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20+ Best Graphic Design & Website Proposal Templates 2020

Coming up with an impressive and winning website or graphic design proposal can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially if you’re trying to create it from scratch – and think of all the time that you could be putting into your content instead!

Fortunately, there’s a huge range of free and premium graphic design and website proposal templates out there that have already been created by professional designers and are ready for you to download and customize for your next project.

We’ve rounded up the very best website, and graphic design proposal templates from leading design hubs across the internet for you to choose from, featuring a range of different styles and aesthetics – all of which can be edited to suit your exact requirements!

Let’s start out with some premium proposal design templates from Envato Elements.

Modern Web Design Proposal Template

Our first website proposal template is this stunning gradient-based design featuring 20 unique pages, A4 and US letter size, CMYK color space, free fonts, and Photos HTML links. This modern and professional proposal template offers organized layers in page by page order and one-click color customization using Adobe Indesign.

Simple Website Design Proposal Template

Here we have a minimalistic yet eye-catching website proposal template for Adobe InDesign that offers soft and subtle color palette, free fonts, 300 DPI, and a print-ready CMYK color mode. This beautiful design comes in A5 size and can be fully customized to suit your own brand colors and corporate fonts.

Stylish IT Solution Proposal Template

Next up we have an elegant and stylish template that’s ideal for a website application, IT solution, or graphic design proposal. It features 12 pages, high- resolution 300 DPI within CMYK color space, fully editable colors and fonts, plus a range of vector infographics and icons for you to customize, and is compatible with Adobe Indesign.

Minimalistic Design Proposal Template

Here we have a gorgeous, subtle color-themed template that can be used for virtually any kind of design proposal that calls for a soft, modern approach. It comes with fully editable graphics and free fonts and can be easily customized in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word.

Multipurpose Graphic Design Proposal Template

Next up is this clean and elegant graphic design proposal template that features a 14-page stylish layout, fully layered design elements, paragraph styles, built-in free fonts, auto page numbering, and CMYK color mode. This creative multipurpose template comes in A4 and letter size format and can be fully customized using Adobe InDesign.

Versatile Graphic Design Proposal Template

Looking for an ultra-modern and dynamic graphic design proposal template? Our next template is a great choice – it features a soft, refined color scheme, classic sans serif typography, and is compatible with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. It comes with 40 custom pages, each with a clean, grid-based layout for easy positioning of elements.

Black Website Proposal Template

Our next website proposal template is a dark and creative option featuring a beautiful layout across 24-page designs, each with images, text, objects on different layers, paragraph and character styles, and auto page numbering.

Clean Website Proposal Template

Next up is a bright and innovative design proposal template that’s compatible with Adobe InDesign, and is sure to help you leave a lasting impression! It features bold, cheerful color palette and classic serif typography combined with eye-catching graphic elements. It comes with 24 paragraph styled and A4/Letter sized pages for you to customize.

Bold Website Proposal Template

Featuring a simple yet stunning design, clever use of white space, and attractive font use, this template is perfect for showcasing virtually any web development or graphic design proposal. The grid-based layout gives it a neat and classy touch and its super easy to customize the color themes to suit your own brand.

Classic Graphic Design Proposal Template

Next, we have the perfect way to present a modern and minimalistic graphic design proposal. It offers 24 creative yet simple pages with free fonts, 3 most popular corporate color schemes, vector icons, and fully layered graphics. The template comes with full contract documentation and is suitable for use with Adobe InDesign.

Impressive Website Proposal Template

Here we have a confident and bold web design proposal template that features dark primary colors, simple yet effective graphic elements, and clean, chunky sans serif typography to impart a professional yet fun impression for your next client meeting. it features 28 gorgeous pages for you to choose from and can be customized in Adobe InDesign.

Blaked Web Design Proposal Template

Next up, we have Blaked, a hugely versatile web design proposal template that’s compatible with Adobe InDesign and offers 24 unique pages with paragraph and text styles, as well as layered design elements and fully editable vector graphics.

Dark Website Proposal Template

If you’re searching for a dark and dramatic proposal design that can show your offerings and leave a mark on potential clients, you’re in the right place. This modern website proposal template features free fonts, one-click color customization, and 26 beautiful pages with organized layers and high-quality vector graphics.

Offbeat Design Proposal Template

Featuring crisp, beaming colors, free fonts, and a grid-based layout, our next option has been designed as a universal proposal template with 42 unique pages, paragraph, and character styles and offers one-click customization plus a high resolution 300 DPI within CMYK color space.

Inspring Website Proposal Template

Putting together a proposal template to showcase your brand identity? Use this clean and beautifully simplistic premium option that offers free fonts, layered graphics, and 20 pages with a purpose-built layout that is super easy to populate with your own content in Adobe InDesign.

The Iceberg Website Proposal Template

Our next proposal design theme is a modern and tasteful template for Adobe InDesign that contains 28 pages, free fonts, beautiful, high-quality graphic elements, and a coordinated blue accent color scheme that will give your proposal a cohesive and well thought out look.

Pro Graphic Design Proposal Template

Here we have a template for InDesign featuring a professional layout that is perfect for impressing a prospective client and can be completely customized using the vector elements. It offers 20 pages, free fonts, paragraph, and text styles and comes in a handy A4 size and US letter format and CMYK color space.

Free Web Designer Proposal Template

Now let’s take a look at some free website and graphic design proposal templates, starting with this stunning web designer themed template from Template.Net. It features a mix of a gorgeous, smokey, and plain background, fully editable layout, and an impressive minimal design that can be used with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Pages.

Free Graphic Design Proposal Template

Here we have a simple yet effective graphic design proposal template for InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator that offers 16 unique slide layouts, with paragraph and character styles, customizable cover page, and a high quality 300 DPI. Download this theme for free from Behance.

Free Modern Design Proposal Template

Our final design theme is this beautifully crafted graphic design proposal template that features a stunning color scheme with artistic graphics and clean, modern typography. It can be easily customized and you can access it for free from Behance.

This collection of professionally designed and visually appealing templates is a brilliant tool to help you create an engaging and unique design proposal for your next project or client pitch, and with a range of free and premium options featuring a range of different styles and aesthetics, you’re sure to find your perfect match!