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34+ Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Finding the right theme to make different types of blogs can be a challenging process since there are so many choices out there. To make it easier for you, we handpicked a collection of the best WordPress themes for blogs with various styles of designs.

Not all blogs look and work the same. And there are different kinds of designs made for creating specific types of blogs. For example, if you’re making a personal blog, using a minimalist theme with more focus on content is the right choice. But, a theme with a grid-based homepage and a sidebar is the ideal choice for a magazine style blog with multiple categories.

We made sure to include a mix of themes in this collection that you can use to make all sorts of blogs using WordPress. We carefully picked the themes that come with the best responsive designs, support for popular plugins, sidebars with space for ads, and themes with modern and stylish layouts.

Browse the themes below and start building your new blog today!