40+ Best Modern Fonts 2022

Choosing the right modern font is a key part of making sure your design appeals to the right audience. Of course, what you say matters, but it’s also how you say it that makes people sit up and pay attention!

Not only that, but it’s also super important to make sure that the lettering style you decide on matches the rest of your chosen design elements. If your font isn’t on-brand with the rest of your project, it’ll simply look amateur and unprofessional.

We’ve rounded up the best modern fonts for you to consider for your next project. Bold, elegant, vintage-inspired, serif or sans – every option is included, meaning that you’re sure to find your new go-to modern typeface here.

Keep reading for our list of the best modern fonts.

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Denike Modern Font

Denike - Stylish Modern Font

Denike is a stylish font that you’ll not regret spending your hard-earned money on. It exudes class, and elegance, and is easily one of the best modern fonts available on the market at this moment. We recommend you take Denike for a spin or add it to your shortlist at the very least.

Frances Modern Font

Frances Modern Font

For an authentic handcrafted feel, consider Frances. It’s a script typeface that will look good on almost any design you use it on; no wonder it’s one of the highest-rated modern fonts out there. We really like Frances, and you’ll too.

Obadiah Modern Font

Obadiah pro - Modern Typeface

If you are looking for a font that works swimmingly for movie posters, banners, signs, and logo designs, Obadiah is an excellent choice. It comes packed with 9 weights, uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, and ligatures.

Temu Modern Font

Temu is a fancy serif typeface featuring clever use of lines to create texture and movement. It comes with different variations, including grunge and shadow versions, and is best rendered in a large size, so it’s great for displays or posters in a modern creative field such as film or photography.

Breyhana Modern Font

Breyhana is a gorgeous modern script font with a beautiful and elegant free-flowing style that’s ideal for feminine or romance-inspired projects such as wedding invitations or decor for a girl’s bedroom. It comes with a wide range of stylish ligatures and swashes, plus multilingual support.

Havox Modern Font

Havox - Modern Font

When it comes to the best modern fonts, Havox is the real deal. It has a distinct look that will accentuate the overall feel of your designs, and establish you as a creative graphic designer. It’s a fantastic sans-serif font that deserves your undivided attention.

Boughati Modern Font

best modern fonts

Next up we have Boughati, an elegant modern font that brings a nice cursive style to the table with a unique urban edge. It’s a stylish option that is sure to attract eyeballs and help your work get the attention it deserves.

Galapagos Modern Font

best modern fonts

If you are looking for a modern and futuristic font, Galapagos is worth having a closer look at. It offers an aesthetic that you will agree is alluring and make for a great choice for sci-fi, technology, and space-oriented projects.

Revillia Modern Font

Revillia is a casual serif font that combines subtle vintage elements with a modern and super professional finish that’s great for a range of purposes, from business cards and branding to logos and print projects. It comes with an assortment of stylistic alternatives plus numbers and punctuation.

Bellified Modern Font

best modern fonts

Next in our list of the best modern fonts is Bellified, an option perfectly suited for all your design needs including invitations, quotes, posters, greeting cards, flyers, and a range of other branding materials.

Technovier Modern Font

If you’re after a truly modern look with a futuristic element that’s ideal for technology-focused projects, consider the sans serif Technovier font – it comes with five different weight options, plus a full suite of standard glyphs with multilingual support included.

Lightbon Modern Font

best modern fonts

Lightbon is a fantastic font that can be easily put to use for titles for greeting cards, wedding albums, and projects that need a combination of contemporary and antique vibe. It’s one of the best modern fonts on our list, and we recommend you check it out pronto.

Refaline Modern Font

Next in our selection of the best modern fonts is Refaline, the perfect choice if you’re looking for a natural handwritten font that would make a great signature or a super classy logo. It features a range of ligatures to help you customize, plus a variety of numbers and punctuation.

Reforma Modern Font

best modern fonts

Reforma is a stunning sans-serif font carefully crafted for illustrations, web design, badges, and a few other design needs. It comes packed with standard uppercase letters, numerals, a smorgasbord of punctuation, and more.

Lambresia Modern Font

The Lambresia is one of the best modern fonts to choose if you’re looking for a typeface that emulates the style of a natural handwritten script or signature. Featuring a beautifully flowing set of ligatures and a full suite of upper and lowercase characters, it’s ideal for business cards or creative print projects.

Gelathy Modern Font

Gelathy - Modern Calligraphy Font

Bringing out a distinct feminine essence, Gelathy is a timeless romantic script font that has been carefully crafted to give your designs a beautiful look. Whether you’re working on a wedding invitation, greeting card, or a business card, Gelathy won’t disappoint you.

Asterone Modern Font

A futuristic, elegant sans serif typeface, the Asterone font is brilliant for logos, headings, and other design elements where a bold impact is needed! It comes in both upper case and lower case, and includes punctuation, symbols, numerals, ligatures, and stylistic set alternatives, as well as accommodating foreign language characters!

Cornelia Modern Font

Cornelia is a gorgeous modern script featuring beautiful swashes, smooth lines, and consistently linked characters. Romantic and elegant, this calligraphy-inspired font is elaborate yet still professional and easy to read and is perfect for creative, fashion-minded projects and portfolios, or for use in high-end service industries.

Modeka Modern Font

This stylish sans serif typeface would fit right in as the font of choice for upmarket home furnishing businesses or architecture firms. It features sleek, clean lines with unexpected angles and combines upper and lower case elements to create a futuristic, elegant finish.

