheme is compatible with InDesign and comes with free fonts, neatly organized layers, and a handy support document.

Cooking Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Cooking Event Sponsorship Proposal

This is an all-inclusive sponsorship proposal template that will help you reach out to sponsors to finance an upcoming event. Right from the purpose of the event, and the preliminary stages, to details of the participants, and guests, this template compiles everything you might ever need to create an impressive event sponsorship proposal.

Fundraising Proposal Template

If you’re involved with a charity that requires sponsors to keep it running, this impressive sponsorship proposal template will make your life easier when it comes time to pitch for new funding! It comes with 52 professional-looking page layouts, infographics, tables, charts, and free web fonts for you to use, plus a print-ready CMYK color space.

UP Sponsorship Proposal Template

If you need sponsorship for a salon or just want to get inside access to the beauty industry leaders, this is the sponsorship proposal template for you! It features fun, stylish typography and artistic graphics with a clean, minimal layout, and can be customized using Indesign, Photoshop, Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

Corporate Event Proposal Template

Another super versatile option that can be used for any corporate or industry event, this template for Adobe InDesign consists of beautiful page layouts, free fonts, CMYK color space, and image placeholders for you to customize as you desire, plus it comes in two paper sizes and a help guide for seamless editing.

Modern Sponsorship Proposal Template

Perfect for an important corporate event such as a seminar or conference, our next sponsorship proposal template consists of 12 total pages, each with unique and fully editable vector elements, free fonts, and 3 mm bleed. It’s compatible with InDesign and comes in a print-ready 300 DPI resolution.

Blogger Sponsorship Proposal Template

Many bloggers require sponsorship or partnership in exchange for blog marketing, social media promotion or product review offers, hence this template for InDesign and Word is the perfect way to present your blog sponsorship proposal. It features free fonts, fully-layered elements, and an easy-to-customize layout.

Market Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Market Event Proposal

For a simple, strictly professional event sponsorship proposal, consider this InDesign template. It features a clean, modern layout, 12 custom pages, CMYK color space, and free fonts. This template is an excellent choice for seeking sponsorship for business events.

Startup Sponsorship Proposal Template

Perfect for a digital marketing event or startup company that requires sponsorship to pursue their dream business, this corporate-themed sponsorship proposal template for Adobe InDesign is a fun yet professional way to make your case and offers a 12-page custom layout, free fonts, and fully-layered vector graphic elements.

Clean Sponsorship Proposal Template

Here we have a truly multipurpose sponsorship proposal template that can be used to pitch for any kind of cause and can be fully customized to suit your purpose. This template can be used with InDesign and Word and comes with 16 pages, paragraph, and character styles, auto page numbering feature, and a guide file to help you edit with ease.

Yellow and White Event Proposal Template

Next up is another versatile option that can be customized using Adobe InDesign, and can be used for virtually any kind of event sponsorship proposal, from charities and benefits to sports teams and community events.

Minimal Sponsorship Proposal Template

Event Organizer Square Brochure Template

If you need a simple, and elegant sponsorship proposal template with a no-frills approach, this Indesign template is the best bang for your buck. The simple, clean design will make your proposal stand out from the pack, and get you the sponsorship you have worked extremely hard for.

Startup Funding Proposal Template

If you’re searching for a clean and modern template that’s been specifically designed for a startup funding event or sponsorship proposal, this is a fantastic option – it comes with editable page layouts, A4 and US Letter page sizes, free fonts, and fully layered graphic elements for super simple customization, and is compatible with InDesign.

Music Event Proposal Template

Planning a music festival all by yourself and in need of sponsorship? Our next template is a great option to pitch your music festival planning ideas to the sponsors and make the event a big hit. This beautiful event proposal template for InDesign features a gorgeous purple color scheme and aesthetically pleasing graphic elements.

Minimalistic Sponsorship Proposal Template

Here we have a versatile sponsorship proposal template for InDesign that can be adapted to fit any kind of business or charity. It includes 12 unique page layouts, 3 mm bleed, free fonts, animations, and a range of fully-layered vector graphics for you to mix, match, and customize.

Green Sponsorship Proposal Template

Organizing an event that aims to preserve the environment? Our next template is ideal for environmentalists or nature lovers to use for their sponsorship proposals. It features 12 beautifully designed layouts in green, 3 mm bleed, free fonts, print-ready 300 DPI resolution, and fully layered graphics.

