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28+ Best Multilingual WordPress Themes 2019

If you want to publish your website and its content in more than one language, there should be a suitable option in this collection of the best multilingual WordPress themes.

These themes have been built to work with the best multilingual WordPress plugins including WPML, Polylang, and Weglot. Thanks to this, you can enable your plugin of choice and then start adding content to your website in more than one language. Depending on which plugin you choose and the features you enable, your website can automatically detect the language your visitors prefer and then display your website to them in that language – provided you’ve translated your site and its content into that language first. You can also give your visitors the ability to switch languages themselves, using a link in the header, sidebar, or another location on your site.

Although these themes all share support for the best multilingual WordPress plugins, the items in this collection cover a wide range of different purposes and will appeal to many types of website owners. For example, as well as multi-purpose themes that can each be used to build numerous types of sites, you’ll also find options for blogs, business sites, online stores, professional services websites, and many more.

Getting started with the best multilingual WordPress themes is very straightforward and they have plenty of customization options to ensure you’re able to create a personalized website with an off-the-shelf theme.