Neon Modern Font

Another example of futuristic sans serif modern fonts, the Neon typeface, is a clean, minimal option that looks best in large formats. It comes with several different spacing settings, variations for different weights, and options for italic and outline versions. It lends itself well to corporate or business use, in company promotional materials or logos.

Dreamland Modern Font

This hand brush style is one of the best modern fonts to use if you’re looking for a natural, relaxed handwritten typeface that’s simple and easy to read! With four different spacing options and an authentic ink stroke aesthetic, the Dreamland font is also compatible with a huge number of design programs.

Hello Diary Modern Font

Another gorgeous calligraphy option, the Hello Diary script typeface is a love-themed gem that’s brilliant for anything wedding or romance related – think wedding stationery, Valentine cards, or romance product advertising! It features a large range of multilingual characters and is fully PUA encoded, making it easy to access and use.

Bunny Doll Modern Font

The Bunny Doll handwritten font is a sweet, playful typeface that’s perfect for an arts and crafts-themed project, or anything that’s geared towards kids! It offers a simple yet authentic hand drawn aesthetic and looks great when used with product branding, labels, stationery, or a child-oriented magazine or book!

Modernhead Modern Font

The Modernhead serif typeface would be right at home on a t-shirt design, or as the logo for a farmhouse-style restaurant! A clean and simple font with 252 glyphs and compatibility with foreign language characters, it also comes in several different weights.

Ambient Modern Font

A simple yet effective option, the Ambient font is a modern sans serif typeface featuring three different weights and a subtle use of angles to create interest. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a clean, professional font that translates into any medium and can be complemented with any color scheme.

Osake Modern Font

Ideal if you’re working on a Japanese-themed project or simply love the artistic feel of an authentic handmade brush font, the Osaka typeface is a bold and versatile option that comes with a full range of upper and lower case characters, as well as numbers and punctuation marks.

Carbon Modern Font

Another favorite for those who prefer minimalism over bold or elaborate fonts, the Carbon typeface, is one of the best modern fonts for graphic design projects. Featuring short ascenders, adjustable spacing techniques, and four different weights, it’s simple but easily customized, and is sure to make an impact.

Monica Modern Font

Here we have another minimal sans serif typeface that can be used for any kind of application – it’s clean, easy to read, and will appeal to any audience. It’s also versatile enough to be able to fit in with whatever other design elements surround it.

Southiya Modern Font

A beautiful modern calligraphy font, the Southiya can be used for a variety of purposes, particularly weddings, fashion, photography portfolios, and beauty columns. It includes web font functionality as well as a full suite of characters, from foreign language accents to ligatures and punctuation, and is best rendered in a large format.

Xaviera Modern Font

Xaviera, a clean, modern sans serif typeface, is perfect if you want to create an eye-catching headline. It lends itself well to posters, banners, and billboards – basically anything where you want to make an immediate impact! It’s also a brilliant pairing as a main text body font when using a more elaborate calligraphy-style typeface as the heading.

Bionic Modern Font

Bionic is a clean and unique sans serif font that emulates the style of neatly printed handwriting. Perfect for when you want a font with a difference that’s still simple and easy to read, it can be used for any kind of personal or professional design project.

Wensley Modern Font

For a classy, modern and simplistic serif font, look no further than the Wensley, which features clean-cut lines and subtly curved angles to create a sophisticated, multipurpose typeface that pairs beautifully with more elaborate calligraphy styles.

Sugarberry Modern Font

The designer describes Sugarberry as a sweet and lovely modern script, and that just about sums it up! Featuring elaborate swashes and a charming ink stroke style, this typeface is one of the best modern fonts you can choose if you’re creating aesthetically appealing web designs to feature on platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Peron Modern Font

Peron is a vintage sans serif display font with a gritty, vintage-inspired finish. The shape of the lettering itself is fairly minimalistic, but the texture gives it a bit of an edge. An upper case font, it includes full foreign language compatibility as well as punctuation marks and numbers.

Technica Modern Font

An attention-grabbing sans-serif font, Technica features geometrically inspired lines and angles and will give your design a futuristic quality. It’s perfect for technology-related projects, such as video games, space-themed books, or electronic product branding.

Quakiez Modern Font

Quakiez is one of the most versatile modern serif fonts – it’s professional, yet fun, and easy to read, but still quirky. The shape and finish of each letter make it a modern and elegant choice, while the invisible hairlines give it an interesting edge.

Mandalika Modern Font

For a retro-inspired aesthetic featuring long tails and elaborate swatches, the Mandalika typeface is a popular choice. A bold and elegant serif font with ligatures and alternate characters included, it includes both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers, symbols, and foreign language accents.

Linkgray Modern Font

Linkray is a beautiful modern brush script typeface with a wide array of unique swashes and alternate characters, allowing you to fully customize it. It’s the perfect calligraphy font for an eye-catching logo or advertising headline, and also looks great on wedding invitations, fashion lookbooks, and other creative projects.

Quint Modern Font

The Quint sans serif typeface is an elegant, geometrically inspired choice that’s perfect for headlines, posters and magazines. Featuring sleek, angular lines and rounded detailing, it offers a contemporary take on a classical style, and comes in a fully upper case alphabet that’s best displayed in larger sizes for maximum impact.

Northwest Modern Font

We round up our selection of the best modern fonts with Northwest, an all-caps sans serif typeface inspired by wild west culture. Featuring clean, rounded, and textured variations as well as multiple spacing options, it’s a brilliant font to use for any vintage-themed project, especially logos, t-shirt designs, and restaurant branding.

These are the best modern fonts for any kind of design project. Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, there’s a font here that will suit any aesthetic, and a typeface for every situation! Headlines, logos, branding – we’ve got all of your font needs covered.