Gerald Event Proposal Template

Gerald - Influencer Media Kit & Sponsorship

Gerald is an elegant and stylish blog media kit for fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion businesses, beauticians, and stylists. It is a great tool for pitching your blog or business to companies to partner with you and outshine the competition.

Music Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Music Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

A comprehensive Event Sponsorship Proposal Template for seeking sponsors in order to run an event. It is compiled at the early planning stages and covers the aim of the event and the attendees who will be involved.

Simple Sponsorship Proposal Template

Sponsorship Proposal

Here we have a simple, sophisticated sponsorship proposal template that can be put to use for virtually any business under the sun. Check it out now!

Creative Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Creative Event Proposal Template

Fancy a vibrant, and creative sponsorship proposal for your next event? Check out this tastefully designed template featuring 20 pages, fully customizable in Adobe InDesign. With such snappy colors and design, this template is certainly one of the best picks on our list.

Fashion Event Proposal Template

event sponsorship proposal template

Perfect for a sales and marketing proposal with a difference, our next option is an elegant and easy-to-use template designed for Adobe InDesign that’s great for any creative business, such as those in the fashion or design industries. It includes 12 pages, a neutral color theme, a grid-based layout, and a range of color scheme alternatives.

Social Media Event Proposal Template

event sponsorship proposal template

Next up we have a stunning social media marketing proposal template that you’ll be hard-pressed to not consider. It offers 40 unique pages, a grid-based layout, free fonts, customizable colors, and well-organized composition helping you create mood boards in a matter of seconds.

Stylish Event Proposal Template

event sponsorship proposal template

Check out this stylish sales proposal template specifically designed for service industries. Featuring 22 modern and professional pages, front and back cover, A4 and US Letter size, and free fonts, the template has everything you need to make an impression.

Buzzer Proposal Template

event sponsorship proposal template

Our next sales and marketing proposal template is Buzzer- a stunning option from Envato Elements that provides 52 unique and fully editable pages, unlimited options for color theme variations, and a range of vector shape illustrations for a modern and professional look.

Berry Proposal Template

event sponsorship proposal template

Designed specifically to help you grow your business, this marketing proposal template includes a range of helpful and versatile page layouts, complemented by subtle colors, beautiful infographics, and picture-perfect illustrations, plus a minty color scheme that can be changed to fit your brand.

Impressive Event Proposal Template

Before we take a look at some free options, consider this stunning proposal template for your next pitch for funding – it includes 12 unique pages with free fonts, cleverly organized layers, and CMYK color mode, and is fully customizable with Adobe InDesign.

Free Event And Sponsorship Templates

Free Clean Corporate Event Proposal Template

Free Clean Corporate Event Proposal Template

This is a free proposal template you can use to create a clean and minimal brochure packed with all the details about corporate events. The template has 16 unique pages in A4 size.

Free Education & Training Event Proposal Brochure

Free Education & Training Event Proposal Brochure

You can use this InDesign template to design a brochure for events related to education and training programs. There are 12 different pages included in this template with editable colors, free fonts, and icons.

Free Contemporary Event Proposal Template

Check out this fantastically designed event proposal template that you’ll be hard-pressed to not consider. It comes with a range of beautiful pages, free fonts, and so much more. The best part? It’s available for free download.

Free Event Proposal Template

The next free event proposal template in our collection is this festival-themed design for Microsoft Word and Pages, featuring a soft, muted color palette and whimsical illustrations to help put forth your event plan. It’s available as a free download from Bidsketch.

Free Corporate Event Proposal Template

Next up is a clean and professional proposal template ideal for corporate events. The template features a sophisticated design, soft color theme, and strong typography, and it can be fully customized to appeal to your potential sponsors.

Free Business Event Proposal Template

event proposal template

Say hello to this modern, and versatile event proposal template, helping you seek sponsorship in an instant. It comprises 13 carefully crafted pages, A4, and US Letter sizes, and paragraph, character, and object styles for making customization a piece of cake.

Free Company Event Proposal Template

Next up is this free option from Behance that’s been purposefully designed as a planning proposal template for a company event and features 8 businesslike pages, free fonts, and customizable graphic elements. It comes in A4 sizing and is compatible with Adobe InDesign.

Free Music Event Proposal Template

Our final event proposal template is this music festival-themed option featuring a modern and creative layout, easy to edit graphics, and free fonts. It’s fully editable in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Pages.

And there you have it – a collection of the very best event and sponsorship proposal templates, from free and premium sources across the web to assist you with all of your planning and fundraising activities at work, at home, and anywhere in between.