50+ Best RTL WordPress Themes (Right To Left) 2024 (Free + Premium)

There are plenty of RTL WordPress themes (right to left) out there, to make it easy to translate and internationalize your site. We’ve picked the best, and all these gorgeous themes have RTL as standard.

Building your website in a way that’s easy to translate and internationalize has never been more important. We’re living in a global society, and being able to cater to international visitors in their own language is an important step to take.

If you’ve never come across RTL before, a good place to start is with our guide covering what is an RTL (right to left) WordPress theme. It’ll give you a quick, helpful introduction!

RTL support is crucial for languages that use a non-western character set, and are read from right-to-left (rather than left-to-right). This shift in layout can often break themes that aren’t designed with it in mind, so it’s useful to find one right from the outset that has this support built in.

All these these not only have RTL support, but they’re also generally powerful, flexible and easy-to-use themes. They’re suitable for many different purposes, so whether you’re building a portfolio, blog, or online store, there should be something for you. Take a look at the key reasons to use an RTL WordPress theme, or our tips for making an RTL website, then dive into the collection!

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What Is an RTL Website?

Many countries in the world, especially in the Middle East, use languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, and more that are written from right to left (RTL). If you’re making a website that targets an international audience, this is something you need to consider when designing your website layout.


Creating a translated version of a website is usually simple and easy as it only involves translating the text. However, for RTL websites, you need to completely redesign the content arrangement and design of your website.

Thankfully, WordPress makes it easier to build RTL websites. But, not all themes support RTL languages. You need to find themes with built-in support for RTL websites.

How to Turn on RTL in WordPress

Once you install an RTL theme, you can easily enable the RTL mode from WordPress with just a few clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Go to Settings >> General
  3. Now choose an RTL language from the Site Language menu
  4. Save the changes

That’s it! As soon as you hit save, your site design will be set to RTL language layouts.

4 Tips for Making RTL (Right-to-Left) Websites

Whether you’re building an RTL website using a page builder or searching for the perfect RTL theme, these tips will help you make better decisions.

1. Include Proper Text and Visual Alignment

Alignment is everything in an RTL website. For example, having all your text aligned to right and having images aligned to left will completely ruin the readability and the user experience of your website.

On an RTL website, elements such as images and icons need to be aligned to right to support the RTL language to avoid causing any confusion.

2. Use Mirrored Navigation and Icons

Since RTL languages show content from right to left, the navigational and directional symbols also need to be mirrored in your designs.

For example, while we normally use an arrow pointing to left as backward navigation, it’s actually the forward navigation for RTL languages. This same rule applies to your icons placements as well.

3. Pick the Right Fonts

The font you use for your website will also play a key role in an RTL website. If you’re making a translated version of your website using a plugin like WPML, you’ll need to pick a font that supports RTL and other languages, like the Google’s Noto font, that help keep consistency across all translated versions of your website.

4. Test the Theme Design

Always remember to test your theme design before going live. Especially when it comes to RTL websites, you should make sure all the elements of your website design render correctly on all types of devices and browsers.

You can also use WordPress plugins like RTL Tester to see how your website might look like when using RTL layouts.