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25+ Creative Resume Templates with Unique Designs

Your resume is the first thing a prospective employer sees, hears or knows about you, and it can often be your only chance to get a foot in the door, so make it count and use a creative resume template with a unique design that employers can’t help but notice!

Of course, crafting a professional and interesting CV design takes time, not to mention the fact that there are so many different elements to consider – color schemes, layouts, typefaces, and many more! Unless you’re a professional CV designer, how are you supposed to know where to start?

Thankfully, we’ve recruited the help of some actual professional CV designers who’ve come up with these creative resume templates for you to download, customize, and then use to help win your dream job! Keep reading for a list of resume templates with unique designs for every professional.

Amanda Resume Template

Featuring polka dots, neutral colors, and an organized layout, the first of our creative resume templates is a winner for any kind of creative professional, such as an interior designer or architect. It includes layers and vector graphics, and the colors and fonts can easily be customized to suit your own personal brand.

Stevany Resume Template

If you need your resume to emphasize a photo or particular piece of work, consider the beautiful Stevany template, which features the use of an image taking up almost half of the page! It also uses a signature-style script font for the main heading, giving it a charming, artistic, and personal vibe.

Willimes Resume Template

This is a modern CV template with a twist. Featuring a bold teal color scheme and playful background graphics, the Willimes resume template is a fun way to capture your next employer’s attention. Every design element is perfectly balanced, giving it a professional and polished look.

Basic Color Resume Template

A bold yet still professional-looking option, this template features the use of basic color blocks in bright hues and contrasting tones to really stand out. In a 300 DPI print-ready format, the colors will render well in both print and digital media, and the full layering allows for extensive customization.

Green Palm Resume Template

The Green Palm is one of the best creative resume templates for an environmentally conscious professional! While the color scheme can be changed, we think the original green theme is particularly stunning, and the concise, minimal design gives the template a highly professional and modern look.

Portfolio Resume Template

As far as portfolio resumes go, this 100% vector, 300 DPI template, is a strong contender. Featuring well-organized layers and fully editable graphic elements, it can be customized completely to suit your professional style.

Lilian Resume Template

The Lilian is one of the best creative resume templates for writers, graphic designers, or those in the fashion industry. It’s a clean, modern design with beautiful pastel colors, light fonts, and a visually appealing layout, and it even comes with a matching double-sided business card!

Laura Creative Resume Template

A fun, playful choice, the Laura Fashion creative resume template features a unique layout with a bold, funky color scheme and eye-catching graphics to really help your application stand out against the crowd! It can be used for any industry, but definitely lends itself particularly well to designers and forward-thinking creatives.

Margie Resume Template

This smart resume template includes pages for both a cover letter and a CV, and can be fully customized – move sections around, change the fonts, colors or icons, add or remove elements, or simply keep the original design! It’s clean, professional, and condensed, with room to add all of your key selling points.

Buzzient Resume Template

A stylish monochromatic template, the Buzzient resume features bold use of color, which can be changed to suit your own preferences – but the original blue is certainly effective! With paragraph-style text fields and small, clean font choices, it’s a great choice if you have a lot of words to try and fit in.

Harleem Resume Template

Perfect for a photographer or graphic artist, the Harleem template is a grayscale portfolio-style resume that uses clean, minimalist design elements to really showcase your work. If you choose to include a splash of color, it uses a high-quality CMYK color space, so you can still be assured of a professional finish.

Gradient Resume Template

Featuring a resume and cover letter, the Gradient template uses a single block of color to draw attention to your skills, and comes in four different color themes, with the ability to customize further with your own colors. The fully vector graphic elements are all layered for a clean, pixel-perfect result.

Jonathan Resume Template

The Jonathan is a truly unique resume template in the way it utilizes simple, light fonts against a dark background, and curved lines and edges to contrast with the perfectly straight border. Sure to grab the attention of any prospective employer, this template is particularly appropriate for video game designers or IT professionals.

Prospectus Resume Template

A gorgeous, modern portfolio-style resume featuring color coordination and a high resolution of 300 DPI, this template is perfect if you need a lot of space to show off your work! It includes ten pages, so there’s plenty of room to play around and customize using the layered vector graphics.

Black & Gold Resume Template

Featuring a stunning black and gold color scheme, this brilliant resume template and cover letter combination is a concise and modern way to design your CV. It has an effective timeline graphic for you to use for your previous work experience, and every element is consistent with the overall aesthetic of the document.

Playful Resume Template

One of the most creative resume templates on our list, this option features cartoon-style images and bright colors to jump out from the pile and ask to be considered! It’s a bold and daring choice, but for those in more progressive or relaxed industries, it’s a sure-fire way to land an interview.

Lohan Resume Template

The elegant Lohan resume template uses a symmetrical layout, neutral pastel colors, and subtle graphic effects to make an impact. It looks brilliant as a single page CV, but can also be used for multiple pages. The contrasting typefaces add a bit of interest to the text paragraphs, and even these are center-aligned to create perfect balance!

Color Block Resume Template

The first thing you’ll notice about this eye-catching resume template is the bold use of color panels to divide the page into four parts. The second thing you’ll notice is that it’s in landscape orientation! You can either use this design as a classic single-page resume or fold each section into a concertina-style layout.

Retro Resume Template

There’s a lot going on here, from the many different fonts to the bold, sunset-inspired colors, but this creative resume template links each element together with a retro theme. It’s best used for a professional in the entertainment industry.

Modern Geo Resume Template

A clean, modern iteration of a classical-style CV with a geometrical-inspired twist, featuring earthy colors and a perfectly symmetrical layout. This resume template will appeal to the creative perfectionist who doesn’t want a boring design!

Creative Forest Resume Template

The Creative Forest resume template has a stunning and unique design featuring a sleek, modern color scheme, strong typographic structure and a compact, user-friendly layout that allows you to emphasize your best professional qualities and highest achievements, as well as including a photo if you wish.

Fashion Design Creative Resume Template

For a bright, fun pop of color, this zesty CV and resume template is a brilliant option. Its modern design and creative layout allows you to tell your story in a compelling and engaging way, and can easily be customized to suit any kind of industry or profession.

Nath Creative Resume Template

Simple, modern and subtly unique, the Nath Marketing creative resume template features an asymmetrical grid-based layout, strong use of lines and clean, bold sans serif typography, making it perfect for a corporate or high level professional. It’s fully layered and comes with complete documentation.

Mia Loly Creative Resume Template

This sophisticated option is a bold choice that’s bound to get noticed by your next employer. It features two unique pages, each of which offers a stylish layout against a clean, modern aesthetic, as well as an image placeholder to really help your resume make an impact. The layered vector graphic elements make it super easy to edit and customize.

Fun Resume Template

The last of our creative resume templates is a truly unique design, featuring effective use of colors and negative space, combined with edgy, geometrically inspired graphics. This is a great option for graphic designers, programmers, or webmasters.

So, there you have it- the best creative resume templates with unique designs, and each one is an effective and memorable way for you to make that all-important first impression on your next prospective employer. No matter your industry, profession, or personal style, each of these options can be customized and used to help you land your next role!