25+ Best Snow Lightroom Presets (+ Free Winter Presets) 2023

Winter is a magical time of cold winds and snowy wonder. We often find ourselves out in the snow taking pictures and enjoying the season. However, it can be difficult to make these photos look that extra bit special.

Due to the high amount of light reflection on snow, photos taken in winter often struggle with color saturation, contrast balancing, and harsh lighting sources. The best way to overcome this hurdle is through winter Lightroom presets.

It’s for this reason that we decided to compile a list of the finest Lightroom snow presets free and premium. If you’ve been out there looking for some great winter Lightroom presets, then your search is over!

Make all of your winter season pictures something special, and help them stand out on social media feeds, with our list of the best Lightroom snow presets free and premium!

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Find Lightroom Presets

Winter Story Lightroom Presets

winter lightroom presets

Bring the holiday spirit in with the Winter Story Lightroom presets, and give a cold, frosty look to your pictures. the bundle includes fifteen presets that can be customized to your specific requirements in just a few easy clicks of the button.

Snow Hiking Lightroom Presets

Thinking of going on a hiking trip, and want to take some pictures? Then take this Snow Hiking Lightroom preset collection with you. Each preset in this four preset collection is designed to enhance snowy landscape pictures, and make those hiking shots truly stand out.

Let It Snow Lightroom Presets

Let It Snow is a Lightroom preset package that aims to enhance those close-up winter shots. The package provides you with eleven preset options, each with its own unique approach to winter season light balance, color saturation, and contrast levels. A great choice for those that want to take some winter selfies!

Snow Lightroom Presets

The Snow Pack Deluxe Edition is a professionally designed collection of Lightroom presets, providing a cinematic and captivating aesthetic to every picture they are applied to. A gold standard in the world of Lightroom snow presets!

Winterchrome Lightroom Presets

The Winterchrome collection of Lightroom presets is an interesting approach to providing improvements to winter season pictures. It works to strip away harsh light, mend in deep color saturation, and only adds a touch of contrast balancing to the mix. A unique preset pack that is sure to impress!

Magic Winter Lightroom Presets

If you’re looking for more selection in your presets, then look no further than the Magic Winter Lightroom preset package. It contains a massive range of thirty-two different presets, each designed to make every winter shot something truly special.

Winter Blog Lightroom Presets

If you make a habit of making Instagram stories, or writing blogs, and want to attach some beautiful-looking photos to go along with them, then for the winter season, your best companion is the Winter Blog Lightroom preset collection containing ten presets that specialize in enhancing close-up winter shots.

Winter Fairytale Lightroom Presets

Bring a touch of whimsical joy to your winter photos with the Winter Fairytale Lightroom preset collection. Inside you’ll find twenty presets, all designed to add a touch of joy, enhance soft color saturation, and bathe your pictures in a subtle white hue.

Cold Winter Lightroom Presets

The Cold Winter Lightroom preset collection is a more traditional take on the winter preset style. However, don’t let that fool you. Cold Winter provides a beautiful high-quality finish to your winter season shots, and a range of ten presets supported on both desktop and mobile devices.

Winter Pack Lightroom Presets

winter lightroom presets

An ideal choice for Instagram influencers, and travel photographers, this Lightroom bundle contain twelve presets for winter photography. These filters will give an enhanced look to your images, making them more beautiful, and attractive.

Winter Mood Lightroom Presets

winter lightroom presets

If you’re a beginner looking to dabble in winter photography, and editing, this Lightroom collection is a good place to start. It provides you with a range of Lightroom snow presets with moody tones, rich colors, natural creamy whites, and more.

Frozen Blue Lightroom Presets

Add a dash of deep contrast personality to your photos with the Frozen Blue Lightroom preset collection. This collection is designed as a perfect balance between landscape, and close-up preset styles. Tailored for use on Instagram and other social media websites!

Bright Winter Lightroom Presets

This Lightroom collection is an urban winter travel preset package designed to provide you with a deep white color balance, and a contrast dampening effect. Great for those low-light winter urban shots. There are five presets to choose from, supported on both desktop and mobile devices.

Winter Snowscape Lightroom Presets


The Winter Snowscape is a professionally designed collection of Lightroom presets and LUTs, tailored to bring out even the finest details in every snowy landscape. There are fifty Lightroom Snow presets to choose from, each providing a slightly different style.

X-Mas Tree – Winter Lightroom Presets

Bring a touch of the Christmas spirit to your photos with the X-Tree Lightroom preset collection featuring ten presets that are designed to enhance winter season Christmas shots, and bring out the duller colors, whilst balancing out the harsher reflected colors on the screen. A great choice for those shots needing a beautiful finish with a special analog touch!

Sky Lightroom Presets

Make that ski trip last in memory forever, with the Ski Lightroom preset collection. These presets are designed to provide a deep contrast finish, and highlight wide-lens landscape-styled shots. They are especially useful for enhancing the detail of your presence in a shot, even when you’re quite small compared to the landscape around you.

Polar – Lightroom Snow Presets

Polar is a gold standard in the world of Lightroom snow presets. It provides you with almost every style of winter theme preset option you could ever hope for. Inside you’ll find a range of different presets, designed for landscape, urban, and close-up shots.

Mega Winter Lightroom Preset Collection

If you’re looking for options, look no further than the Mega Winter Collection containing a range of fifty winter Lightroom presets that strives to equip you with almost every style of winter preset there is.

Snowy Time Lightroom Presets

Bring a charming style to your pictures with the Snowy Time Lightroom preset collection. Inside you’ll find a range of different presets, all tailored to enhance those outdoor winter shots. Try it out for your snowy photos!

Magic Winter Lightroom Presets

Make every shot something special with the Magic Winter Lightroom preset collection. These presets are tailored for warm, and cozy shots, and manage to bring out even the finest details in the most complex shots you could imagine. A must-have for any professional photographer out there!

Free Lightroom Snow Presets

Getting your hands on some free winter presets for Lightroom doesn’t have to be a struggle. Let’s take a look at some incredible free options out there right now!

Lightroom Snow Preset for Free

lightroom snow preset free

If you’re looking to hunt down the best free winter presets for Lightroom, this freebie deserves to be added to your shortlist. It will add a falling snow effect to your pictures, and give your shots a colder, and wintery touch. Give it a try.

Snow White – Free Winter Lightroom Presets

lightroom snow preset free

The Snow White Lightroom preset collection will transform your images into a winter wonderland. When it comes to the best free Lightroom snow presets floating across the internet, this option stands at the top of the league. Do check it out.

Free Winter Presets For Lightroom

Winter is a magical time, and now with this preset collection, you can add a touch of that magic to your photos with a few simple clicks. An impressive, yet simple, preset style that uses cool tones to enhance the quality of your shots.

Lightroom Snow Preset Free

Add deep gray tones to your shots with this option offering a unique approach to winter-styled presets, but an effective one. It’s a Lightroom snow preset free of charge providing a beautiful finish over your pictures that is sure to impress.

20 Free Winter Presets For Lightroom

Make every detail pop with this Lightroom collection featuring 20 presets. It’s designed to help bring out even the smallest source of light, and render the detail of your picture to the tenth degree. A great preset pack for those looking to improve your pictures in an overall fashion!

Create Amazing Winter Memories with These Presets Today!

Whilst gearing up to go out into the cold winter climate may take you some time, that doesn’t mean finding a great Lightroom preset collection has to be a struggle as well. With these winter Lightroom presets under your belt, you’re ready to create life-long memories with a few clicks of a button.