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20+ Best Professional Lightroom Presets for Pros 2020

Time is money – it’s true. As a photographer, you know better than anyone that creating stunning photos takes time, even after you’ve put the camera away. To help with this, we’ve curated a list of the best professional Lightroom presets for you to choose from.

Every professional photographer needs a range of effective and high-quality Lightroom presets at their disposal to make the processing and editing of their photos easier, quicker, and therefore more cost-effective.

You’ll save yourself so many hours in processing and editing that you’ll be able to say yes to more projects, increasing your revenue, or simply take back some time for yourself. And with these incredible filters, your clients are sure to be over the moon, winning you repeat business and amazing reviews – what’s not to love?

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Find Lightroom Presets

Lomography Lightroom Preset

The Lomography preset contains beautifully toned filters to give your photos a rich, vintage quality. Containing 11 separate professional Lightroom presets in total, this collection has been designed by a professional photographer and Lightroom expert, and can be applied to many different styles and subjects.

Family Professional Lightroom Preset

If you offer family portrait photography services, this Lightroom preset is sure to be an invaluable tool for you. It allows you to enhance family photos in a few clicks and looks effective across a wide range of settings, from outdoor photo shoots and weddings to newborn portraits.

Clean Corporate Lightroom Preset

The name says it all – for professional Lightroom presets that give you clean, corporate-looking images, look no further than this bundle. It includes five groups of ten modern, businesslike presets, each with clean, stylish elements and professional-sounding names such as “Ambition” and “Enrich.”

Traveler Lightroom Preset

Perfect for nature lovers and adventurers, the Traveler Lightroom preset features toasted warm brown, orange, and gold colors, and will give your photos a bright, zesty feel. It’s best used on photos taken in an outdoor setting, especially when there’s sky, ocean, or mountains involved.

Monochromatic Lightroom Preset

For stunning monochromatic images, this preset will become your go-to. It includes 20 creative tools, each with different effects, such as matte, high and low contrast, and aging. A classic and memorable way to render portraits, in particular, a good monochrome Lightroom preset, is essential for any professional photographer.

Fantasy Dark Professional Lightroom Preset

Containing 11 artistic filters, this preset will help you to create dramatic, effective photographs with a single click. With rich, dark tones, dramatic contrast, and intense color, it’s great for themed photoshoots, as well as outdoor portraits.

Carbonium Black & White Lightroom Preset

This collection of black and white presets is another staple of any professional photographer’s toolbox. It features 16 different black and white filters in different styles, so you can be sure that whatever kind of photography you specialize in, there’s a preset here that’s perfect for you.

Matte Lightroom Preset

Ideal, if you offer glamor, boudoir or fashion photography shoots, this preset offers a soft, seductive element and will turn your photos into beautiful portraits with enhanced colors and a professional faded finish. It includes 50 individual filters, so you’ll have plenty of space to get creative!

Film Emulation Lightroom Preset

Particularly popular for wedding photography, this Lightroom preset collection makes your photos look like they’ve been taken straight out of a Hollywood film! It features 50 different styles, all of which are fully customizable to help you get the exact results you’re after.

Sunlight Lightroom Preset

Designed to yield effective results with a single click, this collection of presets is perfect for outdoor photography, and helps you to enhance the light and color quality. You’ll practically be able to feel the sun beaming out from your stunning new photo.

Vogue Lightroom Preset

As the name suggests, this preset arrangement is ideal for fashion photographers and bloggers, and will really make the texture, depth, and color of your images pop. All of the filters can be easily adjusted to suit your own style, and they’re incredibly easy to use.

Landscape Lightroom Preset

This set of 100 professionally curated presets will drastically improve the way you process and edit your travel and landscape photos. Created specifically with landscape and travel photographers in mind, it helps you to enhance your images without creating a distraction from the stunning subject matter.

Natural Portrait Lightroom Preset

Designed to add depth and atmosphere to portrait photography, this versatile collection of professional Lightroom presets has been carefully handcrafted with precise calibration adjustments to add modern, sophisticated elements to your photos, for eye-catching yet natural results.

Dark & Moody Lightroom Preset

Again, this preset is a perfect compliment to portrait images and adds a rich, warm quality to your photos. Ideal for wedding photography, in particular, these beautiful filters will enhance the shadows and darker details in each photo to create a sultry, vintage-inspired masterpiece.

Food Photography Lightroom Preset

The food photography frenzy can be seen all over social media, and you can barely go out for brunch without everyone at your table, pulling out their phones as soon as their order hits the table. Make sure your food photos stand out from the crowd with this set of 30 clean, purpose-built filters.

Retouch Lightroom Preset

Naturally, this preset has been designed for use with portraits and fashion photography, but can be used for any images where a bit of retouching might be needed! Smooth those wrinkles, buff out blemishes, and enjoy a perfect complexion with only a few clicks.

Modern Portrait Lightroom Preset

If you want to add a soft, feminine, and playful vibe to your portraits, this is one of the best professional Lightroom presets you could choose. Featuring 30 individual filters with a non-destructive workflow, it’s a great choice for any kind of fashion or wedding photography.

Cross Process Lightroom Preset

For an artistic, edgy finish, try this collection of premium filters. Containing 43 professional Lightroom presets, it’ll apply a creative, cross-processed quality to your images. It’s super versatile and can be used with just about any kind of photography.

Artistic Lightroom Preset

This preset provides a dramatic, hipster-esque tone to your photos, and again, can be applied to any type of photography. Dark, creative, and professional-looking, it’s the kind of preset you’ll be coming back to time and time again.

Newborn Lightroom Preset

Finally, if you offer newborn photography sessions, this preset is not to be missed. It adds a dreamy, modern quality to your portraits with soft, clear elements and light, warm coloring.

As a professional photographer, your tools are of utmost importance to the end result of your services, and ultimately, the satisfaction of your clients. Achieve stunning, unique images, gain happy customers (and maybe even some referrals!) and save yourself a heap of time processing and editing your photos with these twenty high quality Lightroom presets.