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20+ Best Figma Templates for Pro Design Work 2020

Figma is one of the most popular tools used by both professionals and new designers to create functional, high quality user interfaces for all kinds of web and application based projects. But as with any design software, trying to turn your brilliant ideas into a physical reality from scratch using this somewhat complex program can be pretty overwhelming! That’s where these handy templates come in.

We’ve sourced a diverse range of Figma templates from a variety of design hubs offering both free and premium resources for designers of all levels to use as a base for their next user interface kit. Featuring templates that can be used for any project, from mobile apps to websites, we’re sure you’ll find a template that’s perfect for your needs.

Agenx Figma Template

The first in our lineup of Figma templates is Agenx, a brilliant modern website user interface design that’s perfect for a startup company or young corporate brand, particularly in the technology and communication industries. It includes six unique screen layouts that can easily be edited in both Figma and Adobe Photoshop.

Delivius Cryptocurrency Figma Template

Here we have Delivius, a super professional-looking template that’s been purpose-built for use as a cryptocurrency admin dashboard design tool, but can be adapted to suit any kind of financial business. It offers well-organized vector layers for easily customizable and high quality results.

Online School Figma Template

Next up, we have a clean, modern user interface design kit for Figma that’s perfect for creating an online school system platform. It comes with scalable vector graphics and free fonts, a wide range of components for you to mix and match, and a sleek, text-based design that’s easy to customize.

Pagges Figma Template

Pagges is a hero header web user interface kit for Figma that can be used for virtually any kind of website and features a stylish, modern design, free fonts, high quality vector graphics, and fully layered elements for easy customization. It’s also compatible with Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD.

Subsco Construction Figma Template

If you’re designing a website for a construction or building company, the Subsco Figma user interface template will make your job much easier! It has a well organized, modern design that’s ideal for showcasing projects and services offered, and is fully responsive on all major handheld devices.

Relax Activities Onboarding Figma Template

Next up is a series of onboarding screens for a mobile app that’s been purposefully designed for use by a health and wellness business, such as a day spa, recreation center, or meditation app. It features clean, unique layouts with eye-catching graphics, and is completely scalable according to your requirements.

Nuzie Figma Template

Nuzie is a dashboard user interface design kit that’s ideal for use by doctors or within the medical and healthcare fields and is compatible with not only Figma but Sketch and Adobe XD as well. It comes with pixel perfect graphics and a fully customizable layout, plus interchangeable colors and fonts.

Education Dashboard Figma Template

Another option that’s worth considering if you’re looking to design a web-based dashboard, here we have an education-themed Figma template that offers a modern, thoughtfully crafted layout with free fonts, fully layered groups, and high quality vector graphics.

Spa Service Figma Template

Next in our selection of the best Figma templates is this spa service themed user interface kit – it’s the perfect tool to revamp your existing health and beauty based business website or to create one from scratch. It offers a purpose-built pricing table design and well organized, fully customizable layers.

Avrend Social Network Figma Template

Avrend is a stunning collection of twelve unique and modern mobile app screens that are perfect for a social network user interface project, offering free Google fonts, scalable vector graphics, fully customizable design elements, and interchangeable color options.

Margin Marketing Figma Template

Searching for the perfect Figma template for a marketing or SEO agency website? The Margin, user interface kit, is a clean and contemporary option that’s super easy to edit and can be adapted to suit any kind of brand requirements, and offers fifteen unique and fully responsive page layouts.

Real Estate Figma Template

Next up we have a real estate themed mobile app user interface template for both Figma and Adobe Photoshop that comes with thirteen elegant and high quality screens with stunning modern design elements, free Google fonts, and fully supporting documentation to make editing a breeze.

Beauty Fashion Figma Template

Here we have a minimalistic beauty and fashion oriented website hero user interface kit that’s perfect if you’re launching an online store or lookbook. It offers a high quality and fully customizable pair of pages, each with two alternative versions, and is completely layered and scalable to meet your requirements.

Wedding Hero Figma Template

Wedding websites are becoming an increasingly popular tool used to help couples organize their big day and communicate with guests, and with this stunning Figma user interface template, designing an incredible wedding page has never been easier! It’s also suitable for industry professionals such as wedding planners to use for their business website.

Weather Mobile App Figma Template

Wanting to design an app for checking the weather while you’re on the go? This sleek, modern user interface kit for Figma, Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe XD will help you do just that. It features a range of components and layouts for you to mix and match, as well as scalable vector graphics and full layering.

Task Management Figma Template

Designed for web based task management applications, our next Figma template offers a unique and stylish design that can be fully customized to suit your own brand requirements and includes scalable vector graphics and free fonts as well as a range of components for you to utilize.

To Do Figma Template

The last of our premium Figma templates from Envato Elements is this super handy ‘to do’ list mobile app kit that includes screens for tasks, timelines, and creating new items, each with a stylish and modern design that’s particularly suitable for businesses in the finance and banking industries.

Free Freelance Platform Figma Template

First up in our selection of free Figma templates is this great download from Figma Freebies that’s perfect for designing a freelance platform app, but can be customized to suit a wide range of purposes. It comes with 20 unique screen layouts and five high quality illustrations.

Free Ecommerce Figma Template

If you’re searching for a free Figma template to help you design an online store or digital marketplace, this download from SetProduct is a brilliant choice – it offers a classic, intuitive layout and a range of customization options for you to build the e-commerce solution of your dreams.

Free Landing Page Figma Template

And finally, we have another free Figma template from Figma Freebies that will help you design a clean and modern landing page, with plenty of room to customize with your own unique elements.

That brings us to the end of our collection of Figma templates, meaning that all you need to do now is choose the best template for your next user interface project, and get to work with half of the job already done for you! What could be better?